WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 1995> 0> 02

Volume: 0 Issue: 02

1. A Discussion on Anaesthetist's moral training Page:—
2. Medical Moral Consciousness and Medical behavior under Market economy Page:—
3. To Understand "Showing Love Care on One's Deathbed" and "Euthanasia" in View of "Health for All" in 2000 Page:—
4. Humanitarianism: Choice of Medicine and Medical Ethics Page:—
5. Medical Moral Culture in 21th Century :Love. Justice and Responsibility Page:—
6. A Study an Homon Ethical Engineering Page:—
7. To Carry out System Checking on Medical Morals and Strengthen Medical Moral Construction Engineering Page:—
8. To Deal with Correctly the Relationship between "the Big and Small Envirionment" in Medical Moral Construction Engineering Page:—
9. Education ,Activity,Administration and Research Page:—
10. Analysis of case of Euthnasia Page:—
11. A Discuss on trend of Hospice care's in Market Economics in China Page:—
12. Act on Chinese traditional morals in Chinese traditional medical Page:—
13. Investigate and analyse to recognize about Medical purpose of 520 residents in Baoding city Page:—
14. Healthy Worth and Medical Purpose Page:—
15. Death:possibility of infinite interpret Page:—
16. Chinese Biotheology and Ethical spirit of Christianity Page:—
17. An Ethical Discussion about Senile Patients of Dermatosis and Venereal Disease in the Diagnosis and Treatment Page:—
18. Strict Control Medicine Backhander,Promote the Development of Correct the Bad Voguey Page:—
19. Hospice:a transitional alternafive for euthanasia Page:—
20. The Importants of Insistence on The principle of Informed Consent in Operation Therapy Page:—
21. Ethical Thinking about CTICU Page:—
22. Healt Policy and Medical Ethics Page:—
23. Points of View on Socialization of Medical Ethics Page:—
24. Standard with Professional Moral, Improve Service Level of Arechives Page:—
25. Effect in body and mind transforming moral accomplishment into moral concept Page:—
26. On Grass Creates of our Army Medical Morals In The Land Revolution War Page:—
27. The Comparative Study of Doctor-Patient Relationship between China and Britain under the Background of Modern Health Care System Page:—
28. Economics analysis of excessive medical treatment Page:—
29. Strengthen research and development on medicine confidence ethics Page:—
30. The Possibility and Necessity of the Structure of Moral Personality of the Ideological and Political Workers in Hospitals Page:—
31. Analyzing the spirit of hospital and developing the sprit of hospital Page:—
32. The moral values and ethics principle of health reforms in China Page:—
33. Upholding the theory of"undertake Medieal service by morals"and practice Page:—
34. Manage the hospital with morals Page:—
35. Informed Consent is of great benefit to doctors Page:—
36. New Thinking on Teaching of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Practice Page:—
37. Ethical Questions of Implant Supported Denture Page:—
38. Appraise In Ethics And Choice of The Ethical Principle About Human-body Experiments Page:—
39. The law and ethics of blood in the umbilical cord Page:—
40. The Structure Problem is More Important About Transformed-gene Food Page:—
41. Discussion on the Coping style of Undergraduates and the Correlative Factors during the Epidemic Period of SARS Page:—
42. Ethical Demand and the Professional Moral of Teachers Page:—
43. Research on Current Situation of the Doctor-Patient Relationship and its Countermeasures Page:—
44. Influence of Harmonious Ethical Outlook on the Preverition and Cure of Infectious Diseases Page:—
45. Ethical Consideration on the SARS Patients Page:—
46. Ethical Education about Laboratory Medicine Page:—
47. Several Problems during the Diagnosis and Treat of Orthopedical diseases Page:—
48. Learning Patients' Characteristics before Severing Patients Page:—
49. Ensuring the Realization of the Patients’ Informed Consent Right Page:—
50. Psychological Characteristics and Countermeasures of Adult On Porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations of Vital Teeth Page:—
