WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 2017> 30> 11

Volume: 30 Issue: 11

1. The Revision and Significance of 2017 Declaration of Geneva Page:1439—1442
2. Research on the Internal Harmony between Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture and Socialist Core Values Page:1423—1426,1436
3. The Application of Team Teaching Mode in Medical Humanities Teaching:Taking Harbin Medical University as an Example Page:1411—1414
4. Strengthening Medical Humanistic Education and Casting Physician Professionalism Page:1407—1410
5. Analysis of the Social and Cultural Factors of the Difference between Knowing and Doing in Medical Professionalism:Based on Investigations of Six Medical Institutions in Beijing Page:1396—1399
6. Investigation on the Construction and Quality of the Scientific Research Ethics Committee of Shanghai Health and Family Planning System Page:1391—1395
7. Application of Animal Ethical Education in Comprehensive Experimental Teaching of Preclinical Medicine Page:1387—1390
8. Discussion on Benefit-Sharing Rights of Human Subjects in Medical Research Page:1370—1374
9. Psychological Characteristic of Vitiligo Patient and Ethical Countermeasures Page:1351—1353
10. Reflection on the Protection of Patients' Privacy in Imaging Medical Examination Page:1354—1356
11. Moderating Effect of Clinical Ethics Consultation on Doctor-patient Relationship Page:1343—1346
12. Legal Regulation on Medical Advertisement Page:1326—1331
13. Ethical Review of Clinical Trials and Construction of Ethics Committee: Problems and Countermeasures:Review of the Sixth Medical Ethics Academic Conference of Guangdong Medical Association Page:1437—1438
14. The Ethical Review of Medical Research: Opportunity and Challenge, Development and Countermeasures:Review of the Third Capital Ethical Review Capacity Building and Development BBS Page:1434—1436
15. Reflection on the Cultivation of Humanistic Practice Ability of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Page:1431—1433
16. Research on the Education of Ecological Ethics among Contemporary College Students Page:1427—1430
17. Discussion the Challenges of Medical Humanity Education in the "Internet Plus" Age and Countermeasures Page:1419—1422
18. Discussion on Health Humanities Education in Health Vocational College Page:1415—1418
19. Reflection on Grading Nursing from the Perspective of Code of Ethics for Nurses Page:1404—1406,1414
20. Study on Satisfaction of Demander on Village Clinics in BeijingSuburbs:Taking M County as an Example Page:1400—1403
21. Informed Consent of Clinical Research Involving in Children Page:1381—1386
22. Discussion on the Responsibilities of Ethical Secretary Combined with International Certification Page:1378—1380
23. Cases Study on Ethical Issues in Clinical Trials of In Vitro Diagnostic Reagent Page:1375—1377
24. Ethics Anomie in Network Media Report of Medical Disputes and Its Countermeasures Page:1366—1369
25. Development Status of WeChat Public Platforms of Community Hospitals in Shanghai Downtown and Its Ethical Countermeasure Page:1361—1365
26. Study and Practice of Medical Ethics Propagation Mode Based on WeChat Public Platform Page:1357—1360
27. Ethical Dilemmas and Reflection on Clinical Nursing of Stillbirth Page:1347—1350
28. Exploration of the Informed Consent of Clinical Intervention of Fecal Bacteria Transplantation Page:1337—1342
29. Preliminary Discussionon the Legal Regulation of Internet Drug Operation Page:1332—1336
30. Research on the Legal and Ethical Regulation of Internet Medical Big Data Page:1322—1325,1342
31. Research on Telemedicine and Its Legal Regulation Page:1317—1321