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1. Ethical Conflicts About Emergency Treatment in Disaster Medicine Page:28—29
2. Health Quotient-The Concept should be set up Page:17—19
3. An Ethical Discussion about Senile Patients of Dermatosis and Venereal Disease in the Diagnosis and Treatment Page:4—5
4. An Investigation on college Student's Knouledge About Generation Health Page:20—22
5. Understanding on Setting up Harmonious Relationships Between Hospitals and Patients Page:15—16
6. Ethical Reflection on the Celebrities' Spermatozoon Storeroom Page:60—61
7. Analyses on Role Dispute Between Nurse and Patient and Countermeasure in Integrated Nursing Page:46—47
8. On Speciality and Significance of Medical Moral Page:35—36
9. Ethical Problems of “Network Society” as Well as the Affection on Medical Moral Page:27—28
10. An Investigation on College Students'Knowledge About STDS Page:23—25
11. Mutual Action Between Doctor and Patient-Certain Tendency on Development of Relationship Between Doctor and Patient Page:10—11
12. Ways and Means for Doctor-patient Communication under the New Situation Page:293—294
13. A Discussion on the Application of Social Media in Doctor-patient Communication Page:290—292
14. Causes and Countermeasures for the Doctor-patient Communication Barriers Page:288—289
15. Investigation and Analysis on the Components of Excellent Physician's Professionalism Page:270—272
16. Construction of Medical Humanities Education Mode Page:267—269
17. Construction of Curriculum System of Medical Humanity Based on the Quality Features of Famous Doctors Page:264—266
18. Practice and Exploration on Constructing Humanistic Quality Education Mode for Xinjiang Medical Personnel Page:262—263
19. Strengthening Medical Humanistic General Education in Medical Colleges and Universities Page:259—261
20. Cultivation of Professional Ethics of Young Teachers after 80 s in Medical Colleges and Universities Page:253—255
21. Status and Prospect for Medical Students'Volunteer Service Page:250—252
22. Investigation on the Humanistic Quality of Nursing Undergraduate Interns Page:247—249
23. Construction of Charity Culture Cultivation System Page:244—246
24. Returning Path of Medical Humanities Spirit Based on the Current Situation of Medical Humanities Teaching Page:256—258
25. Thinking about the Application and Countermeasures of ART in China Page:241—243
26. The Ethics Issues and the Relevant Countermeasures for Abortion of Disposal Page:238—240
27. Effect Analysis of High Quality Nursing Service in Department of Neurosurgery Page:212—214
28. Analysis of Introspecting Diary of Early Stage Clinical Communication in Nursing Students Page:209—211
29. Ethical Reflection and Countermeasure for Peripheral Inserted Center Catheter Applications Page:236—237
30. Ethical Thinking on Improving the Nursing Quality in Department of Nephrology Page:218—219
31. The Education and Thinking on Nursing Students'Professional Values Page:215—217
32. Application of Quality Control Circle in Reducing Nosocomial Infection and Its Ethical Discussion Page:206—208
33. Humanistic Service in Outpatients and the Kano Model Analysis Page:203—205
34. The Role of the General Practitioners in Aging Society Page:197—199
35. Fair Benchmarks of Evaluation Framework for Health Resource Allocation and Its Reference for China Page:200—202
36. Medical and Humanistic Analysis on Psychological States of Medical Staff and Patients'Families during the Development of Health Services Page:195—196
37. Ethical Review on Placebo Control in Ophthalmic New Drug Clinical Trials Page:189—190
38. Risk-Benefit Analysis and Assessment in Ethical Review:A Study Based on Literature Review Page:186—188
39. Key Points of Ethic Review on Clinical Trials of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:183—185
40. Ethical Review on Informed Consent in Medical Research Page:180—182
41. Ethical Roles of Dispute Processing Personnel in Medical Dispute Page:295—296
42. A Qualitative Research of Medical Humane Care in Improving Doctor-patient Relationship Page:284—287
43. Medical Ethics Education for Standardization Training and Teacher Training of Resident Doctors in Zhejiang Province Page:276—277
44. Correlation Analysis between Medical Professionalism Construction and Hospital Service Quality Improvement in Baoji Page:273—275
45. Medical Ethics Analysis on Clinical Research Paper about Tuberculosis Page:233—235
46. Cultivating Mode, Mechanism of Action and Cognitive Evaluation for Professional Quality in Nursing Students Based on the Second Classroom Page:224—226