51. The Development of Medical Modes and the Changing of Patient-Doctor Relationship Page:—
52. Clinical Application of Medical lnformed Consent Series Page:—
53. Linguistic Skills are Required in Medical Ethics Page:—
54. The Analysis and Solution to the Problems of the Medical College Students' Medical Moral Education Page:—
55. The Study of the Educational Evaluation of Humanistic Quality in Medical Universities and Colleges Page:—
56. The Retrieval and Appraisal of Medical Ethics Information Resources on Internet Page:—
57. The Study Paradigm of Executive Function on Memory Updating Page:—
58. The Study of the Intervening Strategy of Psychological Crisis Among Medical College Students Page:—
59. Study of the Urban Workers' Basic Medical Insurance Appraisal Index of Our Country Page:—
60. An Analysis of New Rural Cooperative Medical System Page:—
61. The Construction of the Hospital Propaganda System Page:—
62. The Significance and Development of the Medical Ethics Committee Page:—
63. Respect the Right of Informed Consent in Psychotics Page:—
64. The Discussion on Ethics in the Process of Dental Prosthesis Page:—
65. Ethical Collisions and Countermeasure in Gynecologic Clinical Teaching Page:—
66. Emphasis on the Humanities Education During Diagnostic Practice Teaching Page:—
67. Ethical Problems on the Exhibition of Human Cadaver Specimens in China Page:—
68. The Ethical Problems Caused by the Development of Biotechnology Page:—
69. The Analysis on the Argument of Gene-related Patents Page:—
70. Ecological Environment,Ethical Awareness and Ecological Civilization Page:—
71. Ethical Thinking on the Tobacco Epidemic and Public Health Page:—
72. Discussion on the Construction of New Medical Ethics View Page:—
73. Scientific View of Health Page:—
74. Emphasis On the Cultivation of Six Kinds Of Consciousness for Medical Students Page:—
75. The Study on Method of Evaluatiing Medical Students' Occupation Quality Page:—
76. Modeling Medical Students' Occupation Personality & Starting a New Phase of Idedogical and Political Education Page:—
77. Medical Professional Personality and Linguistic Art Page:—
78. The Discussion on the Path and Content of Bringing up Medical Students’Occupation Personality Page:—
79. The Social Function Study of the Environmental Ethics in Persistent Development Page:—
80. Economic Ethical Study Thymosin And Lamivudine Combination Therapy on Chronic Hepatitis B Page:—
81. The Mental Health Status of Patients Suffered from Mammary Gland Cancer And Solutions Page:—
82. Reseach on Mental Health of Students in Private College Page:—
83. Ethical Principles and Problems in Psychotherapy And Counseling Page:—
84. Mental Health of the Countrywomen And Influence Factors Page:—
85. Psychoanalysis of Initial Unpaid Blood Donation Personnel Page:—
86. To Enhance Medical Ethics Education And Improve the Professional Ethics Diathesis of Chinese Traditional Medical Students Page:—
87. Thoughts About Current Medical Professional Ethics Education Page:—
88. An Inquiry About Measures for Improving the Professional Ethics Education of Chinese Medical Students Page:—
89. How to Solve Contraventions Between Clinical Practice And Protecting Patients' Rights of Intimacy Page:—
90. The Study About Carrying ISO9000series Standard out and Improving the Work Quality in Oprating Room Page:—
91. Propagate Bai Qiu' en' s Spirit and Set up a Fine Image for Hospital Page:—
92. The Effective Way for Doctor-patient Relations From Tense to Harmony Page:—
93. To Re-establish Doctor-patient Trust Relations Page:—
94. Legal and Ethical Confusion Caused By the Development of Agency of Pregnancy Technique Page:—
95. A Contrastive Study on the Ethical Attitude of Infertility Patients and the Public towards the Artificial Insemination Technology Page:—
96. Analysis of the Protection Knowledge about One's Own Rights and the Perception in Practice for Patients Page:—
97. A Re-exploration of the Reason of "Informed consent" Being Difficult to Enforce Page:—
98. Ehtical Thinking About Carrying out Humanistic Service And Management in Maternity Page:—
99. An Analysis on the Attribute of the Value of Early Diagnosis Page:—
