WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Chinese Medical Ethics> 1996> 0> 01

Volume: 0 Issue: 01

1. The role and practice of multi-media case pedagogy in the course of medical ethics Page:—
2. Ethical Discussion about functional appliance in orthodotic treatment Page:—
3. An Analysis of Questionnaire of the Factors Affecting the Civil Attitudes Towards Donating cadaver in Wuhan Page:—
4. Ethical Issues in Geneticaly Modified Organisms Page:—
5. Legal Protection of Human Genes from the Perspective of the Relationship between Ethics and Law Page:—
6. Mutual Action Between Doctor and Patient—Certain Tendency on Development of Relationship Between Doctor and Patient Page:—
7. Holistic Medical Care in the Practices of Surgical Hepatobiliary Diseases Page:—
8. Discussion on the Function of Ideological and Political Work in the Hospital management Page:—
9. Discussion on the Military Physician's Quality of the Future Limited High-tech War Page:—
10. The Ethic Reflection on Giving up Treatment in Ophthalmology Page:—
11. Law problemon Procreation Right in single women Page:—
12. Correct Method for the Transformation on the Medical Ethics Education Page:—
13. Building of the Medical Ethics Education System according to China's Actual Conditions Page:—
14. Ethic Thought of Hospital Infection Page:—
15. Research on the Methods of Medical Ethics Appraisal Page:—
16. Education of enhancing the respect for the profession in medical technology Page:—
17. Ethical issues in clinic application of tumor vaccine Page:—
18. Ethical significance to strengthen farther rural health work in the rural area Page:—
19. Moral Lacking & Ethical Rebuilding of Medical Advertisement Page:—
20. Honest-trust: from Morality-justice, Utilitarianism towards Responsibility and Right Page:—
21. The Important Category of the Modern Medical Ethics Theory -Honest-trust Page:—
22. Revelation in the Face of Medical Morality Nurturance and Medical Logos Spirit Page:—
23. Fosting the moral character of the students in nursing through encourging mechanism Page:—
24. Stuidies of Formation and Development of Medical Moral Psychology in Medical Undergraduates Page:—
25. Thinking on the nature of person and its ethics meaning Page:—
26. Discussing the medical moral under surveillance Page:—
27. Thoughts on Implementing Hospital Humanism Management in Current Situation Page:—
28. Arising Causes of Medical Disputes and its Solution Page:—
29. Ethical Questions of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Page:—
30. Ethical Problems and Strategies in Ophthalmic Clinical Treatment for Children Page:—
31. Ethical Discussion in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Periodontal Disease Page:—
32. Ethical problem on Patients Sexual Hallucinations flowing Anesthesia or Sexual Harassment from Clinicians Page:—
33. Brief Intradution about Army Medical Ethics Page:—
34. Thinkings of Making a Good job of Medical Ethics Teaching in new Situation Page:—
35. Brief Discussing Medical Workers' Good Image in New Periods Page:—
36. Cultivation Dedication Spirit Being an Important Problem of Current Medical Moral Construction Page:—
37. Facing Problems of Hospital Economy and Ethical Relation Under Medical Insurance System Page:—
38. Discussion Medical Insurance System and Medical Ethical Fairness Page:—
39. Medical Moral Standards followed in Diagnosing and Curing Venereal Disease Page:—
40. Social Moral Problems of Lower Limbs Amputation and Recovery Page:—
41. The Principle of Morality in Psychological Counseling Page:—
42. Moral Request of Giving Treatment to Serious burn Patients Page:—
43. The Postion of Moral Education Preventing and caring AIDS Page:—
44. Moral Principles on Serious Terato-Infant Applied into Medicine Research Page:—
45. Applications and Conceptions of Questionaire in Clinical Medical Moral Checking and Assessment Page:—
46. Grasping the Direction from losing & Seeking the Breakthrough from Innovation Page:—
47. Interactive Role of the Harmonious Relationship between Teachers and Students in Higher Medical Education Page:—
48. Questionnaire on Medical Law as Special Optional Course Page:—
49. A Study on Solving Medical Tangles by Linguistic Art Page:—
50. Progress in Research on Chinese Medical Ethical Committee Page:—
