WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 2018> 31> 7

Volume: 31 Issue: 7

1. The Ideology of La·Mettrie's " Man a Machine" and It's Modern Perspective Page:819—823
2. Discussion on Security Technology Ethics Page:824—828
3. Discussion on the Problems and Suggestions in Ethical Review of Clinical Scientific Research Projects in China Page:829—832
4. Qualitative Research of Scientific Researchers'Ethical Cognition on Stem Cell Transplantation and Enlightenment Page:833—835
5. Discussion on Research Focus of Ethical Review of Traditional Chinese Medicine Based on Co-Word Clustering Analysis Method Page:836—840
6. Consciousness Conflict between " Raising Children but not Providing for the Elderly" and " Filial Piety" Page:841—844
7. Analysis of Barriers on Doctor-patient Communication in China Page:845—850
8. Risk Analysis of Patient Privacy Exposure in the Working Process of Interventional Operating Room Page:851—854
9. Reflection on Disorder Phenomenon in Medical Dispute Handling Page:855—858
10. Reconstruction of Doctor-patient Trust in China from the Perspective of " Double Movement"? Page:859—864
11. Medical Disputes and Classification Solution Mechanism from the Perspective of Petition Page:865—868
12. Discussion on Ethical Issues in Clinical Postpartum Placenta Disposal Page:869—872
13. Ethical Reflection on the Technique of Mitochondria Replacement Page:873—878
14. Discussion on the Role Conversion and Difference of the Clinicians and Clinical Investigator Page:879—882
15. Possible Risk Analysis of Surrogacy and Legislative Proposals Page:883—885,893
16. Ethical Reflections on the Enlightenment of American Off-Label Drug Use to Our Country Page:886—889
17. The Influence of the " Trinity System" Talent Training Mode on the Professionalism of Nurses Page:890—893
18. Discussion on the Current Situation of Nursing Ethics Education and the Construction of Teaching System in China Page:894—897
19. Thinking of the Implementation of Humanistic Care to the Families of Cancer Patients Page:898—900
20. Application of the Humanistic Care in Emergency Orthopedics Page:901—904
21. Ethical Dilemmas and Countermeasures of China's Primary Medical System under the Background of New Healthcare Reform Page:905—908
22. Equity Study on Utilization of Traditional Chinese Medicine Service:Based on the Background of Three Basic Medical Insurance Page:909—912,918
23. Investigation and Reflection on Public Willingness of Advance Medical Directives in Guangzhou Page:913—918
24. Study on Village Working Team in Promoting the Development of Rural Medical and Health Services in Xinjiang from the Perspective of Healthy China Page:919—922
25. Exploration of Blending Teaching Mode of Medical Humanities Course Based on MOOC Page:923—925,929
26. Discussion on the Realization of National Health under the Concept of Health Humanities Page:926—929
27. Thinking of Integrating Humanistic Education into Surgery Teaching for Clinical Medical Students Page:930—932
28. Enlightenment of Micro-lecture Teaching on Medical Ethics Teaching under the Background of Big Data Era Page:933—936
29. Investigation on Degree of Recognition about the Protection of Traditional Knowledge of Chinese Medicine among Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine Students Page:937—942