100. Relationship And Conflict of Interests Between Doctors And Patients in Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Page:—
101. Influential Factors And Strategies of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Informed Consent Page:—
102. Harmonious Physician-patient Relationship Means alot in Lowering the Rate of Cesarean Birth Page:—
103. Ethical Discussion About the Media's Disseminate of Medical Sanitation Information Page:—
104. The Single Disease Grows the Tallest Price Control to Consume the Influence Discussion And Analysis the Physician-patient Relationship in the Medical Treatment Page:—
105. The Single Disease Grows the Price Control Charges:The New Measure to Establish the Harmonious Physician-patient Relationship Page:—
106. The Path Selection of Achieving Health Justice in New Period: Primary Health Care Page:—
107. The Reflect on Scientific Fraud Page:—
108. The Analysis of the Construction of Doctors' Professional Ethics Page:—
109. The Ethical Ponderation On Over-treatment Caused by Onus Proof of Conversion Page:—
110. Ethical Consideration about the Medical Health Reform and the Government Responsibility Page:—
111. Analysis and Reflection on Inspection System of Institutional Review Board (IRB) Page:—
112. On the Adverse Selection of Cooperative Medical System And Its Precaution Page:—
113. The Research of Education Aspiration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Human Resources in the Rural Areas and Analysis of Social Ethics Page:—
114. A Chinese Ethical View on the Moral Status of Researched Human Embryo Page:—
115. Morality is Important to Be a Doctor Bringing Forth New Ideas Is Also Precious Page:—
116. Comparison of Medical Humanistic Education between China and Britain Page:—
117. On the Cultivation of Humanistic Spirit for Medical Students Page:—
118. Ethical Reflection on Imaging Trials in Clinical Practice Page:—
119. On a New Model of Informed Consent Page:—
120. Measures To Strengthening Construction of Medical Ethics Page:—
121. On the Legal Capacity of Fetal Rights——An Analysis from the Ethical and Legal Perspective Page:—
122. Thoughts on the Application of PBL in the Teaching of Medical Ethics Page:—
123. Characteristics of Professionalism Education for Western Medical Students and Its Enlightenment Page:—
124. Build up a Harmonious Physician-Patient Relationship and Reduce the Rate of Caesarean Section Page:—
125. Strengthen Hospital Management and Harmonize Physician-Patient Relationship Page:—
126. On the Origin of Psychology Advisory Service and Its Development in China Page:—
127. On the Protection of Patients' Private Rights in Clinical Teaching for Noviciate Medical Students——Talk about the Legislation of Private Rights in China Page:—
128. The Summary on the Moral Hazards in Medical Insurance Page:—
129. Research on the Educational Management of Vulnerable Groups among College Students under the Construction of a Harmonious Society Page:—
130. An Ethical Analysis of the Social Situation of Vulnerable Groups among College Students and Relevant Educational Strategies Page:—
131. Thoughts on Renal Transplantation from Living Relative Donors Page:—
132. Ultrasound-Guided Core-Needle Biopsy and Ultrasound Imaging:The Ethical Principles of Combined Application to Diagnose Breast Lesions Page:—
133. An Analysis on Equitable,Just and Public Allocation of Health Resources in Organ Transplantation Page:—
134. Argument on Information Ethics and the Construction of Hospital Library Ethics Page:—
135. Analysis of the Multiplural Valuators in the Performance Evaluation in the Comprehensive Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS Page:—
136. Suggestions on Improving Nurses' Mental Characters during the Integrated Nursing Work Page:—
137. On the Continuing Training of Nursing Ethics for Clinical Nurses Page:—
138. On the Ethical Problems in the Use of Medical Information and Relevant Countermeasures Page:—
139. Investigation and Analysis on the Status Quo of Current Nurse -Patient Relationship in Guangzhou Page:—
140. The Ethical Nursing for Patients with Cervical Cancer during Radiotherapy Page:—
