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Volume: Issue: 4

1. The Revision and Significance of 2013 Declaration of Helsinki Page:618—621
2. Investigation and Analysis of Informed Consent in Assisted Reproductive Technology Institutions Page:645—647
3. Ethical Thinking on Hospital Laboratory Information System Page:611—614
4. Localization Research of Medical Social Work Ethics Page:608—610
5. Discussion on Humanistic Care for Falling Injured Patients When Working Aloft Page:642—644
6. Investigation on Satisfaction of Shaanxi Primary Medical Staff on Incentive Mechanism Page:635—638
7. Effect of Policy Circumstance on the Change from Barefoot Doctor to Village Doctor---A Case Study in Huairou County of Beijing Page:632—634
8. About Long-term Hospitalization in Elderly Alzheimer's Patients Nursing Ethical Problem and Countermeasure Analysis Page:590—592
9. Survey and Suggestion for Ethical Review of Paediatric Clinical Trials Page:628—631
10. Constructing of Ethics Education Teaching Mode for Medical Students under Knowledge,Emotion, Will, Faith and Behavior Page:523—525
11. Medical Ethics Education New Path under the Academy System Mode for College Medical Students---Taking Xi′an Jiaotong University the Acadeny System Mode As an Example Page:520—522
12. On Value Pursuit of Harmonious Medical Ethics View Page:502—506
13. Problems and Countermeasures for Professional Personality Cultivating in Medical Staff Page:498—501
14. The Training of Clinical Interns′Professional Competence Under the Background of the New Health Care Environment Page:495—497
15. The Research Progress of Nurse Professionalism and Its Influencing Factors Page:491—494
16. Ethical Issues and Countermeasures for Clinical Gene Diagnosis Page:652—654
17. Medical Genetic Ethics Dilemma and Countermeasures for Case Teaching Page:648—651
18. American Ethical Review System and Its Enlightenment to China Page:625—627
19. Suggestion for Improving Subject Protection in Clinical Trail Page:622—624
20. Investigation and Analysis of Satisfaction Degree of Hospitalized patients on Nursing in Primary Hospitals Page:615—617
21. Guidining Role of Reproductive Medical Ethics Committee in Artificial Insemination by Donor Semen and Case Analysis Page:605—607
22. Investigation on Education Content and Ways of Learning for Short Term Standardization Training in Advanced Training Nurse Page:599—601
23. Efficiency Analysis of Humanism in Nursing Management of Patients with Spinal Cord Injury Page:596—598
24. Application of Cascade Training Assessment in Improving Young Nurses′Humanistic Quality Page:593—595
25. Ethical Discussion on the Nursing of Pregnancy with syphilis patients Page:585—586
26. Humanism Therapy:Realization of Ethical Spirit in Perioperative Patients Page:581—584
27. Clinical Application of Bone Lengthening Growth Diary Page:579—580
28. Considerations on Ethical Issues of Clinical Decision Based on Case Study Page:575—578
29. Importance and Effective Ways of Developing the Doctor-patient Communication Skills for the Oncology Medical Students Page:572—574
30. Applicationof the Principle of Informed Consent in Doctor-patient Communication Page:569—571
31. Under the perspective of Patients the investigation on demand and the current situation of doctor-patient communication Page:566—568
32. Investigation and Analysis of the Satisfaction Degree with the Doctor-patient Communication Curriculum Reform in A Medical College in Guangdong Page:563—565
33. Investigation and Analysis on Doctor-patientTrust in Shandong Province Page:558—562
34. The Relationship Between Refresher Doctors and Nurses Page:556—557
35. Effect of Network Environment on the Doctor-patientRelationship from the Doctor′s Perspective Page:552—555
36. Composing Factors, Evolution and Countermeasures for 621 Cases of Medical Disputes in A Top Level Hospital Page:546—548
37. Fairness of Urban and Rural Basic Medical Insurance Reform---Based on the Investigation of Hunan Province Page:542—545
38. Approach of Improving Medical Students′Doctor-patient Communication Skills under the ESP Teaching Theory Page:536—538
39. The Spirits of A Great Physician and Bioethics Integrate into Ideological and Moral Education of Medical Students Page:533—535
40. Cultivation of Medical Students′Responsibility for Life Page:529—532
41. Cultivating Students′Moral Imagination in Classroom---Taking Medical Ethics Teaching As an Example Page:526—528
42. Positive Significance of Confucianism on Moral Construction of College Counselors Page:517—519
43. Analyses on Chinese Excellent Traditional Medical Ethics Dealing with theDoctor-patient Relationship Page:514—516
44. Discussion on Medical Ethics Education in Inner Canon of Huangdi Page:510—513
45. Discussion on Medical Ethics Based on the History before the Sui Dynasty Page:507—509
46. Application of Responsibility Index in Medical Students′Professionalism Evaluation Page:487—490
47. Practical Teaching of Medical Humanistic Quality Education Page:481—486
48. Effect of Humanistic Care on Long-term Treatment of Leukemia Children Page:639—641,642
49. Practice and Ethical Considerations on the leading role of Party Organizations in carrying forward the Hospital Spirit Page:602—604,605
50. Application of Painless Nursing in Postoperative Pain at Night Patients after Calcaneal Fractures Surgery Page:587—589,590
51. The Development of a Scale of Doctors′attitude in outpatient encounter Page:549—551,552
52. Consideration on Strengthen the Ethical Education of Laboratory Animal in Pharmacology Experimental Teaching Page:539—541,542