WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 2018> 31> 6

Volume: 31 Issue: 6

1. Exploration of Protection Mechanism of Traditional Chinese Medicine Knowledge from the Perspective of Ethics Page:683—687
2. Legal Governance on Risk Management of Traditional Chinese Medicine Service in the Deregulation Context:Based on the Questionnaire Survey among the Medical Staff and Patients Page:688—692
3. Study on the Attitude towards the Protection of Traditional Knowledge of Chinese Medicine among Students in a University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shaanxi Province Page:693—699
4. "Death with Dignity" or "Painful Alive":Analysis of the Ethical Dilemma and Countermeasures of China' s Living Will Page:700—703
5. Discussion on the Subject Nature of Humanistic Nursing Page:704—707,725
6. Discussion on the Promotion of Ethical Quality of Nurses in Operation Room Page:708—711
7. Investigation on the Demand for Hospice Care in Three Urban Areas and Discussion and Thought on Hospice Care Model Page:712—716
8. Qualitative Research on Spiritual Needs of Young Patients with Gastric Cancer Page:717—721
9. Investigation and Study on the Needs of Humanistic Care for Pregnancy Nurses Page:722—725
10. The Thought about Establishment of Standardized Ethical Review Mechanism for Clinical Trials Page:726—728,735
11. Standardization of Ethical Continuing Review for the Improvement of Ethical Supervision of Clinical Researches Page:729—731
12. Existing Problems and Solution of Informed Consent in Clinical Research Page:732—735
13. Ethical Value of the Multiple Care Mode for the Elderly in China under the Perspective of Welfare Culture Page:736—739
14. Research on the Influencing Factors of the Elderly' s Demand for the Pension Mode of "Medical-Nursing Combination":Take Urumqi as an Example Page:740—744
15. Re-Examination of Ethical Dilemma of the Intervention of Social Work in Localization of Elderly Hospice Care Service Page:745—748
16. Study on Social Psychological Status of the Elderly at Different Ages in China Page:749—753
17. Study on Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Improving the Mental Status among Family Members of Terminal Tumor Patients Page:754—757
18. Application of Health Education in Psychological Care of Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation and Their Family Member Page:758—761
19. Exploration of the Cultivation of Medical Humanistic Spirit under the Perspective of Healthy China Page:762—766
20. Comparison and Enlightenment of the Professional Ethics Norm between Chinese and British Medical Teachers Page:767—770
21. The Application of Medical Ethics Education Service Learning Mode for Postgraduates with Professional Degrees in Clinical Medicine Page:771—774
22. Reflection on the Construction of Medical Ethics and Governance of Medical Ecological Environment in the New Era Page:775—778
23. Investigation and Countermeasures of Medical Students' Cognition of New Medical Ethics View Page:779—782
24. Connotation Characteristics and Path Selection of Health Humanities Page:783—788
25. Cognition Investigation of Medical Humanistic Quality of Residents Standardized Training Students in Chongqing Page:789—792
26. Investigation on the Life Attitude of Medical Students in One Medical University in Wenzhou Page:793—798,806
27. Study on the Theory and Practical Problem of "Patient Participation" in Clinical Decision Making Page:799—803