141. Investigation of Doctors' Pressure Source and Their Mental Health Status Page:—
142. On the Traditional Medical Treasures of Zhou Yi(also known as "the book of changes") and Qian Jin(Precious Essential Formulary,PEF) Page:—
143. On Ethical Issues Related to Road Safety Page:—
144. Ethical Considerations on the Free Supply of Contraceptives Page:—
145. On the Basic Line of Medical Ethics Page:—
146. Construction of the Responsibility Ethics of Reproduction Page:—
147. An Ethical Reflection on Informed Consent in the Research and Application of Assisted Reproduction Technique Page:—
148. The Application Prospect of Genetic Testing and Relevant Social and Ethical Problems Page:—
149. The Investigation and Analysis on the View of Life among Medical Students Page:—
150. The bioethics and the international law:look back and unification Page:—
151. Medical Humanities Education and the Cultivation of Innovative Medical Personnel Page:—
152. On the Medical Ethics Education in the Teaching of ShangHanLun Page:—
153. On the Quality-Based Education for Modern Medical Students from the Physician-Patient Relationship Page:—
154. Construction of the Novel Value-Group Based Mode between Hospitals and Patients Page:—
155. An Evaluation of the Ultimate Principle of Morality by Ideal Experiments Page:—
156. The Construction of Ethics Review Capacity in China under the Current International Conditions:Conception and Practice Page:—
157. Discussion on the Qualification Requirement for Doctors of Pre-Hospital Care Page:—
158. Explore the Quintessence in Traditional Chinese Medicine to Build up a Harmonious Physician-Patient Relationship with Chinese Characteristics Page:—
159. The Confucian Ethical Thoughts and Hospital Management Philosophy Page:—
160. Restressing the Language Cultivation of Medical Staff Page:—
161. The Significance of Ethics Spirit in "Cooperation Movement" to the Construction of New Rural Cooperative Healthcare System Page:—
162. The Teaching of Medical Science History in STS Education Page:—
163. On the Humanistic Service in Local Hospitals Page:—
164. Discussion about Ethical Construction of Community Health Service and Governmental Responsibility Page:—
165. On the Medical Ethics of Meticulosity of Modern Medical Masters Page:—
166. Carry forward Traditional Chinese Virtues and Optimize Teaching of Physician-Patient Communication Page:—
167. On the Purpose of Ethics Education in Medical Colleges Page:—
168. On the Role of Medical Liability Insurance on Relieving Physician-Patient Conflict Page:—
169. Approaches of Etiquette Education for College Students under Harmonious Language Atmosphere Page:—
170. On Strengthening the Practical Teaching of Morality and Politics Theory Page:—
171. A Concise Analysis of Medical Morality Studies in the Construction of Campus Culture Page:—
172. Accordant Management of International Medical Students from the Perspective of Culture Fusion Page:—
173. Analysis on Causes of Cadaver Donation Obstacles and Countermeasures Page:—
174. The Conflict and its Equity of the Right of Life,the Right of Informed Consent and the Special Right to Intervene Page:—
175. A Questionnaire Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Civil Attitudes towards Cadaver Donation in Zhengzhou Page:—
176. Influence of Ethics Education on Ethical Beliefs of Dual Relationship of Trainees Attending Training of Psychological Consultation Page:—
177. Discussion on How to Be a Chairperson of Institutional Review Board/Ethics Committee Page:—
178. Discrimination on the Definition of Justice Page:—
179. The Attitude,Truth,and Principles of Epidemic-Disease Ethics Research Page:—
180. Psychological Reaction and Nursing Countermeasures of the Senile Patients in Department of Endodontics Page:—
181. Reflection on the Causes of Excessive Medical Treatment and Countermeasures Page:—
182. On the Humanistic Spirit in Palliative Treatment and Hospitalpice——Aroused by the Current Treatment for Patients with Terminal Cancer Page:—
183. An Ethical Argument on Choice of Death in Chinese Hospitalpice Page:—
184. The Practice and Effect of Family Care in NICU Page:—
