WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Anesthesiology> 1979> 12> 4

Volume: 12 Issue: 4

1. The Cardiac Effects of Succinylcholine Single Doses in Children Under Age 10 . Page:340—347
2. Effect of Ketamine on the Cardiovascular System of Tortoises. Page:334—339
3. Effect of Dibenzyline on Blood Pressure, Heart Rate snd Respiratory Rate in Rabbits During Increased Intraeranial Pressure . Page:330—333
4. Atropine and Scopolamine on the Bradycardia Induced Atropine and Scopolamine . Page:325—329
5. A Comparative Study on the Doses of Epinephrine Causing Arrhythmia during Enflurane and Halothane Anesthesia . Page:321—324
6. Toxic Hepatitis following Halothane Anesthesia . Page:466—468
7. Influence of Phentolamine Pretreatment on the Renatropic Action of Intraventricular Morphine . Page:460—465
8. Effect of Mixed Intravenous Administration of Succinylcholine and Pancuronium on the Intraocular Pressure ( IOP ) . Page:456—459
9. Effect of Succinylcholine on the Intra-ocular Pressure . Page:452—455
10. The Clinical Investigation of Gastric Volume and pH Under General Anesthesia . Page:445—451
11. The Effect of Ketsmine on the Duration of Hexobarbital-induced Hypnosis . Page:437—444
12. A Clinical Study on Respiratory Intensive Care in Critically Ill pateints ( The Second Report ) . Page:432—436
13. Total Spinal Anesthesis as a Complication of Epidural Anesthesia . Page:429—431
14. Repeated Epidural Blood Patch for Post Lunmbar Puncture Headache . Page:425—428
15. Urinary Retention as a Complication of Spinal Anesthesia . Page:421—424
16. Continuous Epidural Anesthesia for Transurethral Resection and Postoperative Pain Control . Page:414—420
17. Alcohol Celiac Plexus Block for Upper Abdominal Cancer Pain . Page:407—413
18. Intrathecal Phenol-Glycerine Block far Perianal Cancer Pain . Page:398—406
19. Clinical Considerations of Anesthetic Management for the Patient with Hypertension . Page:389—397
20. A Clinical Study on Changes of Body Temperature before and after Extracorporeal Circulation for Open Heart Surgery . Page:381—388
21. Changes of Patient`s Condition during Open Heart Anesthesia . Page:372—380
22. An Experimental Study on the Effects of Operation Sites on Respiratory Functions in the Postoperative Period . Page:367—371
23. Effects of Naloxone on Circulation and Respiration during General Anesthesia . Page:361—366
24. The Effect of Propranolol on the Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate during Ether Anesthesia . Page:355—360
25. The Change of Heart Rate following the mixed injection of Atropine and Neostigmine for Non-Depolarizing Neuromuscular Blocking Agent-Pancuronium . Page:348—354
26. Evalution of Cardiac Arrest Cases. Page:478—480
27. Evalution of Cardiac Arrest Cases. Page:478—480
28. Evaluation of Cardiac Arrest Cases - Past 10 year experience . Page:469—477
29. Evaluation of Cardiac Arrest Cases - Past 10 year experience . Page:469—477