WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 1994> 0> 05

Volume: 0 Issue: 05

1. Ethical problems on playing of human cadacer specimens in orthopedic of biomechamical study Page:—
2. The “General ethics” problems of artificial abortion Page:—
3. Informed Consent and Culture Background:the Comparative Study of Bioethics between China and USA Page:—
4. Probe into fundamental instructional concept of instruction of clinical practice Page:—
5. Limitations of Modern Medicine:Situation and Ethics Thinking of Organ Transplantation in China Page:—
6. Progressing of colon-technology in medical and its subsequent social ethics problems Page:—
7. Humanity spirit construction in medical education Page:—
8. Doctor-patient relationship and ethics and morality teaching of medical trainee Page:—
9. Meditation on Optimization of the teaching in Medial ethics Page:—
10. Taking about Type,Spreading Way and Teaching Form of Medical Ethics Knowledge Page:—
11. Elementary lntdroduction of Applying the lndividual Talking to the Medical Ethice Education Page:—
12. Contrasting Research And Enlightenment of EducationIn Medical Ethics Home And Abroad Page:—
13. New method to deal with the doctor-patient dispute Page:—
14. Standarditing medical treatment and proof preservation,Coping with new regulations on our own initiative. Page:—
15. New Conceptions of Medical Care Model and Clinical Practice Page:—
16. A Re-exploration of Informed Consent Page:—
17. The Development of Modern Diagnostic Technology and the Weakness of Physicians'Subjective Initiative Page:—
18. A Comparison of Clinicians'Roles in Different Medical Models Page:—
19. The ethics of the introduction of minimally invasive techmque into spinal practice Page:—
20. Discussing about the ethical value of patients'right of privacy Page:—
21. Thoughts of science and engineering students learning social medicine Page:—
22. Rcflection on The Medicial Education from The SARS War Page:—
23. Promote the ducation of Military Medical Ethics by Developing the Spirit of Anti-SARS Page:—
24. The core value of internal responsibility for medical scientists Page:—
25. Strategies For the Chasing Amelioration of One-sided Benefits Behaviors in Hospitals Page:—
26. Ethical Exploration on Genetic Counseling Page:—
27. Ethic problems of the treatment of vagrant psychopath in hospital Page:—
28. Discussion on the writing of standardized medical data through "set the duty to offer proof upside down Page:—
29. Ethic Problems of Animal Experiments Page:—
30. Influence to the realization of entharlasia through uge and education Level Page:—
31. The Ethic Education Thought of Gene Technology Research and Application Page:—
32. Appealing for Freer Academic Atmosphere in Bioethics Page:—
33. Study on The Problems of Ethics in Preventing and Treating AIDS Page:—
34. Ethic Problems On AIDS Control And Prevention in China Page:—
35. The ralation Ship of SARS patients' rights and public interests Page:—
36. Ethics thinking on the system of emergence public health to SARS Page:—
37. Ethic thinking on the medical privacy of SARS patients Page:—
38. Patient-doctor relationship in option to SARS Page:—
39. The Rational Thoughts of Modern Medicine model Overcoming SARS Page:—
40. Preventive medicine's Characteristics and staff's moral responsibility through preventing and treating SARS Page:—
41. Ethical thinking about preventing and treating SARS Page:—
42. Analysis on the Countermeasures of Medical Aid to the Urban Poor Population Page:—
43. Building the Atmosphere of Hospital Culture & Offering High-quality Medical Service Page:—
44. Ethic Consideration on the Responsibility of the Scientific Research Morality of Medical Students Page:—
45. Remark on the Life Effect of Professional Ethics Education in Medicine Page:—
46. Strengthening Medical Ethics & Improving the Relationship between Nurses and Patients Page:—
47. Remark on Death Education from the point of Medical Personnel's Duty Page:—
48. Conflicts of Interests in Judging Medical Futility in Departments of Oncology Page:—
49. Establishing Background & Function & Construction Proposing of Our"Medical Ethics Committee" Page:—
