WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 1994> 0> 06

Volume: 0 Issue: 06

1. Social Ethics Problem on AIDS' Happening and Development Page:—
2. Ethical Analysis And Suggestion For Patients With Chronic Renal Failure and Hemodialysis Page:—
3. A discussion of influential considerations and solving measures between doctors and patients relationship in the STDs diagnosis and treatment Page:—
4. Gene Therapy of Virus Hepatitis and lts Ethical Problems Page:—
5. Protection the Rights and Interests of the Subjects through Independent Ethics Committee Page:—
6. Philosophical Thoughts on Research of HPV Therapeutic Vaccine with Early Proteins. Page:—
7. Ethical issues and discussion about end-of-life care in the intensive care unit Page:—
8. Critical ethical issues for initiation of clinical trials of xenotransplatation Page:—
9. The Characteristic of Curriculum Plan Foreign Medical Humanity Education and Its Enlightenments Page:—
10. Conversion and Countermeasure of Relationship between Medical practitioners and Patients in New Era Page:—
11. How to bring Community Health Institution into play Page:—
12. Crisis of SARS:the Chance of the Autopsy Page:—
13. Law of brain death and liver trasplantation in China Page:—
14. Discussion on Actions of"Not None"in Medical Management Page:—
15. The Thought Of The Relationship Between Patients and Medical Houseman Page:—
16. Discussing the Structure of Harmonious Medicine Ethic Views Page:—
17. Pregnant women's mental state and countermeasure in childbirth and puerperium Page:—
18. Hospital phenomenon during SARS and the construction of hospital credit ethic Page:—
19. The avail relationship of doctor and patient, ethics thinking on medical service Page:—
20. Analysis of Medical Disputes in the Republic of China Page:—
21. The managers of hospital should be good at acquiring an opportunity from accusation Page:—
22. The comparision between the medical malpractice and the medical accident Page:—
23. Ethics of nursing to high-consuming group Page:—
24. Medical Ethics Analysis on Overtreatment in Oral Disease Page:—
25. Deep and multiple thoughts on the doctors- patients relationship induced by the SARS event Page:—
26. A Research on Some Legal Problems for Sex-change Surgery Page:—
27. Ethics and Treatment Choosing of Amputation of Hemophilia Patients Page:—
28. Ethical problem of occupational language among doctors Page:—
29. Ethical Study of Tissue Engineering in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Page:—
30. Exploration on the Mechanism of the Formation of Medical Staff's legal Consciousness during the Social Transformation Period Page:—
31. Research on Several Problems of Compelling Medical Relationship Page:—
32. Medical Dispute & Ethics of Autopsy Page:—
33. Seek the Third Party Strength for Medical Care Pricing Page:—
34. Nursing Management with a Scientific Management Conception Page:—
35. Research on the Consciousness of Cornea Donation among University Students Page:—
36. Research on the Ethics of Oral Cavity Cosmetology Page:—
37. Practice of Medical Ethics in Cardiac Surgery Page:—
38. Research on the Ethical Problems Caused by the Sperm Bank Page:—
39. Several Strategies on the Success of Mangerial Career in the Hospital Page:—
40. Discussion on the Harm, Causes and Countermeasures of the Lack of Medical Trust-honesty Page:—
41. Consideration on the Reflection of the Accumulation of Medical Ethics during the Resistance to SARS Page:—
42. Discussion on the Guideline & Code of Ethics on the Rural Patriotic Hygiene Work Page:—
43. Social Responsibility of Media on Medical Advertisement Page:—
44. Comparison of Journals of Statistic Source of Scientific and Technological Thesis of the National Science and Technology Ministry in 2002 and 2003 Page:—
45. Study on Students'Capacity in Dealing with Skill and Moral in Nationality Medical College Page:—
46. Human Centered Service Idea Page:—
47. Enhance Medical Humanities Education, Accelerate Innovation of Medical Education Page:—
