WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Radiology> 2006> 7> 1

Volume: 7 Issue: 1

1. Hyaline Vascular-Type Castleman Disease Presenting as an Esophageal Submucosal Tumor: Case Report. Page:73—76
2. Absence of a Sphenoid Wing in Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Disease: Imaging with Multidetector Computed Tomography. Page:70—72
3. False Positive and False Negative FDG-PET Scans in Various Thoracic Diseases. Page:57—69
4. The "Mini-Perc" Technique of Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy with a 14-Fr Peel-away Sheath: 3-year Results in 72 Patients. Page:50—56
5. The Balloon Dilatation and Large Profile Catheter Maintenance Method for the Management of the Bile Duct Stricture Following Liver Transplantation. Page:41—49
6. Efficacy of Femoral Vascular Closure Devices in Patients Treated with Anticoagulant, Abciximab or Thrombolytics during Percutaneous Endovascular Procedures. Page:35—40
7. Interventional Procedures in Superficial Lesions: The Value of 2D with Additional Coronal Reformatted 4D Ultrasonography Guidance. Page:28—34
8. Comparison of Transaxial Source Images and 3-Plane, Thin-Slab Maximal Intensity Projection Images for the Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Stenosis with Using ECG-Gated Cardiac CT. Page:20—27
9. Differentiation of Recently Infarcted Myocardium from Chronic Myocardial Scar: The Value of Contrast-Enhanced SSFP-Based Cine MR Imaging. Page:14—19
10. Feasibility and Utility of Transradial Cerebral Angiograpy: Experience during the Learning Period. Page:7—13
11. Eosinophilic Infiltration in Korea: Idiopathic?. Page:4—6
12. Differentiation of Acute Myocardial Infarction from Chronic Myocardial Scar with MRI. Page:1—3