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Volume: Issue: 5

1. Ethical Thinking on Long-term Stay Emergency ICU Patients Page:703—705
2. Impacts of Patient Care on Doctor-patient Trust-Field Studies Based on Capital City Tertiary Hospitals Page:699—702
3. The Causes, Effects and Ethical Countermeasures for Medical Violence Page:692—694
4. People Must Treat Radiological Check in Health Examination Rationally and Dialectically Page:689—691
5. Importance and Challenge of Non-Affiliated Scientific Member in Ethics Review Committee Page:686—688
6. Discussion on the Anti-scientific Views on Cancer Treatment and Their Influencing Page:683—685
7. Reflection on In Vitro Fertilization Technology of“Three-parent Embryos” for Mitochondrial Diseases Page:679—682
8. Revealing Chinese Culture in the Ethical Review---Ethical Review Characteristics of Research of Traditional Chinese Medicine (III) Page:664—669
9. Application of Reservation Case Teaching Method in Medical Ethics Teaching Page:812—814
10. The Application and Effectiveness Evaluation of Continuing Care Based on Humanistic Care for Out Patients with Facial Plastic Surgery Page:808—811
11. Construction of Medical Ethics Education Practice System for Medical Students Page:786—788
12. Traditional Medical Ethics and Cultivating the Core Socialist Values Page:782—785
13. Exploration on Life Significance Education in Medical Students from Vision of New Media Page:779—781
14. Study on the Cognition of Undergraduates on Advance Directives in Medical Undergraduates Page:775—778
15. Investigation on Dietary-related Behaviors of College Students and the Health Ethics Page:755—757
16. Survey on Two-week Prevalence and Ethical Analysis in Rural Preschool Leftover Children in Shandong Province Page:752—754
17. On Health Responsibility Page:748—751
18. Ethical View on the Impact of Hand Hygiene Culture Construction on Hand Hygiene Compliance Page:745—747
19. Ethical Significance of Extracorporeal Circulation Membrane Oxygenation Application in Donation Organ Transplantation Page:741—744
20. The Application of 3D Orthopedic Doctor-patient Communication Software Page:725—727
21. SWOT Analysis on Third-party Mediation Mechanism of Medical Disputes in China Page:706—708
22. Hospital 6S Management and Ethical Construction Page:827—829
23. Business and Management Strategy for Mandated Hospitals in New Medical Reform Page:824—826
24. Review on Current Status and Development Direction of Domestic and Foreign Medical Professionalism Studies Page:821—823
25. Application of Action Learning in Ethics Teaching For Operating Room Nursing Students Page:818—820
26. A Trial Practice of Blended Learning Course with MOOCs′Resources---Taking“Doctor-Patient Communication” as an Example Page:815—817
27. The Family Doctor′s Medical Humanistic Care for the Elderly in the Community under the Background of Population Aging Page:804—807
28. Evaluation of the Effects of Occupation Moral Training in Higher Vocational Nursing Students Page:802—804
29. Accompanying persons education effectiveness and Ethical analysis in the department of Geriatrics Page:798—801
30. Exploring Effective Way for Improving Operating Room Nurses′Humanistic Exploring Effective Way for Improving Operating Room Nurses′Humanistic Quality by Using the Morning Shift Time Quality by Using the Morning Shift Time Page:795—798
31. Exploration of the Cultivation of Humanistic Quality of Clinicians Based on Competency Page:792—794
32. Cultivating Medical Students′Narrating Ability Page:789—791
33. The Analysis and Education Countermeasure for Medical Students′Ideological Condition in the ‘Micro Era’ Page:772—774
34. Study on Damage Compensation for Subjects in Drugs Clinical Trials Page:758—761
35. Analysis the Positive Role of Speech Act Theory in Promoting the Oral English Skills of Doctor-patient Communication Page:734—736
36. Application Value of Doctor-patient Communication Courses to Medical Staff Page:731—733
37. Conflict Analysis and Countermeasures for Doctor-patient Communication from Both Doctors and Patients′Perspectives Page:728—730
38. Application of Progressive Doctor-patient Communication in Emergency ICU Page:722—724
39. Critical Discourse Analysis on Doctor-patient Conversations Page:719—721
40. Assessment of the Reliability and Validity of the Clinical Reception Attitude Scale Page:715—718
41. Ethics Thinking on Construction of Medical Dispute Prevention and Control Mechanism Under the Perspective of Crisis Management Page:712—714
42. Discussion on Ethical Responsibility of Network Media in Building Harmonious Doctor-patient Relationship Page:709—711
43. Literature Review on Medical Workplace Violence Page:695—698
44. Ethical and Legal Analysis on Genetic Discrimination Page:675—678
45. Scientific Research and Clinical Application of Stem Cell:a New Ethical Topic in Life Science Century Page:659—663
46. The Continuous Improvement Practice of Ethics Quality Management in Drug Clinical Trial Page:769—771
47. The Practice of Improving the Pharmacy Ethics Education in Medical Students Page:765—768
48. Ethical Analysis on Design and Signature of 2265 Clinical Trial Informed Consent Forms Page:762—764