WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 1995> 0> 03

Volume: 0 Issue: 03

1. Nurses' Cultural Ethical Accomplishment and Nursing quality Page:—
2. Qualities and Training of Nurses showing Love on One's Deathbed Page:—
3. Research and Analysis of Question Papers on Classified Health Staff's Opinion of Euthanasia Page:—
4. Relationship between Humanity and Nature and its Ethical Principle Page:—
5. To accumalete the Minimum Effect on Medical Moral Construction Engineering Page:—
6. The States and Effect of Medical Moral Construction on Hospital Classified Administration Page:—
7. Hospital Administrative Morals and Medical Quality Page:—
8. Effects of health education on breast-feeding Page:—
9. Hospital Culture and Medical Ethics Page:—
10. Ethical Thinking on Doctor's selling Activities in Consulting Room Page:—
11. Analysis of Medical Ethics Teaching Questionnaire Investigation Page:—
12. Ethical Anglysis for Tissue Engineering Page:—
13. Ethical Probing For Genome Revolution Page:—
14. On the moral choice in the contemporary biomedicine Page:—
15. Intervention and countermeasures to SARS crisis Page:—
16. Some Idea About Construction of Study Style in the University Page:—
17. Discussion about case teaching in the medical ethics Page:—
18. A Clinical studying on the different death ethic caused by acute severe disease and malignant consumptive disease Page:—
19. Relativity of the patients' right frou the prevention and cure of SARS Page:—
20. The Legal Thought of Public Health Affairs Outbreak Page:—
21. Discussion about the spirit of resisting SARS Page:—
22. Rethinking of resistant spirit to SARS Page:—
23. Forensic Autopsy and Ethics Page:—
24. Ethical Problems of Involuntary Hospitalization of Psychiatric Patients Page:—
25. Research on Implementing ISO9000 Series Standard and Improving the Nursing Quality Page:—
26. Introduction Course of Mao zedong Thought and Quality Education of Medical Student Page:—
27. The Coincidence and Influence on Doctor-Patient Relationship by Teacher-Student Relationship ——discussion on the cultivation of the medical students’equality consciousness and communicating ability in doctor-patient relationship simultaneously Page:—
28. Survey and Analysis of the Factors Affecting Civil Will Towards donating Cadaver in Guangzhou Page:—
29. The Function of Combinating Morality and Law in Dealing with the Relationship between Doctors and Patients Page:—
30. Discussion on Laws about Iatrogenic Injury Page:—
31. Epidemiology Survey Should Pay More Attention to Ethics Page:—
32. Discussion on the Law and Ethics about Internet Addiction of Medical Students Page:—
33. The Progress on the Research of College Students'Internet Addiction Page:—
34. The Present Situation and Expectation of Internet Addiction Page:—
35. Strengthening Communication and Dissolving the Cognitive Conflict between Doctors and Patients Page:—
36. Discussion on the Informed Consent Right with respect to More Collection of Blood in Scientific Research Page:—
37. Problems and Strategies on Improving Professional Morality of Medical Trade in Current Situation Page:—
38. Remark on the Honesty-Trust Service in the Medical Organization Page:—
39. Appropriate Medical Care and Social Contentment Page:—
40. Meditation on the Foundation Micro-Regulating Model of Medical Morality Page:—
41. Double-subjective Quality and Sociological Connotation of Doctor-patient Relationship Page:—
42. Practice of humanistic principle of education on reader of college library Page:—
43. Consideration on Health Education in Clinical Nursing Page:—
44. Current Problem and the Countermeasure of Dural Health Care Page:—
45. To Explor the Legal Duty and Ethic of Hospital and Doctor in Premarital Check-up Page:—
46. On the ethical significances of health services to the peasant workers Page:—
47. To Accelerate the Establishment and Perfection of Rural Medical Security Mechanism Page:—
48. The Analyze of Systemized Ethics Implication Page:—
49. Reforming Educational Model of Medical Ethics and Improving Medical Students' Integrative Quality Page:—
50. The Effect of Implicit Learning on Medical Moral Education Page:—
51. Consideration on Going Out of"Clinical Education"Hardship Page:—
52. To strengthen And Infiltrate New Medical Ethics in The Teaching of Clinical Courses Page:—
53. Studying medical knowledge for the non-iatrical teachers from iatrical college Page:—
54. The consideration on how to spread out hospital culture Page:—
55. Medicine and Human Care Page:—
56. Relationship of Mammonism Phenom and Medical Morality Dead-line with Duties of Medical Risk Page:—