47. Investigation on Job Burnout of Clinical Nursing Teachers in Different Departments in X City Page:220—223
48. The Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Doctor-patient Trust in Township Hospitals under the New Health Care Reform Page:173—176
49. Comparative Study on the Construction of Rural Doctors under the New Health Care Reform:A Study Based on 6 Provinces and Cities in China Page:169—172
50. A Key Place for American Bioethical Study:Kennedy Institute of Ethics Page:159—161
51. Changes in Contexts, Issues and Ethical Approaches:Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics--From First Edition to Second Edition Page:155—158
52. Analysis on Conflict of Contemporary College Students'Network Ethics Page:281—283
53. Combination of Ideological and Political Education with Medical Ethics Education in Medical Students Page:278—280
54. Problems and Countermeasures for Medical Students'Moral Practice in the New Period Page:230—232
55. Ethics Thingking on about Therapeutic Strategies for Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer Page:227—229
56. Ethical Strategies for Improving the Construction and Development of Health Personnel in Villages Page:177—179
57. Norman Daniels Page:162—168
58. Doctor-patient Relationship Pattern Research during Resident Doctor's Standardized Training Page:5—7
59. Ethical Issues in the Pension Institutions and Social Transformation of Pension Pattern in China Page:125—128
60. Communication Ability Evaluation and Construction of Education Mode in Medical Students Page:432—435
61. The Ethical Conflicts of“Moral Majority” and Homosexual“ Minority” Page:415—416
62. Analysis of Simple Bioethics in the Chinese Traditional Culture Page:412—414
63. Ancient Greek Medicine and Ancient Chinese Medicine Division from the Relationgship between Medicine and Philosophy:Taking the Hippocratic Corpus and the Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor for Example Page:407—411
64. Ethical Issues in the Signature and Execution of Certificate of Authorization of Cancer Patients Page:380—382
65. Investigation and Analysis on Degree of Job Datisfaction of Grassroots Medical Personnel and Influencing Factor from the Perspective of New Health Care Reform Page:374—377
66. Analysis of Influencing Factors for Attitude Shifting to Mental Health Work among Non-psychiatric Doctors in General Hospitals Page:369—373
67. Ethical Consideration on Totally Endoscopic Thyroidectomy Page:361—363
68. Present Situation and Influencing Factor of the Doctor-patient Trust in Rural Area from the Villager′s Perspective Page:349—352
69. The Revision and Significance of 2013 Declaration of Helsinki Page:618—621
70. Constructing of Ethics Education Teaching Mode for Medical Students under Knowledge,Emotion, Will, Faith and Behavior Page:523—525
71. The Training of Clinical Interns′Professional Competence Under the Background of the New Health Care Environment Page:495—497
72. The Research Progress of Nurse Professionalism and Its Influencing Factors Page:491—494
73. American Ethical Review System and Its Enlightenment to China Page:625—627
74. Guidining Role of Reproductive Medical Ethics Committee in Artificial Insemination by Donor Semen and Case Analysis Page:605—607
75. Investigation on Education Content and Ways of Learning for Short Term Standardization Training in Advanced Training Nurse Page:599—601
76. Efficiency Analysis of Humanism in Nursing Management of Patients with Spinal Cord Injury Page:596—598
77. Application of Cascade Training Assessment in Improving Young Nurses′Humanistic Quality Page:593—595
78. Clinical Application of Bone Lengthening Growth Diary Page:579—580
79. Considerations on Ethical Issues of Clinical Decision Based on Case Study Page:575—578
80. Importance and Effective Ways of Developing the Doctor-patient Communication Skills for the Oncology Medical Students Page:572—574
81. Positive Significance of Confucianism on Moral Construction of College Counselors Page:517—519
82. Analyses on Chinese Excellent Traditional Medical Ethics Dealing with theDoctor-patient Relationship Page:514—516
83. Ethical Thinking on Long-term Stay Emergency ICU Patients Page:703—705
84. Impacts of Patient Care on Doctor-patient Trust-Field Studies Based on Capital City Tertiary Hospitals Page:699—702
85. The Causes, Effects and Ethical Countermeasures for Medical Violence Page:692—694
86. People Must Treat Radiological Check in Health Examination Rationally and Dialectically Page:689—691
87. Importance and Challenge of Non-Affiliated Scientific Member in Ethics Review Committee Page:686—688
