Volume: 18 Issue: 5

1. A case of the Colon Perforated Patient Visited Emergency Department for Pneumomediastinum. Page:438—442
2. A Case of Transient Toxic Response with Accidental Intravascular Administration of Benoxinate. Page:434—437
3. Usefulness of Ultrasonography as a Disposition Tool for Patients with Acute Flank Pain and Microscopic Hematuria in an Emergency Department. Page:429—433
4. The Relationship of Self-reported Pain Scores with Vital Signs in Ureter Stone Patients. Page:423—428
5. The Diagnostic Accuracy of Abdominal Ultrasonography for Acute Appendicitis and Acute Cholecystitis Performed by Emergency Physicians after Systematic Training for the Abdominal Ultrasonography. Page:414—422
6. Relationships between beta-fibrinogen gene -455 G/A Polymorphism, 448 G/A Polymorphism, and Plasma Fibrinogen Concentration in Korean Ischemic Stroke Patients. Page:406—413
7. A Study of the Usefulness of the Bispectral Index Monitor During Pediatric Procedural Sedation by Rectal Thiopental Administration in the Emergency Department. Page:399—405
8. Unrecognized Anemia in Emergency Department. Page:394—398
9. Optimal Length of Central Venous Catheterization Using 3-Dimensional Multi-Detector Row Computed Tomography. Page:387—393
10. The Impacts of Helmet Use on Injuries in Motorcycle Crash Patients in Korea. Page:381—386
11. Clinical value of Ischemia Modified Albumin (IMA) and Albumin-Adjusted Ischemia Modified Albumin (Aa IMA) to the Patients with Suspected Acute Coronary Syndrome in Emergency Department. Page:375—380
12. Clinical Analysis of the Stadium Stampede in Sang-ju, Korea. Page:367—374
13. Effect of Aprotinin on Uncontrolled Hemorrhage After Splenic Injury Model in Rats. Page:359—366