57. Ethical Discussion on Limited Price Charge for Single Disease Page:—
58. Cultural costruction in a new ear-practice and reflections Page:—
59. The Doctor's Double Agent Identity in Medical Insurance and the Questions It Brings Page:—
60. Ethical Meaning and Problems of Urban Medical Insurance Reform Page:—
61. Discussion on Sun Simiao's Healthy Ethics Thought Page:—
62. Analysis on Justice in Health and Health Care Page:—
63. Ethical Discussion On the Operation Agreement Page:—
64. Ethical Analysis on the Doctor-patient Relationship during Gynaecology Clinic Operation Page:—
65. Ethical Discussion on the Conservation Surgical Treatment of Laryngeal Cancer Page:—
66. Discussion on the Ethical Problems of Casualty Triage Page:—
67. Analysis on Mental Health State of SARS of Medical Workers' Children Page:—
68. The Evaluation of Efficacy of STI/HIV Preventive Intervention on Prostitntes and Ethical Issues Page:—
69. The Ethical Problems of Combined Surgical with Orthodontic Treatment Page:—
70. The Ethical Problems during the Diagnosis and Treatment of Children with Leukemia Page:—
71. The Study on Locally Developments of Hospice Page:—
72. The Development of Xeno-transplantation and Medical Ethical Reflection Page:—
73. Discussion on life education for undergraduate Page:—
74. Current State of Life Ethics and Relevant Public Policy Page:—
75. Informed Consent: the Construction of Composing Elements and the Optimum of the Procedure Page:—
76. Analysis and Countermeasures on the Bride in the Medical Field Page:—
77. Analyse the Medical Dispute,Improve Five Kinds of Consciousness Page:—
78. Study of the Harmonious Relationship between Nurse and Patient Page:—
79. The Safety System of the Clinic Blood Transfusion Page:—
80. Comparative Analysis of the Evaluation toward Medical Ethics and Common Practice by the Ordinary City Residents, the Patients and the Medical Staff Page:—
81. Law Analysis on Doctor's Professional Resporsibility Page:—
82. To Rule Medicine According Law As Good Way And According Morality As A Root Page:—
83. Medical Ethics Analysis on Different Treatment Plans of Residual Crown And Root Page:—
84. Analysis of Policies on Human Embryonic Stem Cells in foreign countries Page:—
85. Reflection on Triage of Casualties Aroused by Wenchuan Earthquake Page:—
86. Life philosophy of the Confucianism Page:—
87. The Role of the University Counsellors in Mental Health Education Page:—
88. On the Ethical Dilemmas of Life Science and Technology and Its Ecological Transcendence Page:—
89. Pain:An Important Topic in Bioethics Page:—
90. Life is more important than anything:the locale enlightenment of Bioethics Page:—
91. An Equality Analysis of Medical Insurance Payment System Page:—
92. A Brief Analysis of the Education of Life Ethics View for University Students in the 21st Century Page:—
93. Construct an Innovation-Oriented Campus Culture and Strengthen the Career Starting Concept among College Students Page:—
94. To set an example of filial respecting the olds and loving relatives,advertising Chinese traditional high virtues Page:—
95. Moral power——the highlights of Wenchuan earthquake relief Page:—
96. On Zhuangzi's Life Philosophy Page:—
97. On the Integration of Foreign Language Teaching and Humanities Education in Medical Universities Page:—
99. Discussion about Nurses and Enthusiasm Page:—
100. Strengthen the training of nurses ability to communicate and build a harmonious relationship between nurses and patients Page:—
101. Doctor Psychological Question Origin And Intervention Measure Page:—
102. An Ethical Reflection on Fashion Page:—
103. People-oriented:the Fundamental Value of Chinese Medical Ethics Page:—
104. The Culture Trait and its Modern Sense of "Medical services in family set" in Traditional China——Comparison of Social Structure between Chinese and Western Page:—
105. Core Values of the Code of Ethics in Practice Dentistry Page:—
106. Ethical Issues in Clinical Application and Research of Adenovirus Vector Tumor Vaccine Page:—
107. Doctor-patient Disputes on the Concepts of Social Work Values Page:—
108. An Ethical and Legal Reflection on Patients' Right of Self Decision Making Page:—
109. How to Understand the Fabricated Man in the Vision of Ethics Page:—
110. Responsibility of Ethics committee in living related kidney transplantation:our experience Page:—
111. About Bioethics on Democracy and Liberalization Page:—
112. Realistic Value of Discussing on Core Value of Medical Students Page:—
113. The Cultivation of Communication Skill of Anesthesiology Medical Students Page:—
114. Ancient Chinese Model of Doctor-patient Relationship Page:—