88. Application of Reservation Case Teaching Method in Medical Ethics Teaching Page:812—814
89. The Application and Effectiveness Evaluation of Continuing Care Based on Humanistic Care for Out Patients with Facial Plastic Surgery Page:808—811
90. Construction of Medical Ethics Education Practice System for Medical Students Page:786—788
91. Traditional Medical Ethics and Cultivating the Core Socialist Values Page:782—785
92. Exploration on Life Significance Education in Medical Students from Vision of New Media Page:779—781
93. Study on the Cognition of Undergraduates on Advance Directives in Medical Undergraduates Page:775—778
94. Investigation on Dietary-related Behaviors of College Students and the Health Ethics Page:755—757
95. Ethical Significance of Extracorporeal Circulation Membrane Oxygenation Application in Donation Organ Transplantation Page:741—744
96. The Application of 3D Orthopedic Doctor-patient Communication Software Page:725—727
97. SWOT Analysis on Third-party Mediation Mechanism of Medical Disputes in China Page:706—708
98. Hospital 6S Management and Ethical Construction Page:827—829
99. Business and Management Strategy for Mandated Hospitals in New Medical Reform Page:824—826
100. Review on Current Status and Development Direction of Domestic and Foreign Medical Professionalism Studies Page:821—823
101. Application of Action Learning in Ethics Teaching For Operating Room Nursing Students Page:818—820
102. A Trial Practice of Blended Learning Course with MOOCs′Resources---Taking“Doctor-Patient Communication” as an Example Page:815—817
103. The Family Doctor′s Medical Humanistic Care for the Elderly in the Community under the Background of Population Aging Page:804—807
104. Evaluation of the Effects of Occupation Moral Training in Higher Vocational Nursing Students Page:802—804
105. Accompanying persons education effectiveness and Ethical analysis in the department of Geriatrics Page:798—801
106. Cultivating Medical Students′Narrating Ability Page:789—791
107. The Analysis and Education Countermeasure for Medical Students′Ideological Condition in the ‘Micro Era’ Page:772—774
108. Study on Damage Compensation for Subjects in Drugs Clinical Trials Page:758—761
109. Analysis the Positive Role of Speech Act Theory in Promoting the Oral English Skills of Doctor-patient Communication Page:734—736
110. Application Value of Doctor-patient Communication Courses to Medical Staff Page:731—733
111. Discussion on Ethical Responsibility of Network Media in Building Harmonious Doctor-patient Relationship Page:709—711
112. Literature Review on Medical Workplace Violence Page:695—698
113. Ethical and Legal Analysis on Genetic Discrimination Page:675—678
114. Scientific Research and Clinical Application of Stem Cell:a New Ethical Topic in Life Science Century Page:659—663
115. Ethical Analysis on Design and Signature of 2265 Clinical Trial Informed Consent Forms Page:762—764
116. The Practice of Improving the Pharmacy Ethics Education in Medical Students Page:765—768
117. The Continuous Improvement Practice of Ethics Quality Management in Drug Clinical Trial Page:769—771
118. Ethics Thinking on Construction of Medical Dispute Prevention and Control Mechanism Under the Perspective of Crisis Management Page:712—714
119. Assessment of the Reliability and Validity of the Clinical Reception Attitude Scale Page:715—718
120. Critical Discourse Analysis on Doctor-patient Conversations Page:719—721
121. Application of Progressive Doctor-patient Communication in Emergency ICU Page:722—724
122. Conflict Analysis and Countermeasures for Doctor-patient Communication from Both Doctors and Patients′Perspectives Page:728—730
123. Exploration of the Cultivation of Humanistic Quality of Clinicians Based on Competency Page:792—794
124. Exploring Effective Way for Improving Operating Room Nurses′Humanistic Exploring Effective Way for Improving Operating Room Nurses′Humanistic Quality by Using the Morning Shift Time Quality by Using the Morning Shift Time Page:795—798
125. Ethical View on the Impact of Hand Hygiene Culture Construction on Hand Hygiene Compliance Page:745—747
126. On Health Responsibility Page:748—751
127. Survey on Two-week Prevalence and Ethical Analysis in Rural Preschool Leftover Children in Shandong Province Page:752—754
128. Revealing Chinese Culture in the Ethical Review---Ethical Review Characteristics of Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine (III) Page:664—669
129. Reflection on In Vitro Fertilization Technology of“Three-parent Embryos” for Mitochondrial Diseases Page:679—682
