WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 2017> 30> 2

Volume: 30 Issue: 2

1. Analysis of AIDS Prevention in Colleges from the Perspective of Peer Education Page:252—255
2. Discussion on the Research Methods of Modern Medical Culture Based on Positivism and Humanism Page:249—251
3. Study on the Path to Improve Medical Students'Humanistic Quality Based on the Internalization Process Page:245—248
4. Construction of Harmonious Doctor-patient Relationship under the Background of the New Criminal Law Amendment Page:230—232
5. Feasibility Analysis and Mode Discussion of Introducing Medical Social Workers into Family Doctor Service Page:227—229
6. Application of Root Cause Analysis in Improving Success Rate of Infant Venipuncture Blood Sampling and Nursing Ethics Page:224—226
7. Implement Continuous Quality Improvement and Improve the Satisfaction of Nursing Quality Page:220—223
8. Research on the Evaluation Index System of Clinical Physicians' Humanistic Medicine Practice Ability Page:165—168
9. Opinions about the Issues of Ethical Reivew in Scientific Research of Domestic Hopsitals Page:162—164
10. Ethical Considerations on Promotion of Healthy China Page:147—150
11. Discussion on the Moral Value of Health Page:143—146
12. Healthy Family: Cornerstone of Healthy China Page:138—142
13. "Ethical Reflections of ""Trumocare"" vs ""Obamacare""" Page:264—265
14. The debate about physician assistance in dying: 40 years of unrivalled progress in medical ethics? Page:262—263
15. Analysis of Interest Temptation in Medical Human Trials Page:241—244
16. Family Influencing Factors and Countermeasures of Organ Transplantation in China Page:237—240
17. Research on the Tension of Self-respect Awareness and Altruism of Living Organ Donors Page:233—236
18. Professional Identity Status and the Influential Factors among Student Nurses in Shaanxi Province Page:216—219
19. Sleep Quality and Coping Styles in Cervical Cancer Patients undergoing Radiotherapy Page:211—215
20. Influencing Factors of UncertaintyinIllness and Implementation of Humanistic Care Strategies in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Page:206—210
21. Investigation on the Cognition of Assisted Reproductive Technology among Adults in Heilongjiang Province Page:198—201
22. Exploration on the Cultivation Path of Traditional Chinese Medical Culture Core Values among Chinese Medicine Students Page:195—197
23. Discussion on Life Education of Traditional Chinese Medicine Based on Traditional Philosophy of Life Page:191—194
24. The Application of Educational Narrative in Medical Ethics Education Page:187—190
25. Discussion on the Traditional Medical Ethics Culture and Teaching Reform of Medical Ethics Page:184—186
26. Introduction to the Four Principles of Biomedical Ethics in Confucius Page:178—183
27. "Research on ""Internet Plus"" Mode of Professionalism Education in Medical Students at the Stage of Clinical Practice" Page:173—177
28. Research on the Current Situation and Promotion Path of Instructors' Professional Quality in Medical Universities and Colleges in Xinjiang Page:169—172
29. Problems and Development Suggestions in the Management of Medical Ethical Review Page:158—161
30. "One of the Series of ""Life Dignity"": What is ""Human Dignity""" Page:151—157
31. "Ethical Implication of the National Strategy of ""Healthy China""——From the Perspective of Bioethics" Page:133—137
32. Study on the Legal and Ethical Issues in the Disposal of Frozen Embryos Page:202—205,210