WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 2018> 31> 2

Volume: 31 Issue: 2

1. Organ Donation in China:Looking Within, Rather than Looking West Page:137—150
2. Analysis of Occurrence Mechanism of Moral Injury Page:151—158
3. Study on Etiological Mode of Disease and Pathogenic Factors of "Moral Trauma" Page:159—163,188
4. Introduction and Commentary of Measurement for Moral Injury of Foreign Army Page:164—168
5. Investigation of Diagnosis and Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with Moral Injury Page:169—173
6. The Controversy of Exposure Therapy of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Page:174—176
7. Comparative Study on Ideal and Realistic Doctor-patient Relationship Page:183—188
8. Cognitive Investigation on the Doctor-patient Relationship of Doctors under the Perspective of Role Emotion:Taking One Class A Tertiary Hospital in Shaanxi Province as a Case Page:189—193
9. Approaches and Methods of Promoting Doctor-patient Communication under "Internet +" Era Page:194—197
10. Exploration of Learning Mode of "College in Hospital" in Nursing Specialty Page:198—201,240
11. Effect of Depressive Mood on Cellular Immunity of Inpatients in Sports Medicine Department and Humanistic Nursing Strategy Page:202—205
12. Study on the Cognitive Level of Nursing Professionalism and Its Influencing Factors Page:206—212
13. Investigation and Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Informed Consent of Subjects in Drug Clinical Trial Page:213—219
14. Prevention and Treatment of Pregnancy Events in Clinical Trials Page:220—223
15. Study on the Minimal Risk Evaluation Criteria for Simple Interventions in Pediatric Biomedical Research Page:224—229
16. Investigation and Analysis of Current Situation of Human Research Ethical Management in Beijing Medical and Health Institutions Page:230—235
17. The Dilemma and Countermeasure of the Hierarchical Diagnosis and Treatment in China Page:236—240
18. Countermeasures of Prevention and Treatment of Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Medical Rebates Page:241—243
19. Integration of Volunteer Service and Humanistic Quality of Medical Students Page:244—247,259
20. Discussion on Dilemma and Countermeasures of Ethical Clinical Practice Education for Imaging Medical Students Page:248—251
21. Effect of Art Class on the Cultivation of Lateral Capacity in Vocational College Students:Based on the Investigation on the Students in Northern Beijing Vocational Education Institutes Page:252—259
22. The Hospital Culture Gather the Spirit Promote the Hospital Iterative Development Page:260—262