WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 2017> 30> 6

Volume: 30 Issue: 6

1. Thoughts on Application of Evaluation Index System on Human Research Ethics Management in Beijing Medical Institutions Page:737—741
2. Analysis of Status and Equity of Health Resources Allocation in Village-level Medical Institution in China Page:729—732
3. Study on the Problems of Medical Informationization in the View of Ethics Page:723—728
4. Ethics Discussion on Responding to Public Health Emergencies Page:720—722
5. Study on the Public Cognition, Attitude and Coping Style of Medical Disputes——Empirical Analysis Based on a Sample of 2910 Citizens in Zhejiang Province Page:711—714
6. Effect of Quality Control Circle on Improving Patient Satisfaction among Insured Patients Page:707—710
7. Reasons for the Lack of Current Doctor-Patient Trust and Its Reconstruction Page:701—706
8. The Effect of Traditional Culture on the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Measures of Strengthening the Cultivation of Humanistic Spirit Page:697—700
9. Cultivation of Humanistic Spirit in Medical Education under the Background of Internet Plus Page:684—688
10. Take a Part for the Whole of Medicine and Medical Ethics Page:682—683
11. From Moral Experience to Care giving: the Theoretical and Practical Paths of Medical Humanities Page:676—681
12. "From the Perspective of Philosophy: What does ""Integration"" Mean in Holistic Integrated Medicine?" Page:670—675
13. Study on Cultural Adaptability of Presumed Consent Principle in Organ Donation Page:782—786
14. Survey on Anxiety and Depression Status in Junior Standardized Training Nurses and Exploration of the Countermeasures for Humanistic Care Page:765—769
15. Domestic and Foreign Application of Extensive Informed Consent in Future Research Page:760—764
16. Discussion on the Common Ethical Issues in Clinical Pharmacy Page:757—759,781
17. Investigation on the Ethical Cognition of Clinical Research among Medical Staff in Hospitals of Qinghai Province Page:753—756
18. Exploration on the Cultivation of Country Doctors' Professionalism Page:750—752
19. Investigation and Analysis on the Attitude of Hospice Care Volunteer Service of Medical Students in Wenzhou Page:747—749
20. Values of Confucianism Mind-nature Theory for Medical Ethics Education Page:742—746
21. Analysis of Social Support Conditionand Influencing Factors of Rural Elderly in Shandong Province Page:733—736
22. The Cognition and Reflectionon Mediation of Doctor-Patient Disputes Page:715—719
23. Practical Exploration on the Cultivation of Socialist Core Values through Carrying forward Traditional Culture in Medicine Colleges and Universities Page:693—696
24. Enlightenment of American Medical Humanistic Education Mode to China Page:689—692,746
25. Rethinking on the Doctor-patient-Relationship Page:665—669
26. A Special Case of Organ Donation in Hong Kong:New Controversy and the Current Challenges Page:792—
27. Investigation and Analysis on Citizens' Cognition of Living Organ Donation Page:787—791
28. Application of Formative Assessment Mode using Sitcom Play in Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Teaching Page:778—781
29. Exploration on the Origin of Qilu Modern Nursing and Some Thoughts Page:773—777