50. Medical Ethics Adjustments of ART & Ethics Committee of Medical Organizations Page:—
51. Discussion on the Educaion of Medical ethics on Medical Laboratory Technicians Page:—
52. Ethic Consideration on Genetic Testing Page:—
53. Ethic Problems in the Clinical Pathology Practice Page:—
54. Ethical Research on the Sex Choice during the Prenatal Diagnosis Page:—
55. Ethnical View of Artificial Multi-embryo Page:—
56. Research on the Application of the Principle of Informed Consent during the on-the-spot Investigation Page:—
57. Psychological Characteristics Analysis on Old People Having Tooth Pulled Out & its Countermeasures Page:—
58. Common Moral Defects in the Cosmetic Medical Dispute Page:—
59. Psychological Responses and Ethical Countermeasures of HIV Infection Page:—
60. It is a Key Content of Medical Ethics Behavior to Show Loving Care for & Communicate Page:—
61. Research on Medical Ethics of Tissue-Engineered Cardiae Valve Page:—
62. Moral Thinking on the Opening of the Science and Technique Resource in Medical Field through Network Page:—
63. Situation of AIDS Information Resource on Internet and the Comparison Page:—
64. Ethics & Morality in Clinical Nursing Page:—
65. Moral Ethical Education of Sex of the Adolescent Page:—
66. Playing Compus Culture's Moral Education Function and Improving Medical Moral Education Page:—
67. Creating enterprise education atmosphere in college campus culture Page:—
68. Research on Clinical Teaching of Medical Ethics Page:—
69. Building Up Health Care System in Rural Areas to Set up a Society in Harmony Page:—
70. Strengthening and Improving the Humane Quality-oriented Education in high Medical School Page:—
71. Exploration into the molding of humanistic spirit in high medical education Page:—
72. Analysis on the Necessity of Legalizing Medical Staff's Professional Morality Page:—
73. Ethical and Legal Research on physician's "going moonlighting" Page:—
74. Enhancing the Communication between Intern and Patient in the Department of Internal Stomatology Page:—
75. Moral request for medical stuff to cure AIDS Page:—
76. Ethical Value of Clinical Pathway Service Model Page:—
77. Ethics Problems in Administration of ICU Page:—
78. Ethics Thoughts on Interventional Therapy of Patients with Serious CHD Page:—
79. Ethical Reflection on the Over-use of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Page:—
80. Ethical Reflection on the Therapy of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain Page:—
81. Counter-Measure of Newly Infectious Disease Page:—
82. Trend of Feudal and Superstitious Activities and Its Effect on the Public Health Page:—
83. Policy and Position of Basic Medical Insurance of Urbanite from Ethical Point of View Page:—
84. Development of Scientific Morals in Bio-Medicine Research Page:—
85. Study on Legal Protection of Subject's Right of Informed Consent in Clinical Trial Page:—
86. Should Euthanasia be Legalized? Page:—
87. Ethical Problems on Collection,Storage and Use of the Important Disease Genetic Resources Page:—
88. Prognostic Awareness,Will to Live and Health Care Expectation in Patients with Terminal Cancer Page:—
89. The Ethics of Virtues in Medical Professional Moral Page:—
90. Economy Type Medicine-Idea Needs Reinforcement in Medical Ethics Education Page:—
91. Significance of the Implement of Nuremberg Code Page:—
92. Ethical Issues on the Information Asymmetry in Medicine Sector and the Counter-Measures Page:—
93. When Medical Ethical Ethics Meet War-Analysis on Military Medical Ethics Page:—
94. How to Deal with Investigators' Financial Conflict of Interest in Clinical Research: Subject,Principles and Strategies Page:—
95. Enhance Study on the Motive Function of "Moral Evaluation" Page:—
96. Sustainable Development of Biomedical Research Ethics Page:—
97. Medical Ethics Consideration of Ventilator Page:—
98. Moral Hazard in Medical Insurance and Its Precaution Page:—
99. Health Study on Community Female——Investigation and Analysis on Depressive State of Married Female at Chang'an District of Xi' an Page:—
100. The Webquest Form——The Experiment of Teaching Reformation of Medical Ethics by the Use of Network Resourse Page:—
