WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 1995> 0> 04

Volume: 0 Issue: 04

1. Market Economy and Army Medical Moral Construction Engineering Page:—
2. Ethics perspective of medicine managemem behavior in hospital Page:—
3. Medical Personnel be Restricted to their Occupational Morals throngh Establishing "the Patients' Rights Page:—
4. On The Action and Position of Human Social Science in High-Medical Education Page:—
5. Enhance Medical Moral Education by Expanding Science Spirit Page:—
6. Patients Bring a law Against Hospital For Their Secrets Been Invaided Page:—
7. Influence of Anxiety and Depression in Digestive system Cancer Patients' Prognosis Page:—
8. Probe the Methology in Medical Ethics Research Page:—
9. The difficulty problems in medical ethics Page:—
10. Thinking of change of medical model and education of humanity of medical students Page:—
11. The Current Situation of Offering Humanities Courses In Secondary Medical Schools in Sichuan Province and The Countermeasures Page:—
12. Some Thoughts On "Cybermedicine"From Ethical Perspective Page:—
13. Ethical Discussion about Senile Patients of Loss Tooth in the Diagnosis and Treatment Page:—
14. Medical Career of Dr.Sun Yat-senn(Sun Zhongshan) and His Moral Character in Medical Ethics Page:—
15. Approvation after knowing the facts and collecting evidence Page:—
16. Comparison between expert testimony and medical testimony in medical service contract disputes Page:—
17. Rethinking of social and ethical problems on cloned human Page:—
18. Effect of psychological intervention on the anxious reaction of perioperative patients with esophageal and cardiac carcinoma Page:—
19. New Thinking on Psychological state of Senile Patients in Dental Prosthesis Page:—
20. Ethical Principle in Regulations of Coping with Public Health Affairs Outbreak Page:—
21. Revealing Equality of Healthcare Through Analyzing the Relationship between Severity of Patients and Their Hospitalization expenses Page:—
22. Surrery about modern medical model of medical staff at the grass-roots hospitals in shanghai Page:—
23. Taget of service-centerd principle of management moral in hospitals Page:—
24. Perfect stardard and put honest and credit service into pratice Page:—
25. Situation and thought on constructing confidence ethics in hospitals Page:—
26. Ethics on medical charges Page:—
27. Routes and Inspiration of the Ethical Thought of Traditional Chines & Western Medicine Page:—
28. Ethical lssues of Prenatal Diagnosis and lntervention of Fetal Anomalies Page:—
29. Study on the Ethical Problems about Procreating Right of Single Women Page:—
30. Study on Medical Reform in Education of Ethics of Adult Education Page:—
31. Exploration of the Relationship between Informed Consent Right and Doctor’s Responsibility Page:—
32. Study On“Information Disclosure”in the Doctrine of Informed Consent Page:—
33. Practice and study of Constructing Honest-trust Hospital Culture Page:—
34. A Study on Ethical Principles of Medical Language Page:—
35. The Status of Ethics in Social Medical Science Page:—
36. Discussion on the Function of Scientific Development View in the Prevention and Cure of AIDS Page:—
37. Thought on the Complaints of Medical Consumer Page:—
38. From“Treating Illness”to“Treating Patients’Illness” Page:—
39. Study on the Ethical Problems of Doctor-patient Relationship of Cosmetic Tooth Medical Science Page:—
40. Several Ethical Problems on the Close Management of the Ward of Psychiatric Department Page:—
41. Establish the Quality Guarantee System,Make the Hospital More Competitive Page:—
42. Multi-cultural Nursing and its Ethical Value under Multi-culture Page:—
43. Medical Ethics Education In Campus Culture Activity Page:—
44. Comply with the Regulation of the Medical Virtue,Explore the Corresponding Educating Methods Page:—
45. Systemized Ethics-the Choice of Modern Ethics Page:—
46. Ethics Discussion in the Education,Research and Therapy of Oral Mucosal Diseases Page:—
47. Ethical Reflection on the Over-treatment on Hypertension Page:—
48. Health Education on the Prevention of AIDS Page:—