51. The Relationship Between Doctors and Patients In the Treatment of DA Page:—
52. Ethical thought on patients of head injury Page:—
53. Comparative Analysis of the Medical Ethics Problems before and after SARS Page:—
54. The Principle of Medical Ethics in Clinical Urology Page:—
55. Construction of Culture and Ethics in Chinese Voluntary Dependence Quit Institution Page:—
56. Research & Countermeasures to the Ethical Problems during the Nursing of Infectious Disease Page:—
57. Ethics problem in the diagnosis and treatment of the ending aged patients study Page:—
58. A Study of infertility patients' Ethical Attitude towards the Artificial Insemination Technology Page:—
59. An Ethical Discussion on Special Population during the Standard Diagnosis and Treatment of STDs Page:—
60. Thought of the Sociological and Ethnics Reasons about Pancreas Transplantation Alone Page:—
61. Ethical issues and countermeasure on organ transplantation. Page:—
62. Operating Guideline of ART Institution Ethics Committee in China Page:—
63. Using Medical Staff' Understanding of Medical Ethics to Guide the Medical EthicsEducation Page:—
64. Considerations on Research and Development in Bioethics in Modern China Page:—
65. Ethical issues in Clinical Study Page:—
66. Influence And Educational Countermeasure of Globalization on Medical Ethies in China Page:—
67. Ethics Value Foundation of the Hygiene Economic Policy Page:—
68. Culture Diversity, Relativism & Bioethics Page:—
69. Combination of Theories of Medical Ethics with Pharmacology Teaching Page:—
70. Setting up the Ideology of Humanism to do Better Employment of Medical Graduate Page:—
71. Medical ethics education in clinic practice:Training medicos to envisage the effects of high-tech instruments in diagnoses of diseases Page:—
72. Problems and Discussions on "Two-Course" in Medical Colleges Page:—
73. Discussion on the Necessity and Demand of the Training for Professional Personality of Medical Student-One of the Research on Medical Professional Personality Page:—
74. Review on the Information Dissymmetry in the RelationshipBetween Medical Care Providers and Patients in Ethics Opinion Page:—
75. Realization of Value in the Relationship between Doctors and Patients of Medical Ethics Page:—
76. Honest-trust Education-the Foundation of Medical Ethics Construction in Market Economy Page:—
77. The Influence of Parental Rearing Styles of Medical Students with IAD on Their Mental Health Page:—
78. Discussion on the Medicine History Teaching Esthetically Educates Discourse how to Pppreciate the Beauty of the Medical Science History Education Page:—
79. Professional spirit glory of the great and famous doctors Page:—
80. Gui Xien Spirit-Bethune Spirit in AIDS Prevention and Cure Page:—
81. Medical Ethics in Plato's Idea and in Contemporary Era Page:—
82. The Cultivation of Harmonious Employment Ethics of Medical Students Page:—
83. Study on Development of Nurse Students' Consciousness of Protecting the Patients' Inform Consent Right Page:—
84. Brilliant Beginning of Medical Ethics Teaching Page:—
85. The medical moral education to intern Page:—
86. The action of benefiting others and the benefit limit in medical market Page:—
87. On the Autonomic Principle of Medical Ethics Page:—
88. An Ethical Discussion on the Relationship between Nurses and Patients During the diagnosis and treatment of STDs Page:—
89. Ethical Research on Treatment of Steroid-resistant Nephritic Syndrome Page:—
90. Comment on the Hospital Nonfeasance Page:—
91. Discussion on Status on Disposing Medical Accident and doctors' Defensive Medicine Page:—
92. Reflect on the existence of the phenomenon of Hongbao Page:—
93. How to reply ethical perplexity arouse by patient disapproval after knowing what happened Page:—
94. Proceed From Humane Service to Construct Harmonious Relationship Between Hospitals and Patients Page:—
95. New Questions and Strategies Facing the Current Relationship Between Doctors and Patients Page:—
96. The Research Summary on Conflict between Doctor and Patient Page:—
97. Influence of Bioethics in Medical Education Page:—
98. Ethical Reflection On The Cure Of Premature Infants Page:—
99. Instruction of Medical Ethics in Trauma Surgery for Externs Page:—