115. Ethical reflections on Fu biao's twice liver-transplantations:the distributive justice of scarce health-care resouces Page:—
116. The Distinction of the Sense of Justice between Western & Chinese Societies and Its Effect on Regulatory Ethics Page:—
117. Bioethics is the Ethics of Love Page:—
118. Review Albert Schweitzer after the Wenchuan earthquake Page:—
119. A Proposition on Adding Social Psychological Skills to the Training and Assessment of General Practitioners Page:—
120. Strengthen the Humanities Education for Hospital Political Affairs Staff to Enhance Their Qualification——An Investigation of Humanities Qualification of Hospital Political Affairs Staff in Yancheng Manicipal Hospitals Page:—
121. Hospital Brand Marketing Strategy Based on Ethical and Moral Integrity Page:—
122. A Discussion of the Patient's Subjectivity in Diagnosing and Curing Activities Page:—
123. The Establishment,Continuance,and Termination of Physician-Patient Relationship Page:—
124. The communication is puts up the medicine and between patient's bridge Page:—
125. moral responsibility of health Page:—
126. On Protecting Medical Students' Right for Education in Clinical Practice Page:—
127. Influence of Clinical Tutors' Personality on Medical Ethics Formation of Medical Interns Page:—
128. A Bioethical Viewpoint of Subjects Right Protection Page:—
129. Case Investigation into the Humanistic Education in English Language Lecture Teaching for Medical Students Page:—
130. Reflections on the Ethical Virtue of Traditional Chinese Medical Ethics——On Strengthening Education of Traditional Chinese Medical Ethics Page:—
131. Supervise the Construction of Medical Ethics and Ethos with Scientific Outlook on Development Page:—
132. Success through Practice——In Memory of the 30th Anniversary of Medical Ethics Research in China Page:—
133. Analysis on the Causes of Unauthorized Dismiss of Hospitalized Gravidas and Countermeasures Page:—
134. Analysis on the Impact of Health Investment on Economic Development Page:—
135. To Extend the Function of Role Models of Advanced Individuals among College Students——Enlightenment of the Book "55 Proposals for a Successful College Life"on the Moral and Political Instruction for College Students Page:—
136. Philosophy,Objectives and Methods on Ideological and Moral Construction for Medical Students Page:—
137. Effect and Action Mechanism of Group Tutoring in Adaptation Education for College Freshmen Page:—
138. New Drug Prohibiting Law and Its Implications for Harm Reduction Policy in China Page:—
139. Historical Development of Ethical Research in Psycho-Counseling and Psycho-therapy in Developed Countries Page:—
140. The Implications of Psychophilosophy for Marital Ethic Page:—
141. A Social Ethical Argument on Agential Maternity Page:—
142. On the Perfection of Service System in Mental Health——An Analysis based on the Status Quo of Long-Period Hospitalized Psychiatric Patients Page:—
143. Establishment and Example of Informed Consent Form for Kidney Transplantation Page:—
144. Survey of Knowledge Level on AIDS among Medical Staff in Xianyang City Page:—
145. Ethical Issues and Countermeasures in the Clinical Psychiatric Nursing Page:—
146. Analysis of Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing Care Page:—
147. Investigation and Analysis of the Blood Lipid Status of Teaching Staff over 40 Years Old in Some Certain University Page:—
148. Investigation on Social Support and Personality Characteristic of Patients with Clinically Chronic Pains Page:—
149. Problems in the Implementation of Humanistic Nursing in Cadre Healthcare Ward and Relevant Countermeasures Page:—
150. Historical Effect of Ethical Principle of Filial Piety in Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:—
151. On Effective Approaches of Medical Liability Insurance to Relieving Physician-Patient Conflicts Page:—
152. Social Medicalization and the Emotional Basis of Life Education for Medical Students Page:—
153. The Profound Significance of Pre-Qin Confucian Bioethics and its Revelation for Modern Bioethics Page:—
154. An Exploration of the Characteristic System of Life Education in Medical Institutions Page:—
155. Compilation and publication of Conspectus of Medical Ethics——the first unified textbook Page:—
156. Research on Issues and Countermeasure of Medical Technology Assessment in China Page:—
157. On the Ethical Assessment Basis of the Clinical Admittance of Limitative Medical Technologies──A Moral Criticism on the Rationality of Medical Technology Page:—
158. Analysis of Ethical Absence of Clinical Admission Assessment on the Limitative Medical Technologies Page:—
159. Establishment of Ethical Assessment System in the Admittance of the Limitative Medical Technologies Page:—