49. Ethical Counter-Measures to the Medical Conflicts in First-Aid Page:—
50. Amputation or Salvage-the Medical and Ethical Reflection on the Children with Lower Limbs Severe Injury Page:—
51. The Ethical Problems in Neurotherapeutics Research Page:—
52. The Role of Humanistic Administrative Idea in Clinical Laboratory Management Page:—
53. Reflection on Medical Behavior of Intern's Practice on Outpatient in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Page:—
54. Ethical Controversy on Abandoning Treatment and Euthanasia Page:—
55. Analysis on the Present Situation and the Restricting Factors of Relique Donation in China Page:—
56. Ethical Issues and Progress in Clinical Study of Dendritic Cell Tumor Vaccine Page:—
57. New Exploration on the Idea that Medicine is Humanity Page:—
58. Comparison of the Medical Scientific Thoughts and the Medical Moral Thoughts Page:—
59. The Study on the Evading of Moral Hazards of the Urban Workers' Basic Medical Insurance Page:—
60. Sunsimiao's Medical Morality and Chinese Humane Spirit Page:—
61. Foster Divergent Thinking in the Medical Humanistic Education Page:—
62. Problem in the Medical Humanistic Curriculum and the Counter-Measures Page:—
63. Psychological Effect and Implement of Medical Humanism Spirit Page:—
64. Reflection on the Duty and Function of the Humanistic Social Science Magazine Page:—
65. Ethic Decisions on Public Health Page:—
66. A study on the microcosmic control model for medical moral construction Page:—
67. The Logics Analysis on the Present Doctor-Patient Relationship System Page:—
68. The Clinical Implement of the Communication between Nurses and Patients Page:—
69. Justice in the Legislation Innovation of the Doctor-Patient Relationship Page:—
70. Sensitivity Training-a Measure to Improve the Doctor-Patient Relationship Page:—
71. The Feasible Approaches of Improving the Relationship between Doctors and Patients in the point of View of Patients Page:—
72. Research on the Redressing the undergraduates' IAD Page:—
73. An Interpretation of the Modern version of Hippocratic Oath Page:—
74. The Showbiz Art——Medical Science Living Character to Expand of New Carry A Body Page:—
75. Manifestation of the Ethical and Moral Principles in Humanistic Caring for the Perioperative Patients Page:—
76. Several Points in Ethic Review in Drug Clinical Trials Page:—
77. Discussion on Medical Disputes in Registration Department Page:—
78. Reestablish the mutual trust between doctors and patients to make a harmonious hospital Page:—
79. Discussion about Health Management and the Ethics in Health Examination Page:—
80. Genetic justice and the health care rights of rare disease Page:—
81. On Mutual Love between Doctors and Patients Page:—
82. Promote the Hospital Culture Construction by Hospital Celebration Activities Page:—
83. Hospitals Should Strengthen Professional Ethical Construction under the New Situation Page:—
84. The role of medical ethics archives in the medical ethics construction Page:—
85. The Preliminary Study of Our Country's Medical Treatment Signs System——With the surgical operation sign system for angle of view Page:—
86. The Patients Role in the Relationship Between Doctors and Patients Page:—
87. Reflection on the Relationships Between Doctors and Patients Page:—
88. Analysis and countermeasure to Current situation of Medical ethics construction Page:—
89. The causes and the counter measures of medical disputes Page:—
90. Several Issues on the Practical Application of Ultimate Moral Norms Page:—
91. The Construction of Career Education Mode of Traditional Chinese Medicine Institutions Page:—
92. An Exploration in the College Life Care Education Page:—
94. Analysis of the Psychological Obstacles of Medical Students in Job Hunting and Relevant Adjustment Countermeasures Page:—
95. The apocalypse From Jung's prototype theories to research the children's personality androgyny Page:—
96. Research on social part transformation of postoperative patient of laryngeal carcinoma Page:—
97. Etiological Analysis and Mental Interference of Adult Dental Anxiety Page:—