101. The Reaserch and Hazards Analysis of Pricking Wound of Blood Sampling Person Page:—
102. On the Cultivation of the Ethics of Blood Donors Page:—
103. On the Differences of Rational Use of Drugs Policy between China and America and Relevant Reflections Page:—
104. On the Emergency Treatment of Facial Surface Trauma and Its Countermeasures Page:—
105. Ethical & Legal Issues and Responsibilites towards Chinese Doctors during the Medical Process of Organ Transplantation Page:—
106. The Origin of Ethical Problems in Medical Genetics and Relevant Strategies Page:—
107. Can Animal Experimentation Be Justified Ethically——A Comparative Study between Animal Experimentation and Human Experimentation Page:—
108. The Vocational Morality Research in surgical Nursing Teaching Page:—
109. The Clinical Practice of Medical Ethics Page:—
110. Economic Analysis of Harmonious Physician-Patient Relationship and Ethics Page:—
111. NGOs: An Active Motive of Constructing a Harmonious Physician-Patient Relationship Page:—
112. Re-analysis of the Cultivation of Medical Ethics for Medical Students Page:—
113. The Idea on Constructing an Routine Mechanism of Ethics Education in Medical Schools Page:—
114. The Enlightenment on Sexual Morality Education in Contemporary University From Zhou Jianren's Thinking on Sexual Morality at the Late "May 4th " Page:—
115. On the Loss of Humanistic Care Spirit Cultivation in Medical Education and Relevant Countermeasures Page:—
116. A Study on the Mechanism of Integrity Educational for Medical Students from the Perspective of Socialist-Cored Values Page:—
117. The Investigate of the Standard of Mental Health in Non-psychology Undergraduates Page:—
118. Discussion of the Effects of Psychological Contract Relationship on Medical Students' College English Study Page:—
119. The School Education on life value After the Earthquake 5.12 Page:—
120. An Ethical Reflection on Population Control Acculturation and Reproduction Control Page:—
121. On Virtues Page:—
122. On Reasons of High Prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa: A view of Sociology and Ethics Page:—
123. Reflection on the nursing security management of patients with intravenous infusion in the emergency room Page:—
124. A Study on the Attitude and its Influencing Factors of Cancer Patients towards Information Disclosure Page:—
125. Patient's body and mind is healthier when doctor's psychology is healthy Page:—
126. My Opinions on the Accreditation and Recognition of Institutional Ethical Review Committee Page:—
127. The Discussion on the Entry Point of Medical Ethics Education from the Medical Students' Cognitive Bias on Medical Ethics Study Page:—
128. Ethical Reflection on Mental Problems of patients Admitted to Intensive Care Unit(ICU) Page:—
129. On the Medical Rational Spirit and Its Related Factors Page:—
130. Medical student humanities qual ityraise and social suitable stresspromot ion Page:—
131. On the Loss of Medical Humanities Concern and Its Reconstruction Page:—
132. The Application of Video Works in Medical Ethics Teaching Page:—
133. Ethical Discussion on Trust between Doctors and Patients on the Basis of Investigation of Doctor-Patient Relationship Page:—
134. Research on Factors and Countermeasure of Doctor-Patient Relationship in View of Hospital and Staff Page:—
135. On the Education of Life Ethics in the Course of "College Chinese" among Medical Colleges Page:—
136. On Dimensions of the Cultivation of Comprehensive Chinese Qualities of Medical Students Page:—
137. On Strengthening Medical Students' Consciousness of Medical Ethics Standards Page:—
138. An Assumption on Setting up the Course of "Logical Thinking Training" for Medical Students Page:—
139. Set up a course of Critical Thinking Improve the ability of clinical thought Page:—
140. A Sociological Analysis of Plagues based on Habermas' Living-World Theories——Taking the Harbin murrain in the First Half Leaf of 20th Century as an Example Page:—
141. Ethics-Related Issues of Newborn Screening and Relevant Countermeasures Page:—
142. An Ethical Reflection on "Mutual Kidney Transplantation" between Different Families Page:—
143. Feminism and Women Bioethics: Exampled by Resolving the Tensions between Beauty and Life Page:—