130. Discussion on the Anti-scientific Views on Cancer Treatment and Their Influencing Page:683—685
131. Practical Teaching of Medical Humanistic Quality Education Page:481—486
132. Application of Responsibility Index in Medical Students′Professionalism Evaluation Page:487—490
133. Discussion on Medical Ethics Based on the History before the Sui Dynasty Page:507—509
134. Discussion on Medical Ethics Education in Inner Canon of Huangdi Page:510—513
135. Cultivating Students′Moral Imagination in Classroom---Taking Medical Ethics Teaching As an Example Page:526—528
136. Cultivation of Medical Students′Responsibility for Life Page:529—532
137. The Spirits of A Great Physician and Bioethics Integrate into Ideological and Moral Education of Medical Students Page:533—535
138. Approach of Improving Medical Students′Doctor-patient Communication Skills under the ESP Teaching Theory Page:536—538
139. Fairness of Urban and Rural Basic Medical Insurance Reform---Based on the Investigation of Hunan Province Page:542—545
140. Composing Factors, Evolution and Countermeasures for 621 Cases of Medical Disputes in A Top Level Hospital Page:546—548
141. Effect of Network Environment on the Doctor-patientRelationship from the Doctor′s Perspective Page:552—555
142. The Relationship Between Refresher Doctors and Nurses Page:556—557
143. Investigation and Analysis on Doctor-patientTrust in Shandong Province Page:558—562
144. Investigation and Analysis of the Satisfaction Degree with the Doctor-patient Communication Curriculum Reform in A Medical College in Guangdong Page:563—565
145. Under the perspective of Patients the investigation on demand and the current situation of doctor-patient communication Page:566—568
146. Applicationof the Principle of Informed Consent in Doctor-patient Communication Page:569—571
147. Humanism Therapy:Realization of Ethical Spirit in Perioperative Patients Page:581—584
148. Ethical Discussion on the Nursing of Pregnancy with syphilis patients Page:585—586
149. Investigation and Analysis of Satisfaction Degree of Hospitalized patients on Nursing in Primary Hospitals Page:615—617
150. Suggestion for Improving Subject Protection in Clinical Trail Page:622—624
151. Medical Genetic Ethics Dilemma and Countermeasures for Case Teaching Page:648—651
152. Ethical Issues and Countermeasures for Clinical Gene Diagnosis Page:652—654
153. Problems and Countermeasures for Professional Personality Cultivating in Medical Staff Page:498—501
154. On Value Pursuit of Harmonious Medical Ethics View Page:502—506
155. Medical Ethics Education New Path under the Academy System Mode for College Medical Students---Taking Xi′an Jiaotong University the Acadeny System Mode As an Example Page:520—522
156. Survey and Suggestion for Ethical Review of Paediatric Clinical Trials Page:628—631
157. About Long-term Hospitalization in Elderly Alzheimer's Patients Nursing Ethical Problem and Countermeasure Analysis Page:590—592
158. Effect of Policy Circumstance on the Change from Barefoot Doctor to Village Doctor---A Case Study in Huairou County of Beijing Page:632—634
159. Investigation on Satisfaction of Shaanxi Primary Medical Staff on Incentive Mechanism Page:635—638
160. Discussion on Humanistic Care for Falling Injured Patients When Working Aloft Page:642—644
161. Localization Research of Medical Social Work Ethics Page:608—610
162. Ethical Thinking on Hospital Laboratory Information System Page:611—614
163. Investigation and Analysis of Informed Consent in Assisted Reproductive Technology Institutions Page:645—647
164. Ethics Review for Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Page:325—331
165. Ethical Suggestions for Fetal Echocardiography Examination and Counseling Service Page:335—337
166. Ethics Issues and Strategy for New Endoscopy Techniques Page:338—340
167. Comparison of Doctor-patient Trust Mechanism between Doctors in Urban and Rural Areas from the Perspective of Rural Residents---Based on the Field Research in H County of Beijing Page:341—345
168. Analysis of Present Situation and Causes of the Doctor-patient Trust in Villager Autonomy Environment Page:346—348
169. Application of CICARE Communication Model in Emergency Nursing Page:390—392
170. Correlation Analysis on Nurse’ s Organizational Commitment and Their Professional Identity Page:419—422
171. Implementation and Results Analysis on Medical Students’ Training for Survival in Cities Page:423—425
172. Ethical Consciousness Cultivation of Medical Students in Clinical Teaching of Infectious Diseases Page:426—428
