WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 2017> 30> 12

Volume: 30 Issue: 12

1. Humanistic Connotation of Medical Drama and Its Enlightenment to Nurses Page:1548—1551
2. Opportunities and Challenges Facing by Current Medical Ethics Cultivation in Medical Colleges and Universities Page:1534—1536,1540
3. Analysis of the Current Management Situation of Hospital Ethics Committee Based on CRA Page:1530—1533
4. Retrospect and Prospect:Analysis of Knowledge Mapping Domain of Ethics Committee Study in China Page:1522—1529
5. Medical Ethical Significance of Continued Self-Management Education for Stroke Patients with Hemiplegia Page:1508—1511
6. Development of Gene Therapy and Its Ethical Reflection Page:1496—1499
7. Discussion on Ethical Issues of the Protection of Patients' Rights in the Prevention and Treatment of AIDS Page:1466—1468
8. Obstacles and Ethical Countermeasures of Implementing "Treatment after Discovery"for AIDS in Yunnan Province Page:1460—1465
9. Death with Dignity: Concept of Death Necessary to Be Accepted in Modern Society:Comment on Modern Medicine and Death with Dignity by WANG Yunling Page:1573—1574
10. Thinking on Perfecting the Construction of Specialized Medical Association:In the Perspective of Cross-Strait Reproductive Progestational Medical Association Page:1564—1566,1568
11. Application of Diversified Teaching Method in Nursing Teaching Mode of Pharmacy Intravenous Admixture Services Page:1560—1563
12. Research on the Application of Network Opinion Leaders in Ideological and Political Education Incolleges and Universities Page:1556—1559
13. Discussion on the Cultivation of Medical Students' Medical Humanistic Spirit from the Perspective of Ideological and Political Education Page:1552—1555
14. Comparative Study on the Current Situation of Medical Humanity Education between China and the United States Page:1544—1547
15. Analysis of Present Situation on Medical Interns' Medical Ethics Education and Its Countermeasure Page:1541—1543
16. Exploration of Path of Medical Ethics Education of Medical Students Combined the Moral Education Page:1537—1540
17. The Information of Researcher of Medical Device Clinical Trials Should Be Informed:Current Situation, Ethical Defense and Policy Suggestion Page:1517—1521
18. Requirement for Ethics Committee after China Food and Drug Administration Join ICH-GCP Page:1512—1516
19. Medical Ethics Reflection in the Practice of Obsterics and Gynecology Page:1505—1507,1511
20. Discussion on Ethical Issues in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vagrant Psychiatric Patients Page:1500—1504
21. Study of American Patient Safety Culture and Its Enlightenment to China Page:1492—1495
22. Research on Harmonious Doctor-patient Relationship from the Perspective of Harmonious Management Organization Theory Page:1488—1491
23. Discussion on Reconstruction of Modern Doctor-patient Moral Emotion Page:1482—1487
24. Challenge by Head Transplant Page:1473—1481
25. Effects of Perspective-taking on HIV-Related Stigma Intervention among Medical College Students Page:1469—1472
26. Ethical Research on Non Occupational Exposure Prophylaxis for AIDS Page:1455—1459