WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Anesthesiology> 1979> 12> 1

Volume: 12 Issue: 1

1. Spinal Anesthesia for Lumbar Disc Surgery with Iso- , Hyper-& Hypobaric Solutions. Page:70—74
2. Clinical Studies on Emergency Anesthesia for 4,436 Cases. Page:61—69
3. Clinical Evaluation of Anesthesia for Cesarean Section. Page:51—60
4. A Clinical Study of Halothane Induced Hypotension for Intracranial Aneurysm Surgery. Page:43—50
5. Clinical Observation of Hemodilution in Intracranial Operation. Page:38—42
6. Change of Electrolytes after Transfusion of A.C.D. Stored Blood Warmed to 36 degrees C. Page:34—37
7. "Precurarization" using d-Tubocurarine , Gallamine and Pancuronium - A Comparative Study. Page:27—33
8. A Retrospective Observation of Major Serum Electrolytes in Pre-anesthetic Patients. Page:22—26
9. Clinical Study of Hydroxyzine as a Premedicant. Page:16—21
10. The Effect of Premedicants , Diazepam and Atropine Sulfate on Human Thyroxine Levels in Plasma. Page:11—15
11. Effect of Acute Alcohol Intoxication on the Hematocrit and Glutathione Levels in the Rat Blood. Page:5—10
12. Effect of Anesthetics on Protein Content of Alveolar Washings of Rabbits. Page:1—4
13. Multiple Epidural Hematoma as a Complication of Continuous Epidural Anesthesia. Page:105—109
14. Tracheal Perforation as a Complication of Orotracheal Intubation in a Neonate. Page:102—104
15. A Case of Massive Hemoptysis after Extracorporeal Circulation for Open Heart Surgery. Page:95—101
16. The Effect of Peripheral Nerve Stimulation. Page:89—94
17. Sympathetic Nerve Block for Herpes Zoster. Page:84—88
18. Postoperative Pain Control with Thoracic Eidural Block. Page:75—83