173. Analysis on Medical Ethics Education Reform from the Problems of Medical Human Resource Page:429—431
174. KAP Investigation and Ethical Countermeasures for Uv Occupational Injuries in Xi′an Physical Education Teachers Page:450—453
175. Health Outcomes Equity among the People Insured in New Rural Cooperative Medical System in Shaanxi Page:454—458
176. On the Service Orientation of Medical Psychology Page:460—462
177. “Moral Health” Under the Vision of Psychology Page:463—465
178. Ethical Concerns of Psychological Service Work in the Army Page:466—468
179. Thinking of Medical Colleges General Education in Independent Setting from the Viewpoint of Science and Technology and Humanities Combination Page:469—471
180. Life Education Practice in Medical Colleges and Universities Page:474—476
181. Medical Students′Humanistic Quality Education from the Perspective of Cultural Consciousness Page:477—479
182. Moral Defense for Ethical Review of Medical Technology Clinical Admittance Page:312—314
183. Informationization System Construction for Ethical Review of Medical Research Page:315—317
184. Considerations on Ethical Issues of Clinical Research Based on Case Study Page:318—321
185. Comprehending Bioethics Page:297—302
186. Investigation on Doctors Occupational Safety and Risk Prevention and Control Mechanism---Taking Beijing Middle-aged and Young Medical Workers as Example Page:303—307
187. Investigation and Ethical Countermeasures for Blood-borne Occupational Exposure in Medical Workers in General Hospitals Page:308—311
188. Problems and Countermeasure Analysis for Hospital Preparation′s Quality Standard Page:353—355
189. Ethical Issues and Countermeasures for the Management of Professional Staff in Hospital Page:356—358
190. Ethical and Legal Issues in the Compulsory Medical Service of Mental Patient from“Diagnosing Mental Disorder but Actually Not” Page:364—368
191. The Current Situation and Countermeasure for Doctor-patient Relationship from Medical Students′Viewpoint Page:383—385
192. Issues of Advance Medical Directive Page:386—389
193. Analysis on Causes and Countermeasures of Doctor-patient Conflicts under the Perspective of Ethics Page:393—395
194. Theory of Risk Communication and Its Application in Medical Risk Communication Page:396—398
195. Some Barriers to the Legalization of Death with Dignity in China Page:399—401
196. The Status of Hospice Care Policy in Our Country Page:402—404
197. Importance of Doctor-patient Communication Courses in Clinical Medicine Page:436—438
198. Investigation and Countermeasures for Network Moral Abnormality in Medical College Students Page:439—442
199. Ethical Reflection on the Construction and Operation of the Organ Procurement Organization Page:443—445
200. Promote Enterprise Culture Construction Based on Social Responsibility:Taking Food Enterprises as Example Page:446—449
201. Ethical Analysis on Iatrogenic Factors for Current Tense Doctor-patient Relationship Page:15—18
202. Social Psychological Analysis and Implications of Internet Public Opinion on Hospital Violence Page:21—25
203. Application of Quality Control Circle in Improving the Completion Rate of Bed Shifting of Duty Page:33—35
204. The Investigation of the Body Donation Will and Influence Factors of People in Yunnan Province Page:36—38
205. Risk Identification and Evaluation of Clinical Research Projects Page:39—43
206. Interest Conflicts and Prevention Strategy for Clinical Trial Page:44—46
207. Common Issues in the Initial Review of the Clinical Trial Ethics Committee Page:47—49
208. The Current Situation of Hospice Care and Influencing Factors in 235 Cases Page:50—52
209. Investigation and Analysis on Satisfaction Degree and Influence Factor in Grassroots Hospital Patients during New Health Care Reform Page:53—56
210. Ethics Principle Analysis and Policy Recommendations of the Family Doctor System in China Page:57—60
211. The Cultivation of Excellent Physician in Medical Colleges Based on General Education Theory Page:61—63
212. Effect of the Integration of Humanistic Care Education With Nursing English Teaching-Taking Mudanjiang Medical University as An Example Page:64—66
213. The Impact of Humanistic Spirit Cultivation on Nursing Students' Ethical Cognition Page:70—72
214. Cultivating Medical Humanities in Intern Doctors of Respiratory Department Page:73—75
215. Cultivating First Stop Comprehensive and Satisfactory Medical Service Awareness of Outpatient Charge Window Page:76—77
216. Ethical Issues and Strategies for Medical Examinations and Treatments Using Equipment Page:80—82