98. Mental Health Methods of Confucian Doctrine,Taoism,Buddhism School and Legalist School Page:—
99. The return and reconstruction of medical humanistic spirit Page:—
100. Thoughts of Some Ethical Problems in Elderly Diabetes Mellitus Page:—
101. On the Ethical and Moral Construction in Minorities Area Medical Colleges in the New Era Page:—
102. The ethics ponder over the medical and health caring service in the Cadres Sanatoriums Page:—
103. Ethical Discussion on Gastrostomy Artificial Feeding and End-of-Life Care Page:—
104. Medical ethics review on the live organ donation Page:—
105. Progress on the prevention of transmission of AIDS in hospital and evaluation on ethics problems Page:—
106. Alternative Progresses of Heredity Medicine and Its challenges to the Limits of Ethics and the Nature Page:—
107. Informed Consent in Assisted Reproductive Technology Services Page:—
108. Creativity,Integrity and Health: A Definition of Bioethics Page:—
109. On the Moral and Ethical Responsibilities of Scientific Researchers from the Advancement of Neuroethics Page:—
110. Experience in Pre-Hospital Care of Patients of Questionable Sources Page:—
111. Medical substances buyers should be cautious when being alone Page:—
112. Construct a Credibility system and Promote a Harmonious Hospital Development Page:—
113. Perfect Modern Life Care System and Promote a Harmonious Physician-Patient Relationship Page:—
114. Referencing emotion-focused therapy to enhance doctors' occupational capacity Page:—
115. Research on the Ethical Basis of Healthcare Reform in China Page:—
116. Taiwan's medical system and the privacy right in the patient physician relationship Page:—
117. Discussion on Self-Education during Medical Ethics Education for Medical Students Page:—
118. Zen of Vegetable Roots (Caigentan) and Moral &Ethical Management of Higher Medical Institutions Page:—
119. Rational Reflection on the Construction of Medical Jurisprudence Culture in Medical Universities Page:—
120. Reflection on Health Education aimed at Parents of Obese Children Page:—
121. Study on the Relationship of Medical Ethics and Medical Humanities Education Page:—
122. A Research on Consumption Psychology of Mobile Phone Text among University Students Page:—
123. Exploration of the Significance of Olympic Volunteer Spirit on CPC Construction in Higher Educational Institutions——Let College Students Find and Realize their Own Value through Activity Participation Page:—
124. Ethical Contemplation on Gene Doping in Competitive Sports Page:—
125. Integrity Education for Medical Students and Group Fairness Strategy Page:—
126. Construction of Teacher's Professional Morality in Medical Colleges in the Perspective of a Harmonious Society Page:—
127. Innovate the Theory of University Morality Education and Strengthen Network Ethics Regulation Page:—
128. Investigation Analysis on the Status Quo of Sex Morality among 681 Medical College Students Page:—
129. On Health Management of College Students from the Perspective of Care Ethics Page:—
130. An Exploration of Life Education through Campus Violence Page:—
131. On Maintaining Teachers' Mental Health from the Perspective of Emotional Labor Page:—
132. An Ethical Reflection on Psychological Health Management of College Students Page:—
133. Reflection on the Legislative Environment of Human Cloning Technology in China Page:—
134. Functional Complement between Morality and Law and the Choice of a Breakthrough Point——Rational Reflection Triggered by the Event of Sanlu Milk Powder Page:—
135. On Post-Earthquake Psychological Crisis Intervention Page:—
136. On the Philosophical Meaning of Death through the Absence of Reflection on Death Page:—
137. Psychological Characteristic and Crisis Intervention in Patients Preliminarily Diagnosed with Cancer Page:—
138. Intervention of Medical Social Work into the Therapeutic Rehabilitation of Tumor Page:—
139. Practice and Discussion on the Program of Integrative Group Guidance for Asthma Patients Page:—
140. Research on Hospice-Care Development Strategy under the Background of Population-Aging in China Page:—
141. Strengthen the Ethical Research on Nursing Management at Grass-Roots Healthcare Centers Page:—
