WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 2018> 31> 1

Volume: 31 Issue: 1

1. New Thinking on Medical Ethics Page:1—5,23
2. Discussion on the Content and Obstacles of "Doctor - patient Consensus" Page:6—9
3. The Development of Extraterritorial Apologies Laws and Its Enlightenment to Medical Dispute Settlement in Our Country Page:10—14
4. Practice and Thought on Medical Dispute Mediation Committee as Third Party Participating in Pre - Operative Testimony Mechanism Page:15—19
5. Analysis of the Problem of Informed Consent in Clinical Trial Page:20—23
6. The Application of Shared Decision Making (SDM)of Doctor - patient in the Clinical Research and Practice Page:24—27
7. Ethical Problems Existing in the Application of Mobile Phone Application Software in Pre - Hospital Emergency Volunteers and Its Countermeasures Page:35—37
8. Discussion on Characteristics and Ethical Path of Assisted Reproductive Treatment in Elderly Patients Page:38—40
9. Qualitative Research on Ethical Justification of Reducing Sedation in Intensive Care Unit Page:41—44
10. Ethical Reflection on Treatment Abandonment of Pediatric Cancer Page:45—49
11. Survey on Workplace Violence among Medical Staffs in a Third Grade Class - A Hospital in Xi'an City Page:50—54,59
12. Research on Health - Related Quality of Life of Rural Residents in Shandong Province Page:55—59
13. Discussion on Privacy Protection in the Application of Biometric Identification Technology Page:60—64
14. Discussion on Ethical Supervision and Informed Consent of Biobank Page:65—68
15. Analysis of Ethical Review Work of Ethics Committee in a Top Three Hospital and Experience Page:69—72
16. Research on Characteristics and Problems of Ethical Review of Living Organ Transplantation Page:73—76
17. Correlation Study on Rural Doctors' Service Ability and Interest Demand:Taking M District in Beijing as a Case Page:77—82,133
18. The Deficiency and Perfecting Countermeasures of Medical Accident Insurance in China Page:83—86
19. Study on the Relationship between Life Style and Chronic Disease in Rural Area:Taking H County of Beijing as a Case Page:87—93
20. Analysis of the Current Situation and Influencing Factors of Doctor - patient Trust from Different Perspectives of Doctors and Patients:Based on the Investigation of Six Medical Institutions in Beijing Page:94—100
21. American Medical Ethics Curriculum Education and Enlightenment:Taking University of Pittsburgh as an Example Page:101—105
22. Application of Watson Humanistic Care in Outpatient Nursing Page:106—108
23. The Return of Medical Humanistic Spirit for "Healthy China" Page:109—113
24. Nurse Professionalism Education and Analysis of Its Research Status Page:114—116
25. Discussion on the Construction of Continuous Education Mode of Doctor - patient Communication for Medical Students Page:117—119
26. Exploration on the Internal and External "Five - Step" Model to the Professional Values Education of Medical Students Page:120—123
27. Cognition and Education of Knowledge of Medical Ethics in Geriatric Ward Medical Staffs Page:124—127