48. Research on Relief System of Abnormal Reaction in Preventive Vaccination Page:—
49. Enhance the Cultivation of Nursing Students'Good Appearance Page:—
50. Problems and Counter - measures of Protection on Rights of Patients'Privacy in Nursing Practice Page:—
51. Probe and Improve Patient Centered Medical Service with Maslow's Theory of Hierarchy of Need Page:—
52. Discussion on Hospital's Sub -rules and Social Ethical Problems Taking Example on "Hu Wei Min" Case Page:—
53. Development and Construction the Culture of Shenzhen People's Hospital Page:—
54. Administration of the Informal Organization in Hospital Page:—
55. Analyze the Value of Medical Ethics of the Thought of "Being Discreet When Alone" of Confucian School Page:—
56. Confucius's Ethical Thoughts of Health Page:—
57. Medical Insurance and Medical Ethics Page:—
58. Develop the Spirit of Serving People——after Reading the Mao Zedongs "Serve People" Page:—
59. Ethic Standardization of Medical Professional Language Page:—
60. Jion - Up Community in Health Services Page:—
61. Discussion on the Humanity and Reasonableness in Community Health Service Page:—
62. Study on Factors Causing Doctor - patient Strained Relation Page:—
63. The New Trend and Counter - plan of the Medical Services Today Page:—
64. Ethical Discussion in the Extraction of Teeth Page:—
65. Exercise during Pregnancy Page:—
66. The Investigation of Dialyzeer Reuse from Ethics Page:—
67. The Ethics Problem Discussion on Studies of Radiological Practice Page:—
68. Ethic Problems on the Treatment of Vagrant Psychopath in Hospital Page:—
69. An Analysis on Styles of Human Being Sexual Ethics Page:—
70. Ethical Problems and Countermeasure in Clinical Teaching of Sexually Transmitted Disease Page:—
71. Consideration: Advancement of Medical Morality Construction Page:—
72. Using the Rights to Control the Power——On the Relationship Between the Doctor's Power and the Patient's Rights Page:—
73. The Origin Analysis and Countermeasure Study on Non - profit Organizations Failures Page:—
74. Ethical Research about Building Civilized Environment and Social Health Career Page:—
75. Ethical Questions Concerning Organ Transplantation Page:—
76. The Ethical Questioning of Liver Transplantation Page:—
77. The Living of People Leading Continius Regetable Existence and Ethical Thinking Page:—
78. The Ethical Reflection on the Euthanasia of the Badly Handicapped Newborn Page:—
79. University Students'Investigation for Euthanasia and Its Legislation Page:—
80. Investigation and Discussion on the Ethical Issues of Therapeutic Cloning and Human Embryo Administrative Page:—
81. Ethical Consideration on Insufficiency of Percutaneous CoronaryIntervention in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease Page:—
82. "Ten Needs": The Main Moral Principles Which Should Be Insisted on in the Work of the Out-patient and Emergency Department Page:—
83. The Present Situation of Medical Ethics Teaching and the Discussion of Its Countermeasure Page:—
84. Social Responsibilities of Scientists Page:—
85. Self-Discipline and Right-Safeguard in Psychiatric Clinical Practice Page:—
86. Ethical Balance in Artificial Insemination and in Vitro Fertilization Page:—
87. Ethical Problems in the Clinical Application of Living-donor Renal Transplantation in China Page:—
88. The Summarization of Communication Methods and Skills between Doctor and Patients in Gastroscope Examination Page:—
89. Some Medical Ethical Issues on the Digestive Endoscopy and Interventional Treatment Page:—
90. Base on cases to strengthen interns' medical ethics reeduction Page:—
91. An Analysis on the Theory of Ancient Chinese Medical Ethics Page:—
92. On "the Expensive to Seek Medical Care" through the Technology Ethics of Modern Medicine Page:—
93. The Harmony Between Doctors and Patients Calls for Bilateral Ethical Regulation——A Research on the Necessity of Bilateral Ethics Regulation Page:—
94. Rebuild Mutual Trust and Honesty to Construct a Harmonious Physician-Patient Relationship Page:—