217. Doctor-patient Communication Oral English Teaching Reform under the ESP Teaching Philosophy Page:87—89
218. Application of Integration Health Education Mode in Capillary Bronchitis Patients' Caregiver Page:93—95
219. School Sports Ethics and Life Care Research Page:96—98
220. Survey on the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practical Factors towards Sperm Donation among Medical Students in Shanghai Page:99—102
221. The Influence of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Combined with Psychological and Ethical Intervention on Mood and Life Quality of Patients with Cancer Page:106—108
222. The Ethical Analysis of People-oriented Management of Nursing Human Resource in Hospital Page:109—111
223. Externality Theory of Public Hospital's Public Welfare Page:112—114
224. Network Ethics of College Students Page:119—121
225. Critical Discourse Analysis in Doctor-patient Discourse in Chinese Medical Clinic Page:8—12
226. Doctor-patient Communication Skills between Doctors and Hospitalized Patients Page:19—20
227. Ethical Considerations about the Cases of Commercial Genetic Testing in Obstetric Practice Page:26—29
228. Practice and Exploration of Medical Volunteers in High Quality Nursing Service in Oncology Department Page:30—32
229. Investigation and Strategy on the Humanistic Public Elective Courses in Medical Colleges in Guizhou Province Page:67—69
230. The Information Privacy Protection Issues and Countermeasures Analysis from the Development of Wearable Medical Devices Page:83—86
231. Inquiry-based Teaching in the Nursing Ethics Teaching Reform Page:90—92
232. The Ethical Countermeasures of the Mental Health of Patients with Chronic type B Hepatitis Page:103—105
233. Ethical Analysis on Hospital Website Construction Page:122—124
234. Ethical Principles in Medical Sci-tech Journal Editing Work Page:129—131
235. Analysis of Submission Information of Open Access Journal PLoS One Page:132—134
236. Disscussing About Improving Health Based on the moral Page:20,21—
237. The ethics and sensibilities in cadaver donating Page:56,57—
238. An Investigation on the AIDS Knowledge of College Students Page:18—19,25
239. In Blood Taking Some Problems Being Paid Attention to For the Gratuitous Donators of Blood Page:12—
240. Analysis of the Causes and Prevention Countermeasures for 32 Medical Disturbances in a Hospital in Shandong Page:13—14,29
241. The Common Issues During the Meeting of Ethic Review(II)-Comparison of the ethic committee meeting between China and U.S.A Page:322—324,325
242. Bioethical View on the Sports Value of Competitive Sports for the Disabled Page:472—473,474
243. Ethical Measures for Hospital Party Committee in Constructing Harmonious Doctor-patient Relationship Page:378—379,380
244. Effect of Humanistic Care on Long-term Treatment of Leukemia Children Page:639—641,642
245. Practice and Ethical Considerations on the leading role of Party Organizations in carrying forward the Hospital Spirit Page:602—604,605
246. Consideration on Strengthen the Ethical Education of Laboratory Animal in Pharmacology Experimental Teaching Page:539—541,542
247. Investigating the Status of Psychological Health for Nursing Fresher and Countermeasures Page:51—
248. Ethical Problems of Saving Innominate Patients Page:37,39—
249. Ethical and Legal Responsibilities for Narses'Behavior Page:8—9,16
250. Comparative Research on the Ethic and Law of Relationships Between Doctor and Patient Page:6—7,54
251. Upholding the Rights of Patingient and Defending Benefits of Hospital Page:4—5,6
252. The Significance of Carrying Forward the Spirit to Imrpove Doctors Humanistic Quality at New Era Page:78—79,105
253. Media Coping Strategy for Doctor-patient Dispute Processing in Hospital Page:359—360,361
254. Ethical Issues and Countermeasures and Suggestions for Mobile Medicine Page:332—334,335
255. Ethic Issues of Prenatal Diagnosis Procedure in Operation Nursing Practice Page:417—418,419
256. Ethical Consideration on Hospice and Palliative Care for Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer Page:405—406,407
257. Application of Painless Nursing in Postoperative Pain at Night Patients after Calcaneal Fractures Surgery Page:587—589,590
258. Informed & Consent of Patients and Particular Intervention of doctor Page:8—10
259. Ethical principles and Requirement of Medication Page:6—7
260. Ethics of withdrawal dialysis Page:55—56
261. The Development of a Scale of Doctors′attitude in outpatient encounter Page:549—551,552
262. Influencing Factors of Relations Between Nurses and Patient in Mental Department and Social Ethical Solution Page:13,14—