142. Ethical Analysis of the Technology of Gene Screening Page:—
143. On Ethics Construction of Occupational Health Page:—
144. On Technological Problems and Related Ethical Issues of Xenotransplantation Page:—
145. Work and Confusion of Organ Transplant Ethics Committee through the First Case of Living Kidney Transplantation between Uighur and Han Peoples in China Page:—
146. An Analysis of Personality Build of Medical Staff from the Personality Traits of Medical Students Page:—
147. The Interpretation of Medical Language in a Cultural Vision Page:—
148. Interpret the Curriculum of Interpretation of Life and Death Page:—
149. On the Professional Morality Accomplishment of Medical Staff Page:—
150. Medical Ethics Education for Clinical Interns in Minorities Area Page:—
151. On the Requirements of Modern Medicine for Logic Quality of Talents Page:—
152. Spiritual Motivation:The New Visual Angle of Medical Ethics Education Page:—
153. Discussion on the Role of Medical Ethics in Large-Scale Hospitals Page:—
154. On Strengthening Medical Ethics Education for Working Staff in Community Healthcare Service Page:—
155. Exploration in the Practice of Medical Ethics Education in Occupational Career Planning Page:—
156. Analysis of the Causes and Countermeasures of Insufficient Learning Motivation among Students in Science and Engineering in Medical Colleges Page:—
157. Confucian Wisdom and the Construction of a Modern Harmonious Page:—
158. Review of My Own Experience in Medical Ethics from 1976 to 1992 Page:—
159. Notes in Establishing Regulations in National Medical Ethics Committee Page:—
160. Humanistic Consciousness of Existential Theory is the Premise to Enhancing Public Ethics Page:—
161. An Empirical Approach to Clinical Bioethics Page:—
162. An Ethical Reflection on Medical Information Services under the Network Environment Page:—
163. Application and Analysis of PBL and CTM Integration Method in the Curriculum of Nursing Ethics Laws and Regulations Page:—
164. On the Two Issues in the Teaching Process of Nursing Ethics Page:—
165. Nursing Aesthetics in "Nursing Ethics" Teaching Page:—
166. The Effect of Modern Science and Technologies on Human Reproductive Behavior Page:—
167. Absence of Humanities in the Closed Management of Psychiatric Ward and Countermeasures Page:—
168. Practice and Experience of Medical Ethics and Ethos Construction Page:—
169. The Impact of the New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme on Rural Medical Institutions Page:—
170. Research on Main Body Rationality of Medical Consent Right Page:—
171. Performance Management and Salary Incentive based on Humane Concern in Hospitals Page:—
172. Jurisprudential Reflections on Physician-Patient Relationship in the New Era Page:—
173. How to Contain Hospital's Indifference towards Patients in Mortal Danger Page:—
174. Investigation Analysis on the Consciousness of Rights Protection and Status Quo of Rights and Interests among Medical Staff in Northwest Hubei Province Page:—
175. Media Factors Affecting Current Physician-Patient Relationship and Countermeasure Research Page:—
176. Strengthen Communication between Clinical Laboratory and Clinical Departments to Promote Medical Testing Quality Page:—
177. Doctor's Attitude and Medical Ethics for Those Patient with STD Page:—
178. The ethics Basis for Realization of Medical Purpose Page:—
179. New doctor-patient relationship must be formed as soon as possible Page:—
180. Ethical thinking about the regulation how to deal with unskillful and faulty medical treatment Page:—
181. Humanism Care For Uremia Patients Page:—
182. On Strengthening Education of Medical Students' Behavior Criterions Consciousness Page:—
183. Rethinking of medico professional ethics education under harmonious social angle of view Page:—
184. Medical Practitioners' Professional Burnout On Doctor-patient RelationshipAnd the Solutions Page:—
185. Investigation and Analysis of Violation of Doctors' Right in fiv city and Asan Tieling of LiaoXi Province Page:—
186. On the Healthcare Culture in the Digital World Page:—