185. On Opening the Curriculum of Medical Ethics for International Students——Midterm Progeny of Scientific Researches in Tianjin Medical University Page:—
186. On the Significance of Scientific Design of the Teaching Content of Medical Ethics Page:—
187. Effect of the General Education on Medical Ethics of Medical Students Page:—
188. On the Practice and Approach of Medical Ethics Education Page:—
189. Nature of Moral Environment of Higher Educational Institutes and Its Theoretical Features Page:—
190. An Ethical Reflection on Agential Maternity and Its Realistic Value Page:—
191. On Cultivating Humanistic Value of Medicine on the Basis of 3R Theory of Animal Experiments Page:—
192. Exquisite Lectures,Mutual Participation,Personal Experience,and Sublimation——Exploration and Introduction of a New Model in Teaching Medical Ethics Page:—
193. Comparison and Analysis on the Executive Supervision Mechanism of Sino-USA Institutional Review Boards Page:—
194. On the Potential Influence of Reproductive Cloning on Sex Ethics Page:—
195. Bioethical Reflection on Women's Issues Page:—
196. Informed Consent Issues in Biobanks Page:—
197. Roles of Medical Social Workers in Doctors' Social Support System Page:—
198. On the Shining Bethune's Spirit in Post-Earthquake Rescue Page:—
199. On Harmonious Physician-Patient Relationship and Hospital Culture Construction Page:—
200. On Management of Medical Care Security Page:—
201. An Ethical Choice of Public Hospital Reform and Development Page:—
202. The Present Unsafe Situation of Public Health and Civil Health Project Page:—
203. Impact of Health on Individual Family Income Page:—
204. On the Function of a Harmonious Social Environment to Human Health Page:—
205. Study on Influencing Factors of Quality of Life of Staffs in Centers for Disease Prevention and Control Page:—
206. Humanistic Care and the Construction of a Harmonious Physician-Patient Relationship Page:—
207. Humane Medical Spirit and Doctors' Professional Responsibilities Page:—
208. Analysis of Psychological Support for Patients in Pre-hospital Care Page:—
209. Ethical Reflection on the Narcotics Drug Use in Tumor Patients Page:—
210. Construction of New Cultural Patterns of Elderly Hospice Care in China Page:—
211. Ethical Discussion in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Oral Disease in Elderly Patients Page:—
212. On Morality Construction of Young Teachers in Medical Institutions Page:—
213. Comprehensive Treatment Of Cervical Carcinoma Under The New Medical Pattern Page:—
214. A Study in Selection System of Internet Addiction and Harm Page:—
215. The Research of Social Care for HIV/AIDS Infected People and Patients in Shanxi Province Page:—
216. On the Communication Methods and Skills between Doctors and Patients in the Department of Orthopedics Page:—
217. Ethical Issues in the Emergency Nursing of Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage Page:—
218. Experience of the Application of Modern Nursing Ethics to Hospice Care Page:—
219. Ethical Reflection on AIDS Training for Nursing Staff Page:—
220. On the Cultivation of Medical Ethics among Military Medical Trainees Page:—
221. The Discovery Journey to The Fatal Viruses——An Analysis on 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Page:—
222. On Constructing Medical Students′ Ethics under the Background of Economic Globlization Page:—
223. No Injury Principle Is the Core Manifestation of "People-Oriented View" in Medical Science Page:—
224. Medical Humanities Education and Cultivating Medical Students′ Social Responsibility Page:—
225. On the Ethical Conflicts in Clinical Practice from the Event of Peking University Hospital Page:—
226. On the Introduction of ′Good Death′ Concept into the Teaching of Hospice Page:—
227. Ethical Issues in Clinical Teaching of Gynecology Page:—
228. Causes Analysis of Graduates′ Breaking Contracts in Medical Colleges and Countermeasures Page:—
229. A New Perspective of Case Choice in Medical Ethics Teaching Page:—
230. Conflicts of Moral Principles and the Rank of Moral Principles In Decision-making of Medical Ethics Page:—