95. Emphasize Medical Professionalism and Analyze Concerned Principles from a Profound Perspective——A Review on the Collective Works of BaiLunXunJing Page:—
96. Moral Education of Medical Students in the College English Course Page:—
97. The Features of Morality Instruction in the Educational Process of Medical Humanities Page:—
98. A Discussion on Introducing Voluntary Service in Medical Institutions Page:—
99. Considerations on Mobilizing the Subjective Activity of Medical Staff in Hospital Cultural Construction Page:—
100. Ethic Analysis on the Current Situation of Nursing Human Resource Allocation in Shanghai Page:—
101. Exploration and Practice of the Psychological Crisis Intervention Among Medical College Students after Earthquakes Page:—
102. The Predicament and Outlet of Hospice in China Page:—
103. Investigation on psychic behavior of patients of malignant tumor Page:—
104. Investigation of the role of health education in hypertension treatment Page:—
105. The mental health of the STD and post-STD patients and the intervention countermeasures Page:—
106. The Doctrine of the Mean in International Protection of Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Page:—
107. Establishing ecology morals idea,widening the angle of view of medico's moral education Page:—
108. A Reflection on Enhancing the Teaching Effect of Ideological and Moral Cultivation Page:—
109. A Research Review on Psychological Crisis of College Students Page:—
110. Thinking of the fairness about family planning services in urban and rural Page:—
111. Freud's Personality Structure Theory and Harmonious Personality Page:—
112. On the Universal Values of Traditional Chinese Medical Culture Page:—
113. A Correct Attitude towards Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:—
114. Moral Protection for the Implementation of Medical Safety Principle Page:—
115. The deficiency and complement on the law of the exemption of informed consent in China Page:—
116. Fatigue among Clinicians and the Safety of Patients Page:—
117. The medical ethics of the famous therapist in the Qing Dynasty(Part 1) Page:—
118. Some Thoughts on Medical Humanistic Care from the Perspective of Humanistic Psychology and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Page:—
119. Report of an Investigation on Ethic Committees in China Page:—
120. Ethical Analysis of Doctor-patient relationship in Prenatal Diagnosis Page:—
121. The ethical requirement of the placebo-controlled clinical study Page:—
122. Research on the Teaching Mode of Medical Ethics in the Context of Market-Oriented Economic System Page:—
123. Investigation and analysis on the professional impact caused by Physician-patient relationship disharmony for medical students Page:—
124. An Sociological Analysis of the External Forms of Doctor-Patient Conflict in Present China Page:—
125. Autonomy,the Other and Euthanasia Page:—
126. Medicine Is a Benevolence: On Confucian Ethics and the Construction of Medical Professionalism Page:—
127. On Improving the Traditional Philosophical Wisdom and Medical Humane Service Page:—
128. The Trace of the Source of Medical Ethics Page:—
129. An Environmental-Pollution-Based Study on Health Management Page:—
130. Research on the Professional Characters of Young Resident Doctors and Continuing Education Page:—
131. To Steer the Rudder of Fairness:On Government Functions in the Property Rights System Reform in Rural Healthcare Centers Page:—
132. Medical Internal Defects and Medical Disputes Page:—
133. Financial Conflict-of-Interest Policies in U.S Medical Research Page:—
134. Correctly Handle Mutual Relationship of Community and Higher-level Hospitals in order to Make the Most of Community Health Services Page:—
135. The Cost Control of Medical Services from the Perspective of Ethics Page:—
136. Ethical consideration on the TWO average expense control Page:—
137. Mutual Benefit and Win-win:the Economic Ethical Basis of Harmonious Physician-patient Relationship Page:—
138. Reflections on Current Physician-Patient Relationship from "Jing Liang-affair" Page:—