144. Reflects on the Application of Human Assisted Reproductive Technology and the significance of female caring Page:—
145. A study on the issue of medical morality in modern china society Page:—
146. Comment on "Bioethics is love of life" Page:—
147. Rethinking on the common morality——Comment of "Bioethics is love of life" Page:—
148. Is Bioethics the love of life? Page:—
149. The Humanities Ideas of Medicine and Several Propositions on Humanities Education in Medical Universities Page:—
150. Multidimensional Thoughts on "Life" and "Death" from the Perspective of Life Science Technology Page:—
151. Ethics-Community: the New Basis of Medical Humanism Page:—
152. The Application of Standardized Patients in the Education of Ethics and Physician-Patient Communication Skills for American Resident Doctors.An Observational Study Page:—
153. On the Ethical Principles in Nursing Management Page:—
154. The role news media play in constructing humonious doctor-patient relationship Page:—
155. Protection of Patients' Privacy in the Application of E-Medical Record Page:—
156. To Discuss Laws and Ethic Meaning of Operation Agreement Letter Page:—
157. Several Problems following the Implementation of Medical Security System for Migrant Workers——Investigation of the status quo in Hengyang City in Hunan Province Page:—
158. Strengthen the Revisit Management of Patients to Promote the Development of Hospital Marketing Page:—
159. Foundation and Management of Medical Ethics Evaluation Institution will Benefit Long-term Medical Ethics Mechanism Page:—
160. Developing Trend and Value Prospect of Bioethics Page:—
161. On the Ethical Governance of Stem Cell Research and Clinical Application Page:—
162. A Tentative Study of the Countermeasures and Management of College Students with Mental Illness Page:—
163. On the Ideals and Beliefs Education for Medical Students with Scientific Outlook on Development Page:—
164. On the Legal Intervention and Ethical Principles in University Students Management Page:—
165. Approaches to Improvement of Teaching Staff's Quality under the Circumstance of New Curriculum Reform Page:—
166. Judicial Expertise of Illegal Medical Practice and Related Ethical Problems Page:—
167. On the Right for Acquiring Life-Saving Medication as a Human Right Page:—
168. Effect of the Application of ICQ Technology in Constructing a Harmonious Environment for Nursing Staff and Some Relevant Issues Page:—
169. Ten Skills of Nurse-Patient Communication and Their Application Page:—
170. A Multi-Center Survey on Dual Relationships and Associated Factors among Chinese Counselors and Psychotherapists Page:—
171. Ethical Reflection and Countermeasure of Sanlu Milk Powder Case Page:—
172. Professional Ethics and Scientific Behavioral Norms Page:—
173. Exploration of the Construction of Allogeneic Skin Bank for Preparedness against War Page:—
174. Psychological Investigation of Patients with Oral Carcinoma and Therapeutic Efficacy Analysis of Peri-operative Psychological Intervention Page:—
175. Discussion on Withdrawing Treatment and Passive Euthanasia of Patients with Malignant Tumors Page:—
176. Communicating Skills between Doctors and Children with Nephrotic Syndrome Page:—
177. On Legal Construction of Assisted Reproductive Technology in the Framework of Ethics Page:—
178. Psychological Status and Influencing Factors in Patients with Nephritic Syndrome before and after Percutaneous Renal Biopsy Page:—
179. Research on the Incentive Mechanism of Human Organ Donation Page:—
180. The Application of Humanistic Service Managing Mode in the Management of NICU Page:—
181. Ethical Issues and Countermeasures in the Nursing for Patients' with Severe Degree Burn Page:—
182. Ethical and Legal Predicaments of Medical Interference Right and Relevant System Construction Page:—
183. Ethical Issues in the Teaching of Forensic Medicine Page:—
184. Application of Medical Ethics in Medical Simulation Education Page:—
185. Ethics Review in Medical Scientific Research Page:—
186. Gene Therapy Ethics and Legal Reflection Page:—
187. Teaching Reform Exploration in the Clinical Probationary Practice in Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Page:—
