WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 2017> 30> 9

Volume: 30 Issue: 9

1. "Supply-Side Structural Reform" of Medical Humanities Education is Imminent: Discussion on the Teaching of Medical Humanities from the First National Universities and Colleges Medical Humanities Courses Competition Page:1182—1184
2. Investigation on the Occupational Ability and Humanistic Care Strategy among Undergraduate Nursing Students Page:1176—1178,1180
3. New Consideration on the Teaching Mode of Basic Medicine in Micro-Media Age Page:1167—1169
4. Thinking on Systematic Cultivation of Humanistic Quality of the Medical Students in Clinical Long-Educational Program Page:1164—1166
5. Reflections on Humanistic Quality Education in Medical Colleges and Universities Page:1159—1163
6. Review of Social Trust Mechanism and Doctor-patient Trust Evaluation Page:1098—1102
7. Culture Narrative Analysis of Terminal Stage Patients: Based on the Field Investigation in X Community Health Service Center in Harbin Page:1085—1088
8. Application of Narrative Medicine in the Mediation of Medical Disputes Page:1080—1084
9. Survey on the Cognition and Attitude towards Dignity Therapy in College Students Page:1170—1175
10. Application of MOOC in Medical Humanities Education:Taking MOOC of "Medical Ethics" in Harbin Medical University as an Example Page:1155—1158
11. Study on the Tertiary Prevention Mode of Medical Social Workers Intervening in Patients with Chronic Pain:Taking Shanghai Pudong New Area Gongli Hospital as an Example Page:1151—1154
12. Analysis on the Satisfaction of Family Doctor Services among Urban Residents in Ankang, Shaanxi Page:1146—1150,1163
13. Preliminary Exploration on the Development of Family Doctor's Netting Service from the Perspective of Management Ethics Page:1142—1145
14. Research Progress of Measurement and Evaluation System of Physician Professionalism Page:1137—1141
15. Analysis of Standardization of Clinical Trial Contract Audit from the Perspective of Subject Protection Page:1133—1136
16. Application of Subject-Centered Informed Consent in Nursing Research Page:1130—1132
17. Analysis on Death Anxiety of the Elderly in Macau Page:1125—1129
18. Ethical Issues and Countermeasures of Physical Restraint Page:1122—1124,1129
19. Application and Ethical Significance of Smart Phones in Health Education for Patients with Periodontal Disease Page:1118—1121
20. Life-or-Death Choice of Critically Ill Patients from the Perspective of Confucian Familism:Thinking on "Qiong Yao Incident" Page:1114—1117
21. The Enlightenment of Palliative Care for Advanced Cancer Patients in Russia Page:1107—1113
22. Study on the Influencing Factors of Doctor-patient Relationship and the Multi-Angle Countermeasure:Taking Ningxia Region for Example Page:1103—1106
23. Unpopular Perspective of Doctor-patient Relationship:Study on Doctors' Opportunistic Behavior Page:1094—1097,1121
24. The Second Series of Discussion on "Life Dignity": Dose Reproductive Cloning Offend Human Dignity? Page:1089—1093
25. Analysis on the Training Path of Chinese Narrative Medicine Page:1075—1079
26. Reference on the Oriental Temperament of Narrative Medicine and Medical Spirit Page:1070—1074
27. Rethinking on Medicine and Humanistic Integration Page:1066—1069
28. Medical Integration from the Perspective of Humanistic Medicine:The Inevitability and the Leading Role of Holistic Integrated Medicine Page:1059—1065