WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 2017> 30> 8

Volume: 30 Issue: 8

1. Calling upon the Moral Responsibility of Public Health: Comment on the Book of the Public Health Ethics of Explore Page:1051—1052
2. Humanized Medical Services in Diagnosis and Treatment of Rheumatic Immune Diseases Page:1048—1050
3. Analysis on the Humanistic Care of Rational Drug Use in Elderly Patients with Chronic Diseases Page:1045—1047
4. Reflections on Humanistic Care in Patients with Malignant Lymphoma during Hospitalization Page:1042—1044
5. Analysis of the Effects of Humanized Nursing and Personalized Service in Operating Room Nursing Page:1030—1033
6. Construction and Practice of Humanistic Care Model in Emergency Departments Page:1026—1029
7. Investigation and Thinking on Nursing Ethics Teaching in Local Medical Universities and Colleges: Take an Example of Medical School in Xi'an Page:1022—1025
8. Shaping of Medical Professional Personality and Analysis of Cultivation of Doctor-patient Communication Skills in Medical Students Page:1011—1013
9. Case Study of the Comprehensive Care for College Student with Depression in the Sight of Ethics Page:1006—1010
10. Investigation on the Influence of Medical Postgraduates' Awareness of Mental Health Knowledge on Discrimination against Patients with Mental Disorders Page:1002—1005,1029
11. Thoughts on the Improvement of Public Health Education in China under the Concept of Integrated Medicine Page:998—1001
12. Ethical Thinking on Subjects' Rights and Interests Protection in Psychiatric Drug Clinical Trials Page:994—997
13. Survey and Reflection on the Ethical Cognition of Human Sperm Bank among Sperm Donors Page:989—993
14. Investigation on the Mental Health Status of Urban Community Empty Nesters and Its Countermeasure Analysis Page:968—971,993
15. Investigation on the Quality of Life about Rural Elderly Population and Its Influencing Factors Page:963—967
16. The Communication Effect of Lawyer in Medical Dispute Litigation from View of Game Theory Page:957—959
17. Discussion on the Improvement Measures of Ethical Relations and Moral Behaviors among Rural Medical Staff from the Perspective of Moral Contract Page:953—956
18. Ethical Reflection on Standardized Management of Intestinal Microbiota Transplantation Page:948—952
19. Philosophical Thought on Molecular Targeted Therapy Page:945—947
20. Legal Challenges of Precision Medicine on Genetic Privacy Protection Page:936—939,944
21. Risks and Legal Analysis of Gene Editing Page:932—935
22. Discussion on Ethical Review Question of CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing Technology in Clinical Research Page:927—931
23. Application of the Concept of Integrated Medical Care Service in the High Quality Nursing Service of Hemodialysis Patients Page:1037—1041
24. The Ethical Problems and Countermeasures in Developing Quality Nursing Service in Operating Rooms Page:1034—1036
25. The Controversy of Surrogacy and its Ethical Analysis under the Perspective of Population and Social Vicissitude Page:982—984
26. Development Dilemma and Outlet of Humanistic Quality Education in Medical Universities and Colleges Page:1018—1021
27. Discussion on the Cultivation of Medical Students' Humanistic Quality in the Combination of Hospital and Medical College Page:1014—1017
28. Investigation on Medical Students' Ethical Cognition of Assisted Reproductive Technology Page:985—988
29. Research on Palliative Care Legislation in China Page:978—981
30. "Ethical Study on the Influence of ""Sense of Identity"" on Village Health Human Resource Distribution——Based on Field Research in H County of Beijing" Page:972—977
31. Research on Status and Pushing Approach of Credibility of the Third-party Mediation in Medical Disputes Page:960—962,967
32. Investigation on Legal Regulation of Commercial Genetic Testing Page:940—944