139. Research on Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires: The Latest Literature Review Page:—
140. Review of "medical dispute profiteer" downtown Page:—
141. The Construction of Doctor-Patient Justice and the Promotion of Medical Integrity Page:—
142. Reflection on the construction of a harmonious doctor-patient relationship Page:—
143. Plough Humanistic Care Elements into Physician-Patient Relationship Page:—
144. Factor and Measure of Affecting Physician-Patient communication Page:—
145. Regarding Patient as the Centre:The Core Concept of the Doctor-Patient Haomounious Relationship Page:—
146. The Legal Reason and Measure about the Strain of Doctor-patient Relationship Page:—
147. Government Shoulder Heavy Responsibilities in the Establishment of Harmony Doctor-Patient Relationship Page:—
148. Ethical Reflection On The State Of The Vegtative Being Page:—
149. Ethical Choice of Development Path for Large Public Hospitals under the Background of New Healthcare Reform Page:—
150. Calling for the Consistency of Humane Medical Science and Metaphysical Logic Page:—
151. On Some Issues in Pediatric Clinical Trails Page:—
152. On the "Tri-Self" Education for Undergraduates with Financial Problems Page:—
153. Analysis of Internet Addiction and Relevant Prevention & Treatment Page:—
154. Construction of Teachers' Professional Ethics in Medical Colleges and Universities Page:—
155. On Privacy Protection of Patients with A H1N1 Influenza Page:—
156. Changes of the Legal Attribute and Regulations of Organs in Organ Transplantation Page:—
157. Ethical and Legal Issues Involved in Paternity Testing Page:—
158. Study of Anxiety and Depression among Breast Cancer Patients and Psychological Ethical Intervention Page:—
159. Investigation on Influencing Factors of Antenatal Anxiety and Its Relationship with Spontaneous Delivery Page:—
160. Investigation of the Informed Consent for Living Related Donors and Recipients of Kidney Transplantation Page:—
161. Ethical Reflection on the Physio-psychic-social Assessment of Living Related Organ Transplantation Page:—
162. Research Progress in Ethical Issues of Intra-vital Organ Transplantation Page:—
163. Ethical Thought in Cardiac Xenotransplantation Page:—
164. On the Continuous Quality Improvement of Humanistic Nursing Care Page:—
165. Reasons for Quarantined Patients' Incomplete Obedience to Medical Order and Countermeasures Page:—
166. Localization of Hospice Care:From the Perspective of Chinese Traditional Morality Page:—
167. On the Psychological Adaptation of Medical Freshmen Page:—
168. Investigation on Professional Psychological Pressures among Clinicians in Peking University and Influencing Factors Page:—
169. On the Origin of Medical Ethics of Han Medicine and Tibetan Medicine from the Tibetan Medical Masterpiece of "Si Bu Yi Dian" Page:—
170. On Ethical Problems in Preventing and Curing Emergency Infectious Diseases from the Event of A H1N1 Influenza Page:—
171. Legal and Ethical Reflection on the Management of Open-loop Psychiatric Ward Page:—
172. Exploration in the Hypo-morality Issues in Physician-Patient Relationship Page:—
173. An Ethical Discussion on the Case of Intra-vital Organ Donations between Relatives Page:—
174. The Combination of Morality Education and Filial Piety Culture——An Ethical Reflection on Medical Students' Filial Piety Practice during Vacations Page:—
175. The Exercising Premise and Ethical Principles of Psychiatrists' Right of Intervention Page:—
176. Ethical Analysis of Immoderate Medication in Clinical Practice Page:—
177. An Analysis of the Forming Process of Medical Ethics among Medical Students Page:—
178. Application of Problem-based Learning method on the control of medicine expenditure for medical students during internship period Page:—
179. Ethical Speculation on Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis Page:—
180. Investigation and Ethical Reflection on Euthanasia among Graduate Students in HuaZhong Normal University Page:—
181. Cultural Reflection on the Localization of Bioethics in China Page:—
