WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 2018> 31> 3

Volume: 31 Issue: 3

1. Legal and Ethical Issues Involved in the Application of Molecular Genetics Examination in the Genomic Era Page:273—277
2. Analysis on "Demands Priority" Medical Social Work Practice Mode under Multi-Dimension Integration Viewpoint:Taking Shanghai as an Example Page:278—281
3. Practical Exploration of Effective Integration of Medical Social Workers into Medical Team in a Children' s Hospital Page:282—285
4. Practice and Reflection on the Supervision of Social Work Practice in Hospital Page:286—289
5. Exploration of the Function of Medical Social Work Service in Tertiary Hospitals under the Grading Diagnosis and Treatment Page:290—292
6. Subject Map and Author Group of the Development of Chinese Medical Ethics:Bibliometrical Study on Chinese Medical Ethics Page:299—306
7. Literature Analysis of Chinese Medical Ethics for 30 Years Page:307—312
8. The Research on the Problems Influencing Doctor-patient Harmony Based on Literature Analysis Method Page:313—316,320
9. Practical Exploration of Carrying Out Crisis Management Education of Medical Violence in Medical Students Page:317—320
10. Analysis of Influencing Mechanism of Doctor-patient Relationship Coverage on the Public Psychology from Perspective of Social Psychology Page:321—324
11. Reflection on the Informed Consent Solution under the Background of Chinese Traditional Culture Page:325—327
12. Ethics Committee' s Management of Noncompliance/Violation or Protocol Deviation Report in Clinical Research Page:328—331
13. The Ethical Review and Standard Management of Recruitment Advertising in Clinical Trial Page:332—334
14. Practices of Ethical Review of Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects:Taking Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine as Example Page:335—337,351
15. Effect of Continuous Nursing on Quality of Life in Patients after Total Knee Replacement Page:338—341
16. Discussion on the Humanistic Care for Elderly Dementia Patients Page:342—345
17. Comparative Study on Palliative Treatment of Cancer Patients between China and the United States Page:346—351
18. Comparison of the Quality of Life in Patients with Advanced Cancer:Based on Two Models of Palliative Care Ward and Home Palliative Care Page:352—355
19. Study on the Correlation between Caring Perception Status of Patients and Nurse-patient Relationship Trust Degree Page:356—361
20. The Specific Application of Case Teaching Method in Medical Ethics:Taking Tumor Patients as Example Page:362—365
21. Study on Curriculum System Setting of "3+2" Cut-through Nursing Major at Undergraduate Stage Page:366—370
22. Discussion on Cultivation and Practice of Medical Humanistic Quality of Excellent Doctors:Taking Yangtze University as Example Page:371—374,381
23. Research on Cognitive Mode and Cultivation of Medical Humanistic Spirit Based On Support Vector Machine Page:375—381
24. Investigation on the Cultivation Ways of Medical Students'Socialist Core Values in the Mobile Internet Era Page:382—385,390
25. Discussion on the Construction of Ecological Moral Cultivation Mechanism of Medical Students from the Perspective of "Beautiful China" Page:386—390
26. The Influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine Apprenticeship Teaching Mode on Doctor' s Humanistic Ethics Thought Page:391—394
27. Medical Philosophy in Ancient Greece and Its Enlightenment Page:395—398
28. The Ability and Helplessness of the Surgeon Page:399—400,406