100. On the Ethical Self-Discipline of Hospital Librarians Page:—
101. How to Protect the Interests of Human Tissues Providers:Moore Case in USA Page:—
102. The Analysis on the basic content and actual needs of life education in college students Page:—
103. Psychological Characteristics and Countermeasures of Patients In Orthodontic Practice Page:—
104. The ethical and juristic practical comprehension of hearing with living-related kidney transplantation:a report of 18 cases Page:—
105. A Analysis of evaluation for Living Donor Kidney Transplantation by Academic and Ethics Committee for Organ Transplantation Page:—
106. The Organ Transplants' Problems on the Clinical Ehtics Work Page:—
107. Plastic Surgery and the Cultural and Time-Varying Differences of Physical Beauty Page:—
108. On Establishing the Impelling Mode of Morality-Oriented Nursing Education Page:—
109. A Reflection on the Traditional Ancient Indian Medical Ethics Page:—
110. The conflict and relation between informed consent and medical privacy regulations Page:—
111. Re-analyze of The Institutional Review Board Page:—
112. Epitome of Chinese Ethics Committee current status——The survey and analysis on ECs'current status in three-level hospital of Tianjin Page:—
113. The Logic of Capital and Bioethics Page:—
114. A Reflection on ART and Related Issues of Technical Ethics Page:—
115. Genetic Enhancement of Non-medical Goal:Argue for and against Page:—
116. Communication is the Cornerstone for Solving Physician-Patient Conflict Page:—
117. Application of Mental Matching Strategy in the Teaching of Nursing Ethics Page:—
118. Observation of Medical Postgraduates' Development of Ego-Identity Page:—
119. The Gratitude Education in the Teaching of Gynecology and obstetrics Page:—
120. Cultural construction should be involved in assessment of hospital management Page:—
121. A Research on the Scientific Establishment of Assanation and Ethics Courses in Nursing Speciality Page:—
122. The Lack of Medical Ethics Education among Young Doctors and the Construction of a Harmonious Physician-Patient Relationship Page:—
123. On the Construction of Practice Base of Professional Moral Education for Medico Page:—
124. Comparison of Fate Ethics among Chinese Philosophies of Confucianism,Taoism,and Buddhis Page:—
125. Enhance Health Standard of the Whole Population by Reducing System-Induced Health Lesion Page:—
126. Respect Human Dignity and Protect the Rights of Medical Staff Page:—
127. On the Defensive Medical Treatment Page:—
128. On the Imbalanced Interests in the Conflicts between Doctors and Patientsand Relevant Countermeasures Page:—
129. Contribution of the Hospital Culture to the Physician-Patient Relationship Page:—
130. Ethical Analysis on Combat Stress Reaction Page:—
131. Response and Intervention of Adolescence Mental Crisis from Public Crisis Events Page:—
132. An Ethical Review on Medical Diagnosis and Treatment of Schizophrenia Page:—
133. Construct a Harmonious Physician-Patient Relationship by Carrying out Humanistic Care Page:—
134. The reflection on the conflicts between modern biotechnology and contemporary ethics Page:—
135. Investigation and research of modern medical technology ethics under the guidance of the concept of scientific development Page:—
136. On the Thought of "To Govern by Non-Intervention" and Modern Hospital Management Page:—
137. Headwaters Thinking About Harmonious Relationship Between Doctors And Patients Page:—
138. Analysis of the missing Cause of Medical Ethics Education's Validity and the Countermeasures Page:—
139. Investigation and Analysis on Present Professionalism of Higher Vocational Nursing Students Page:—
140. Study on Cognitive Characteristics of Medical Ethics Education from the Perspective of Medical Teachers & Students Page:—
141. Ethical Principles and Regulating Recommendations in E-health in China Page:—
142. research of improving employees'satisfactory level of privately owned hospitals Page:—
143. A Research on the Social Support and the Quality of Life of Renal Transplant Patients Page:—
144. Some Suggestions on Reasonably Standardizing the Structure of the Institutional Ethics Committee for Organ Transplantation in China Page:—
145. The requirement of ethics protocol of clinical admission restrictions on the med-tech usage Page:—
