WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 2017> 30> 4

Volume: 30 Issue: 4

1. Reflection on the Cultivating of Grassroots Medical Stuff from the Perspective of Doctor-patient Relationship Cognition in A County-Level Hospital in Shaanxi Province Page:524—527
2. Research on the Dialectical Relationship of Medical Humanistic Education and Medical Students' Professional Identity Page:521—523,530
3. Study on the Medical Humanistic Quality Education Page:516—520
4. Teaching Design and Application of Medical Ethics Based on Flipped Classroom Teaching Model Page:512—515
5. Exploration of the Effective Ways of Strengthening Medical Humanities Education in the Process of Talent Cultivation Page:509—511
6. Correlation of Social Support and Mental Health among Residents in Weifang Page:500—503
7. Analysis of Cognition and Satisfaction with Mental Health Service among Residents in Weifang Page:495—499
8. Review of Ethical Issues in the Preclinical and Clinical Trial of Drug Page:491—494
9. Effects of Humanistic Care in the Management of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Patients Page:484—486,490
10. "Discussion on the ""Four Mental Attitudes"" of Medical Practitioners" Page:480—483
11. Investigation on Current Situation of Workplace Violence the Intern Experienced and Their Professional Identity Page:476—479
12. Research on Empathy Ability among Surgical Oncology Doctors and the Enlightenment Page:471—475
13. "Diagnoses and Countermeasures Research on the Status of ""Soft Addiction"" Behavior in Medical Students" Page:466—470
14. Path Analysis on the Influence of Occupational Benefits and Turnover Intention on the Quality Life of Nurses Page:457—461
15. Cognition and Reflection on the Interview Results of Medical Ethics Education in Chinese and American Medical Colleges Page:453—456
16. Survey and Practice on the Construction of Medical Ethics Emotion Education Model for Clinical Trainees Page:449—452,461
17. Discussion on the Dilemma and Countermeasure of Medical Ethics Education on Medical Targeted-area Student Page:445—448
18. Construction of the Evaluation System of Man-Oriented Medical Ethics Page:442—444
19. What is Good Medical Ethics Page:438—439
20. The Development of Chinese Medical Ethics under the Perspective of Disciplinary History Page:436—437
21. Discussion on the Theoretical Dilemma of Chinese Medical Ethics Page:435,437—
22. Relationship between Quality of Life and Social Support of the Elderly in Weifang Page:432—434,439
23. Study on the Intervention to Birth Defects under the Vision of Care Ethics Page:427—431
24. The Ethical Dilemma and Its Solutions in the Process of Health Science Popularization Industrialization Page:417—419,426
25. Global Health Ethical Reflection on Antibiotics Abuse Page:412—416
26. Precision Medicine: Ethical and Regulatory Challenges Page:401—411
27. Re-examination of Nuremberg Code——Universality and Correlation in Current Page:531—532
28. Family, the Cultural Wars and Public Policy——A review on Mark J. Cherry's Sex, Family and the Cultural Wars Page:528—530
29. Research on College Students' Mental Health Level Page:504—508
30. Ethical Reflection on Interventional Therapy in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease under the Background of the Medical Conjoined in the New Medical Reform Page:487—490
31. Practice Nursing Students' Professional Ethics Education: the Era Call in the Rise of Modern Medical Model Page:462—465
32. Medical Ethics Calls for Cultural Confidence Page:440—441
33. Review of Current Status and Countermeasures of School Violence Page:420—426