WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 2017> 30> 5

Volume: 30 Issue: 5

1. Inheritance and Innovation, Integration and Development—Chinese Holistic Integrative Medical Humanities Forum, The Inaugural Meeting of the Integrative Medical Humanities Specialized Committee was Held in Xi'an Page:661—663
2. Discussion on the Training Mode of the Humanistic Quality of Applied Talents in Medical Colleges Page:642—646
3. Application and Exploration of PDCA Cycle Management in Hospital Social Evaluation Page:637—641
4. Investigation on Interpersonal Communication of Preparatory Students in One Xinjiang Medical College Page:626—629
5. Discussion on Chinese Traditional Concepts of Health Page:599—604
6. Study on Self-Esteem and Emotion Regulation Self-Efficacy and the Influencing Factors among Middle School Students Page:619—625
7. Research on Ethical Issues of Living Organ Donation in China Page:589—593
8. Exploration of the Effectiveness of the Third Party Mediation in Medical disputes Page:581—585
9. Analysis of Doctor-Patient Cooperation Based on the Angle of Game Theory Page:576—580
10. How to Protect the Vulnerable Groups in Drug Clinical Trials Page:572—575
11. Ethical Considerations on the Construction and Supervision of Biobank Page:560—562
12. Analysis on Policy and Ethics of Non-Invasive Prenatal Test Page:556—559
13. Exploration on the Ethical Issues of Nanotechnology in Medical Application Page:553—555
14. Exploration on the Ethical Problems in the Implementation of the Two-Child Policy in China Page:539—543
15. Investigation and Ethical Analysis on Surrogacy Page:535—538
16. Application of Appreciative Inquire in Medical Humanities Education Page:650—654
17. "Analyze SUN Simiao's Virtue Ethics——Take ""Great Medical Sincerity"" as an Example" Page:647—649,654
18. Analysis on the Medical Service Management at Private Hospitals based on the Investigation of Patient Satisfaction Page:633—636
19. Social Ethics Analysis on Improving Higher Vocational Students' On-the-Spot Rescue Ability Page:630—632,636
20. The Effect of Media Reports of Violence Injury Medical Events on Medical Students Page:611—614
21. Effect of Health Education under KABP Model on Negative Emotions and Pregnancy Outcome in Patients with High-risk Pregnancy Page:605—610
22. Organ Donation from Factors to Explore the Effect of Soft Culture System Page:594—598
23. Analysis of Legal Ethics on Medical Violence Page:586—588,625
24. Protection of Subjects' Rights and Interests during the Implementation of Informed Consent in Psychiatric Clinical Researches Page:567—571
25. Ethical Self-Discipline for Researchers Initiating Clinical Trial Page:563—566
26. Exploring the Development Path of Public Health Ethics Page:551—552
27. Expanding the New Field of Medical Ethics: Academic Vision and Ethical Sense of Smell Page:549—550
28. Stripping the Medical Ethics of Bioethics Page:547—548
29. Ethical Thinking on the Assisted Reproductive Technology Treatment in Senility Infertile Women in China Page:544—546
30. Medical Ethics Principles in the Writing and Review of Medical Journals Page:655—658