WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 2017> 30> 3

Volume: 30 Issue: 3

1. Enhance the Level of Medical Humanistic Teaching and Cultivate Good Doctors——The National Higher College and University Education Teaching Seminar of Medical Humanities Education was Held in Nanning Page:393—396
2. Application of Scenario Simulation Method in Medical Ethics Teaching Page:355—358
3. Enhance Training About the Doctor-patient Communication Ability of Stomatology Medical Graduates During Clinical Practice Stage Page:339—342
4. Problems and Countermeasures in the Ethical Review of Scientific Research Projects Page:336—338
5. Problems and Solving Strategies of Current Ethical Reviews from the Perspective of Informed Consent in Human Trials Page:331—335
6. "Ethical Consideration about the Technology of ""Three-parent Test Tube Baby""" Page:319—322
7. Ethical Consideration about Family Members' Participation in Cancer Treatment Decision-making Page:315—318
8. Exploration and Thinking of Medical Students' Professionalism Education——Taking Capital Medical University as An Example Page:300—303
9. Application of Standardized Patient in Medical International Students' Graduation Practice Assessment Page:297—299
10. "Exploration on ""Ego"" of the Teaching Content in Medical Ethics" Page:295—296
11. Discussion on Death and Immortality Page:281—283
12. Risk Prevention and Control of Pregnant Women in Drug Clinical Trials Page:267—272
13. The Stigma Issues and Strategy Analysis in Patients with Serious Mental Disorder in China Page:383—387
14. "Discussion on the Misunderstanding of ""Pan-moralization"" of Medical Public Opinion" Page:380—382
15. Bibliometrics Research on the Literature of Medical Ethics in China Page:376—379
16. Influencing Factors of Working Enthusiasm among Public Hospital Medical Staff in Underdeveloped Area Page:372—375
17. Investigation on Public Welfare of Public Hospital Based on Patients' Perspective Page:367—371
18. Ethical Reflection on the Maintenance of Personal Dignity for Human Organ Donors Page:363—366
19. Study on Flipped Classroom Strategy of Nursing Ethics Based on Learning Ability Page:359—362
20. Study on Balint Groups in the View of Doctor-patient Relationship Page:348—351
21. Discussion on Principal-agent Problems in Doctor-patient Relationship Page:343—347
22. Investigation and Analysis on Medical Students' Professional Attitude in Shanghai Page:304—307
23. Discussion on the Ethical Problems and Countermeasures of Scientific Research Management in Maternal and Child Health——Taking Sichuan Provincial Hospital for Women and Children as An Example Page:323—327
24. Discussion on Medical Futility and Medical Futility Policy Page:311—314
25. Cognitive Status and Promotion Path of Physicians' Professionalism among Medical Personnel Page:308—310
26. How Medical Ethics Approaches Clinical Page:292—293
27. Application of BOPPPS Mode in Medical Ethics Teaching Page:352—354,358
28. Medical Ethics Should Realize Localization Development Page:294,296—
29. Stick Together in Life and Death:If You don't Understand What Life is, how Will You Understand Death Page:290—291,293
30. The Ethical Principles and Practice Application of Corpse Organ Donation Page:398,封3—
31. Discussion on the Issues and Countermeasures in Clinical Trial Insurance Page:328—330,335