WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 2017> 30> 7

Volume: 30 Issue: 7

1. Review on the Origin and the Development Process of Medicine from the Perspective of Medical Anthropology Page:901—907
2. Current Situation of Medical Ethics Education in Institute of Medicine and Nursing and Strategies to Improve the Effectiveness of Teaching Page:897—900
3. Discussion on How to Improve the Approval Efficiency of Multicenter Clinical Trials Page:859—862,868
4. The Incidence and the Influencing Factors of School Bullying among Middle School Students in Xi'an Page:841—845,851
5. The Ethical Arguments of AIDS Prevention and Control for Colleges and Universities in China Page:836—840
6. Human Micro-Ecological Research Ethics: A New Field of Bioethics Page:814—821
7. Ethical Problems and Countermeasures of Medical Support at Chinese Second-Grade Peacekeeping Hospital in Democratic Republic of the Congo Page:810—813
8. The Application of Satir Family Therapy in Medical Students with Learning Difficulties Page:918—920,924
9. Discussion on the Training Mode of General Practice Education in Contemporary Medical Colleges and Universities Page:914—917
10. Research and Practice on the Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture into Medical Students' Ideological and Political Education Page:911—913
11. Discussion on the Viewpoint of “Great Health”: from Disease to Health Page:908—910
12. Application of Online to Offline Interactive Teaching Mode in Medical Ethics Page:893—896
13. Reinforcement of Medical Ethics Education in the Clinical Practice Stage in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Page:890—892
14. Research on the Constructivism Characteristics of Case Teaching in Medical Social Work Page:885—889
15. Practice and Exploration on Hospital Management under the Overall Trusteeship Mode Page:882—884
16. Research on the Influencing Factors of Medical Staff Shortage Crisis and Strategy Based on System Archetype Page:877—881
17. Current Status and Problems of Care Services for the Dementia Elders of Pension Agency in Guangzhou Page:872—876
18. Ethical Thinking and Discussion on Advertising Media Operation in the Plastic and Cosmetic Industry——Based on Questionnaire Analysis in a University in Shaanxi Province Page:869—871
19. Contrastive Analysison Domestic and Foreign Standardized Resident Training Modes Page:863—868
20. Ethical Review Gist of Clinical Trials Regarding Medical Apparatus and Instruments Page:856—858
21. Research Progress on the Notice of Informed Consent Ethical Review Involved Gene Information Detection Page:852—855
22. Analysis of the Influential Factors of Medical Staff's Cognition on Medical Ethics Review Page:846—851
23. Exploration on the Effect of Ritual-music Culture on the Construction of Harmonious Doctor-patient Relationship Page:832—835
24. Research on the Cognitive of Doctor-Patient Relationship among Junior Medical Students in Guangzhou Page:827—831
25. Investigation on the Cognition of Medical Staff on the Third-Party Mediation in a Tertiary General Hospital of Nanjing Page:822—826
26. Analysis of the Causes of Moral Injury—Based on the Ethical Reflection of American War Films Page:805—809
27. Empirical Analysis on Medical Ethics in the United Nations Peacekeeping Medical Support Page:802—804,809
28. Analysis on Medical Ethical Implication of The Law of Armed Conflict Page:797—801