146. Investigation on Ethical Issues Related to the Practice of Eye Bank Page:—
147. On Language Skills and Ethical Requirements of Inquisition Page:—
148. The medical ethics of the famous therapist in the Qing Dynasty(Part 2) Page:—
149. A comparative study of ethics training for medical professionals at home and abroad Page:—
150. Disgrace:An Important Bottom Line of Medical Ethics Page:—
151. urvey and Research on the Career Planning Education for Professional Nursing Students Page:—
152. New challenges to Medical Students:Medical Professionalism and Doctor-Patient Communication Page:—
153. The Impact of Internet Media on the Politics Socialization of Medical Students Page:—
154. Medical Humanistic Spirit:Lost Origin and Return Solution Page:—
155. Constructing a Harmonious Hospital in the Perspective of Economic Ethics Page:—
156. An Analysis of the Gaming between Patients and Hospitals under the Circumstances of Asymmetric Information Page:—
157. Harmonious doctor-patient relationship and patients' satisfaction Page:—
158. Analyses on Non-Technical Medical Factors in the Physician-Patient Conflict Page:—
159. Medical Integration:A New Exploration for Promoting Medical Fairness Page:—
160. On the Property Rights of DNA Page:—
161. Current Problems in Medical Morality and Ethics Construction and Countermeasures Page:—
162. The Necessity and Feasibility for Doctors to Practice in Different Medical Institutions Page:—
163. Discussion on Informed Consent and Public Health Ethics Page:—
164. Application of "Empathy" for Doctor-Patient Communication in Surgical Fields Page:—
165. On the Social Control of Physician-Patient Relationship from the Novels of Qing Dynasty Page:—
166. On the Correlation of Law and Ethics in Constructing a Harmonious Physician-Patient Relationship Page:—
167. A Discussion about Professional Qualification Cultivation of Medical Students Page:—
168. Cultivating the Teachers' Quality in the process of body donation Page:—
169. The Design of Responsible Government in the Construction of Medical Morality Page:—
170. Field-based moral construction of the medical post-graduate Page:—
171. Basic Principles in Scientific Planning of Medical Ethics Teaching Content Page:—
172. The Construction and Development of Ethics Committee in Hospitals——From New Drug Research to the Ethical Management of Medical Treatment Page:—
173. An Ethical Review on the Scientific View of Utilitarianism Page:—
174. Ethics Reflection on International Medical Aid Page:—
175. A Justification for Making Life——The Ethical Arguments on Synthetic Biology Page:—
176. The essential cause resulting in "high personal medical expenditure":Decreasing Finance for Health Care from the Government Page:—
177. Analysis on the problems after the Chinese medical reform——from the perspective of the tripartite relationship between hospital,insurance supplier and patient Page:—
178. An Ethical Re-reflection on the New Type of Medical Innovation Page:—
179. Applied Research of "Harmony ideology" in disease prevention and control Page:—
180. The discussion on the crisis management of hospital public relations in China Page:—
181. Operation system construction of occupation burnout under organization interference Page:—
182. Social Factors Analysis of the Absence of Professional Ethics among Accountants Page:—
183. Target and Orientation of Students′ Self-Cultivation Education for Honesty in Medical Vocational College Page:—
184. On the Education of Life Values for College Students from a Traditional Cultural Perspective Page:—
185. An Investigation of Social Attitude for Euthanasia in Beijing Page:—
186. AIDS Should not Become a Talisman-An Analysis on Crime of HIV Infectors/AIDS Patients Page:—
187. On Military Officers′ Ethical Responsibility and Ethics Construction Page:—
188. Analysis of Parental Mental Status in Childhood Group Incident and Relevant Intervention Page:—
189. Analyzing the Triage Principle of the Wounded in Public Health Emergency Events Page:—
190. Reflection on the Micro-Distribution of Chinese Organ Transplants Resources Page:—
191. On the Interactive Ethical Relation between the Integration of Healthcare Resources and Humanistic Hospice Care from an Emotional Sense Page:—