188. On Bian Que's Medical Ethics Thought and its Ethical Values Page:—
189. Humanistic Spirit is the Foundation of Medical Ethics Education Page:—
190. On the Medical Ethical Significance of Charity Philosophy Page:—
191. On the Conception of Top-Quality Course Construction of Medical Ethics Page:—
192. Exploration in the Teaching Reform of Medical Ethics in the Department of Health Supervision Page:—
193. Reflection on the Teaching Course of Medical Ethics Page:—
194. Reflection on the Intervention of a Nursing Student with Hepatitis B Carrier and Situational Mental Disorder Page:—
195. Exploration of the Mode and Approach of Professional Personality Cultivation of Medical Students in Vocational and Technical Colleges Page:—
196. The exploration and practice of professional ethic education of international medical students in China Page:—
197. Sanctity vs.Quality:Get out of Bioethical Dilemma Page:—
198. Misunderstandings in Hospital Performance Appraisal and Countermeasures:From an Ethical Perspective Page:—
199. Physician-Patient Communication:The Essential Quality of Medical Students Page:—
200. Interpretation of Japanese Ethical Culture of Organ Transplant through the Literature of Weiss Kreuz(Baiyan) Page:—
201. Inspiration from Confucian View on Justice and Profit——On the Urgent Need to Recognize Ethical Regulations in Drug Field Page:—
202. Analysis on the Linguistic Ethical Characteristics of Medical Solace Words Page:—
203. A Qualitative Study on Relevant Ethical Issues in Safeguarding the Right of Informed Consent among Patients with Cancer Page:—
204. Thoughts on Constructing a Chinese Supervision System of Ethics Review on Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects Page:—
205. Ethical Reflection on the Influence of Healthcare Human Resources Distribution on Medical Service Fairness Page:—
206. On the Cultivation of Medical Humanistic Spirit Page:—
207. Hospitals should Enhance Conceptual Cultivation of Humanistic Care for Doctors Page:—
208. Discussion on the Relationship between Doctors' Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Medical Professionalism Page:—
209. Ethical Reflection on Physician-Patient Communication Page:—
210. Causes and Countermeasures of Violent Trespass against Medical Right Page:—
211. A Legal Reflection on Validation Signature System on Resident Admit Note Page:—
212. Ethical Reflection on Missed Diagnosis and Diagnostic Errors in Health Examination Page:—
213. The Evaluation and Revelation of AIDS/HIV Health Education——An Effect Evaluation of Optimistic Bias of Female AIDS/HIV Carriers before and after the Health Education in Penitentiary and Relevant Ethical Countermeasure Page:—
214. Feasibility Study on the Involvement of Medical Social Workers into Physician-Patient Relationship Page:—
215. The Significance of System Building in Solving Physician-Patient Information Dissymmetry Page:—
216. Ethics Thought of AIDS Epidemic Tendency and It's Harmfulness Page:—
217. Necessity of strengthening Medical Morality for Health Adiministratice Cadre Page:—
218. The Simple Discussion About Midical Moral Concept Levels of Midical Students and its Training Method Page:—
219. The Development and Ethical Problems of Gene Therapy Page:—
220. Application of Multiple-Media and Internet Technology in Teaching of Medicine Ethics Page:—
221. Extraction or Non-extraction:Another Ethical Dilemma Page:—
222. Several Ideas On Psychological Health Education of Medical Students Page:—
223. Reproductive Health of Countrywomen in Shaanxi: Social Medicine Views Page:—
224. Ethical Study on Commercial Bribery in Pharmaceutical field Page:—
225. Ethics and Morality Principal of Clinical Nurse Page:—
226. To discuss that language art's utilize in building harmonious relation of nurse and patient Page:—
227. From the attributes of hospital and medical ethics to analysis the countermeasures for the doctor-patient dispute Page:—
228. Discussing Conflict and Solution between the Right of Emergency Treatment and Informed Consent Page:—
229. Ethical Considerations centered upon Network Management of Health Record Page:—