182. On Cultivating Humanistic Spirit of Medical Students under the Context of New Healthcare Reform Page:—
183. An Investigation Analysis of Medical Ethics Education for Medical Students,Interns and Clinical Doctors Page:—
184. Ethical Review on the Medical Default in the Context of Informed Disconsent Page:—
185. A Study on Medical Morality in the Perspective of Medical Technology Ethics——The Promotion of Medical Morality and Emotion in Preparative Stage Page:—
186. Marx's Theory on Human Being and the Development of Modern Medical Science Page:—
187. Ascending the Predicament in the Cultivation of Professional Ethics Abilities for Medical Students Page:—
188. Exploration and Research on Practical Teaching of Medical Ethics Page:—
189. On the Training of Ecological Ethics Awareness based on the Professional Education for Medical Students Page:—
190. The Education on Life Values among Medical Students from the Perspective of Traditional Chinese Culture Page:—
191. Construct Chinese Bioethics and Promote Healthcare Reform and Development——A Sketch of the International Academic Conference of "Constructing Chinese Bioethics and Deepening Healthcare Reform" Page:—
192. Methodological Revelation and Ethical Significance of Evidence-based Medicine Page:—
193. Direction and Practice of Confucian Bioethics:The Mutual Advancement of Sympathy and Rational Analysis Page:—
194. The New Healthcare Reform & the Reconstruction of Medical Ethics and Relevant Regulations——An Overall View of Current Chinese Medical Ethics Construction and Relevant Heated Issues Page:—
195. On Medical Disputes and Relevant Issues Page:—
196. Revelations of Outpatient Satisfaction Survey on Hospital Management Page:—
197. On Physician-Patient Communication Behavior and Its Standardized Management Page:—
198. Document Management of Medical Ethics Evaluation and Its Practical Application Page:—
199. Reflection and Construction of Humanistic Healthcare Service in Clinical Laboratory Page:—
200. On Building a Grand View of Hospital Propaganda in the New Era Page:—
201. Humanistic Quality and Medical Ethics of Doctors in Critical Care Medicine Page:—
202. Moral Conflicts in Current Healthcare Reform and Countermeasures Page:—
203. On Improving Healthcare Service under the Background of New Healthcare Reform Page:—
204. Practice and Exploration of the Construction of an Ethics-based Blood-bank Culture Page:—
205. Study on the New Healthcare Reform in China from Rawl's Veil of Ignorance Page:—
206. Abusing Medicine and The Degeneration of Life Quality Page:—
207. The Realization on the teaching of Medical Ethics Page:—
208. The Guiding Value of Ethical Anthropology on Current Health Policy in China Page:—
209. Anxiety Measurement and Factors Analyze of Married Women in Countryside in Shaanxi Province Page:—
210. Introduction of American Military Medical Triage Page:—
211. Efficiency Observation of Social Intervention Mode on Patents with Post-StrokeDepressive Disorder Page:—
212. Ethical Discussion on Living-related Donor Kidney Transplantation Page:—
213. Study on Reception of Morality Education of Medical Workers Page:—
214. Research on physician-patient disputes within Scope of Media Sociology Page:—
215. On the medical students' Humanism-Oriented Education In human's full scale development Page:—
216. Ethical Reflections on Hospital Administration Page:—
217. Healthcare Reform should Prioritize Equality while Maintain Efficiency Page:—
218. Several Correlative Ethical Issues on Community-Based Healthcare Service Page:—
219. Construct a Harmonious Physician-Patient Relationship to Achieve the Win-Win Pattern between Doctors and Patients Page:—
220. Ideal humanity character of medicine person Page:—
221. On the Medical Significance of Humanistic Education in Ancient China from a Moral Viewpoint Page:—
222. The ethical thinking of the legislation issues and the legislative principles on new rural area cooperative medical system Page:—
223. An Analysis of Conflicts in Present Medical Service Page:—