192. Effect and Nursing Appraisal in the Combined Therapy of Aidi and Kanglaite Injection for Improving the Living Quality of Patients with Tumors Page:—
193. On the Ethical and Moral Problems in the Development of Life Science and Technology Page:—
194. Analysis of CET-4 Scores among Medical Students and Its Washback Effect on College English Teaching Page:—
195. On the Humanities Education in Medical Universities and Colleges in Yunnan Province Page:—
196. On Strengthening Humanistic Quality of Medical Students under the Background of Multiculture Page:—
197. Dental Techniques and Art——Practical and Theoretical Methodology in Dental Humanities Education Page:—
198. The Ideological and Political Education for Medical Students Should Meet the Demand of Professional Qualification Under the New Trend Page:—
199. On Cultivating Teamwork among Medical Students Page:—
200. Ethical Study on Ethical and Moral Cultivation of the Male Doctors majoring in Obstetrics and Gynecology Page:—
201. Restricting Factors of the Construction of the Medical Morality and Countermeasures Page:—
202. Shining Personalities of Truth,Goodness,and Beauty of the Respected Dr.WU Meng-chao——On the Humanistic Spirit of Academician WU Meng-chao(Part Ⅰ) Page:—
203. Scientific and Technical Personnel Construction of Local Medical College based on the Analysis of the NSFC Page:—
204. The Governance of Ethical Issues in Stem Cell Research Page:—
205. Bioethical Issues and Strategies in the Treatment of Extremely Preterm Infants Page:—
206. Ethical Dimension of a Harmonious Physician-Patient Relationship and Its Legal Support Page:—
207. Exploration of the Traditional Chinese Physician-Patient Ethics Thought Page:—
208. A Study on Medical Morality from the Perspective of Medical Technology Ethics——A Rational Thinking on Physician-Patient Relationship Page:—
209. Individual Health Risk and Ethics of Health Care Page:—
210. Analysis of the Effects of Biotechnology on Human Bio-safety and Ethics Page:—
211. On the Traditional Chinese Superior Ethic Values from the Health Education on AIDS Prevention Page:—
212. Build an Ethical Baseline for Emergency Care Personnel to Improve the Quality of Pre-hospital Care Page:—
213. The Application Practice of Movie Appreciation Curriculum in HIV/AIDS Education for College Students Page:—
214. The Cause Analysis of Deficiency in Medical Informing Duty Page:—
215. Ethical Reflection on Protecting the Neutrality of a Third-Party in Medical Dispute Mediation Mechanism Page:—
216. On Doctors′ Practice in Different Medical Institutes in the Project of Medical Reform Page:—
217. Ethical Analysis of All-Free Health Care in Shenmu County Page:—
218. Causes of the Ethical Dilemma and Countermeasures in the Operation of the New Rural Cooperative Medical System Page:—
219. Influence of Personal Factors on Outpatient′s Satisfaction of Medical Service Page:—
220. Setting up Perfect Physician-Patient Communication to Promote a Harmonious Physician-Patient Relationship Page:—
221. Patients′ Trust:Concept,Dimensions and Attributes Page:—
222. To Be a Qualified Surgeon Page:—
223. Patient′s Dilemma:To Be or Not to Be a Subject in His Doctor′s Research Project Page:—
224. A Dietary Investigation of pupils in Mei County in Shaanxi Page:—
225. To Take Averting the Disputes between Doctors and Patients as the Main Contents of Clinical Medical Moral Eductaion Page:—
226. College Students' Knowlege on Sex and Sex-ethics Education Inside School Page:—
227. Ethic Consideration and Conversion of Medical Model Improving Pediatrician's Level of Competence Page:—
228. Also on Carrying Forward the Spirit of Betheune Page:—
229. Enforce the Staff with Spirit of Betheune Set an Good Profession Image Page:—
230. How to Improve College Students' Regulative Ability of Negative Emotion in Interpersonal Conflict Page:—
231. Some Views on Medical Moral Construction of China Page:—
232. Countermeasures and suggestion to intensify moral education work of medicine graduate students under the new situation Page:—
233. Medical ethic fluctuating between demand and pleonexia——On New Theory of Restraint Page:—
234. The Significance of Professional Ethics on Medical Journal Editors Page:—
235. Bioethics Is the Love for Life Page:—