160. On the Humanistic Promotion Effect of Mathematics Teaching in Higher Medical Institutions Page:—
161. On New Medical Achievement and Medical Ethical Issues Page:—
162. A brief analysis of problems existing in the composition of informed consent form in scientific research Page:—
163. To Work in Grassroots Posts:A new Choice of Employment for Medical Graduates Page:—
164. A Time-Value-Based Explanation and Construction of Harmonious Medical Ethics Education Page:—
165. Emphasize the Ethical Issues in Emergency Medicine Page:—
166. On the Ethical Issues of Public Health in Responding to Pandemic Influenza Page:—
167. Ethical Analysis on Skin-Care-Products Consultant Page:—
168. A Simple Exploration of the Medical Ethics Thoughts in Pre-Qin,Qin and Han Dynasties Page:—
169. Ethical Research on the Requests of Transsexuals for Assisted Reproductive Technology(ART) Page:—
170. The Status Quo and Reform of Humanities Education for Vocational Nursing Students Page:—
171. On the Essential Factors in the Formation of Medical Ethics Sense Page:—
172. Analysis of right protection of the subject in the ethical review process of clinical tests of new drugs Page:—
173. Ethical Issues in Clinical Practice of Thoracic Tumors Page:—
174. The Significances of Improving Case Teaching of Medical Ethics for Majors in Medical Imaging Technology Page:—
175. Follow the Principles of Medical Ethics and Promote Physician-Patient Communication to Satisfy Patients' Needs for Medical Service Page:—
176. On Physician-Patient Communication under the Perspective of Communicative Theory Page:—
177. The Third-Party Mediation Is an Innovative Solution to Medical Disputes——Take Jining Medical Rights Safeguard Association as an Example Page:—
178. On Moral Construction in the Management of the Limitative Medical Technologies Page:—
179. On Doctors' Responsibilities Page:—
180. On the Manifestation,Formation and Revelation of Medical Ethics of QIU Fa-zu Page:—
181. A Simple Exploration of the Approaches to Achieving Public Health Page:—
182. Improve Cultural Construction to Enhance Hospital's Core Competitiveness Page:—
183. Reflection on the Implementation of Medical Ethics Evaluation Page:—
184. Establishment of medical morality and behavior appraisal system and research on its application Page:—
185. Reconsideration of rebuilding moral relationship between doctor and patient Page:—
186. On the Appraisal System of Medical Ethics Construction Page:—
187. Physician-Patient Relationship from the Viewpoints of Medical Staff and Patients Page:—
188. Relieve Physician-Patient Conflicts and Construct a Harmonious Physician-Patient Relationship——Take the Case in Guangzhou City as an Example Page:—
189. Ethics of Health on Contemporary Architecture and Environment of Hospital Page:—
190. Ethical Researches into AIDS Page:—
191. Medical Ethical Problems brought by New Technological Revolution Page:—
192. Featwes of educating Medical Students for the Effective Medical Ethics Page:—
193. The Important Effect of Philosophical Ethical Nucleus Oon Modem Hospital Administration Page:—
194. A Research into Medical Consumers' rights and Quties——A summary of research into rights and duties ofdomestic, alien patients Page:—
195. Patients' right Deferderce and Hospital Moral Duties Page:—
196. Medical Moral Conflicts between Medical Health Reform and the Guide of Value Page:—
197. Behavior Standard of Hospital Administrators Page:—
198. Moral problems of hymen repairment Page:—
199. An elementary introduction to the ways and trains of thoughts of enhancing humanism education in pediatric clinical teaching Page:—
200. Research and bioethical considerations about human embryonic stem cell Page:—
201. Ethical View in Human Stem cell Research Page:—
202. The Ethic Thinking of the Unsuitability and suitability in the Gene Treatment Page:—
203. Discuss on the Right of Enthanasia Page:—
204. The discussion for marriage morality education about the college students in view of ethics Page:—
205. Basic features of Internet Addiction and its revelation to us Page:—
206. Discuss Effective Supervision of Rational Use Of Medicine Page:—
207. With Chinese medicine psychology after the disaster the psychology intervenes Page:—
208. Protects from the quality lives the campus civilized present situation to discuss the civilized behavior depends on the autonomy Page:—
209. The practice and exploration of establishing a social practice basement for medical students in the national AIDS prevention and treatment comprehensive demonstration zones Page:—
210. Correct values of the Hospital Page:—