231. Reflection on the Allogeneic Testis Transplantation from a Sexual Ethical Perspective Page:—
232. Ethical Analysis of 130 Living Related Kidney Transplantations Page:—
233. Review and Outlook of the Developing Path of Bioethics Page:—
234. Bioethics in the Region of Military Medical Ethics Page:—
235. Reflection on the Ethical Issues Related to Paternity Testing Page:—
236. The Public Spirit in Public Health Emergencies Page:—
237. On the Consistency of "Wu Chang" Thought in Confucian Doctrines and Doctors′ Professionalism Page:—
238. Ethical Exploration of the Right of Privacy in College Enrollment Physical Examination Page:—
239. Ethical Reflection on of Patients′ Rights of Informed Consent in Special Medical Examination Page:—
240. Reason Analysis of the Difficulties in Enforcing "Informed Consent" among Patients Page:—
241. The Research on Informed Consent Page:—
242. On the Empathy of Great Academician WU Meng-chao——On the Humanistic Spirit of Academician WU Meng-chao(Part Ⅱ) Page:—
243. Differences in the Ethical Value System of Social Work between China and Western Societies and the Medical Social Work Page:—
244. Analysis of Issues Related to Evidence-based Bioethics Page:—
245. Promote Responsible Research,let the Scientific Research Serve the People——Address on the Awarding Ceremony of The Avicenna Price for Ethics in Science at UNESCO Page:—
246. On the Reasonable Utilization of Health Resources from the "Neonatal Deaths Incident" Page:—
247. Informed Consent and Physician-Patient Communication Page:—
248. The Support of Medical Ethics for Physician-Patient Relationship under Information Asymmetry Page:—
249. Thinking on the Development of Private Hospitals in Shanghai Page:—
250. On the Nature of the Management of Hospital Invisible Culture Page:—
251. On the Impartiality Principle in the Healthcare Reform Page:—
252. The Hospital Management Should be based on Medical Ethics Management Page:—
253. Being Committed to Medical Career with no Fear of Squalidity,Contamination,and with no Complaining——Part Ⅲ of the Medical Ethics of Modern Medical Specialists Page:—
254. Approaches and Methods for Medical Staff to Avoid Professional Risks in Clinical Practice Page:—
255. Human Nature: Happiness and Unhappiness——Research on the Happiness View of Bertrand Russell and Its Impact on Medical Staff′s View of Happiness Page:—
256. On the Teaching Approach in the Education of Socialist Outlook on Honor and Shame for Medical Professionals Page:—
257. On the Poor′s Right for Health Care and Government′s Choice of Behaviors under the Circumstances of New Health Reform Page:—
258. Thoughts from the Jurisprudence Angle on the Doctor and Patient′s Right Conflict——Analysis on the Conflict Between Doctors′ Special Right to Intervene and Patients′ Right of Informed Consent Page:—
259. On the Relationship between Improving Physician-Patient Morality Accomplishment and Constructing a Harmonious Society Page:—
260. Analysis of Patients′ Behaviors,Attitudes,and Complaints in Medical Disputes Page:—
261. Post-Genomic Era:Research and Development Page:—
262. Thinking of socialist ethical proplem and Medical purpose about pregnantless Page:—
263. Ethical Problems in Apply the Technique to Distinguish Foetus Sex Page:—
264. Hospital Culture and Medical Moral Engineering Page:—
265. Difficulties and Countermeasures in Medical Moral Education Engineering Page:—
266. Standard Service:One of Targets of Medical Moral Construction Engineering Page:—
267. The Problems and Countermeasures in Medical Moral Construction Engineering at Present Page:—
268. Clincal Attempt of Hospice care clincal used Page:—
269. Strengthening medical moral standars of hospital Improving reformation of worker's medical security Page:—
270. Thinking about High-tech Medical Equipment Dispose and Use on Sociology and Ethics Page:—
271. Ethical Perspective on Systematic Reform of Free Medical Serive Page:—
272. Discussion the Problem of the Periods of Medical Ethics Page:—
273. Uphold morality and keep improving to work Building the Brand hispital Page:—
274. Analysis on the Support Mode of the AIDS Community in British Page:—