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Volume: Issue: 3

1. Promote Enterprise Culture Construction Based on Social Responsibility:Taking Food Enterprises as Example Page:446—449
2. Ethical Reflection on the Construction and Operation of the Organ Procurement Organization Page:443—445
3. Investigation and Countermeasures for Network Moral Abnormality in Medical College Students Page:439—442
4. Importance of Doctor-patient Communication Courses in Clinical Medicine Page:436—438
5. Communication Ability Evaluation and Construction of Education Mode in Medical Students Page:432—435
6. The Ethical Conflicts of“Moral Majority” and Homosexual“ Minority” Page:415—416
7. Analysis of Simple Bioethics in the Chinese Traditional Culture Page:412—414
8. Ancient Greek Medicine and Ancient Chinese Medicine Division from the Relationgship between Medicine and Philosophy:Taking the Hippocratic Corpus and the Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor for Example Page:407—411
9. The Status of Hospice Care Policy in Our Country Page:402—404
10. Some Barriers to the Legalization of Death with Dignity in China Page:399—401
11. Theory of Risk Communication and Its Application in Medical Risk Communication Page:396—398
12. Analysis on Causes and Countermeasures of Doctor-patient Conflicts under the Perspective of Ethics Page:393—395
13. Issues of Advance Medical Directive Page:386—389
14. The Current Situation and Countermeasure for Doctor-patient Relationship from Medical Students′Viewpoint Page:383—385
15. Ethical and Legal Issues in the Compulsory Medical Service of Mental Patient from“Diagnosing Mental Disorder but Actually Not” Page:364—368
16. Ethical Issues and Countermeasures for the Management of Professional Staff in Hospital Page:356—358
17. Problems and Countermeasure Analysis for Hospital Preparation′s Quality Standard Page:353—355
18. Investigation and Ethical Countermeasures for Blood-borne Occupational Exposure in Medical Workers in General Hospitals Page:308—311
19. Investigation on Doctors Occupational Safety and Risk Prevention and Control Mechanism---Taking Beijing Middle-aged and Young Medical Workers as Example Page:303—307
20. Comprehending Bioethics Page:297—302
21. Considerations on Ethical Issues of Clinical Research Based on Case Study Page:318—321
22. Informationization System Construction for Ethical Review of Medical Research Page:315—317
23. Moral Defense for Ethical Review of Medical Technology Clinical Admittance Page:312—314
24. Medical Students′Humanistic Quality Education from the Perspective of Cultural Consciousness Page:477—479
25. Life Education Practice in Medical Colleges and Universities Page:474—476
26. Thinking of Medical Colleges General Education in Independent Setting from the Viewpoint of Science and Technology and Humanities Combination Page:469—471
27. Ethical Concerns of Psychological Service Work in the Army Page:466—468
28. “Moral Health” Under the Vision of Psychology Page:463—465
29. On the Service Orientation of Medical Psychology Page:460—462
30. Health Outcomes Equity among the People Insured in New Rural Cooperative Medical System in Shaanxi Page:454—458
31. KAP Investigation and Ethical Countermeasures for Uv Occupational Injuries in Xi′an Physical Education Teachers Page:450—453
32. Analysis on Medical Ethics Education Reform from the Problems of Medical Human Resource Page:429—431
33. Ethical Consciousness Cultivation of Medical Students in Clinical Teaching of Infectious Diseases Page:426—428
34. Implementation and Results Analysis on Medical Students’ Training for Survival in Cities Page:423—425
35. Correlation Analysis on Nurse’ s Organizational Commitment and Their Professional Identity Page:419—422
36. Application of CICARE Communication Model in Emergency Nursing Page:390—392
37. Ethical Issues in the Signature and Execution of Certificate of Authorization of Cancer Patients Page:380—382
38. Investigation and Analysis on Degree of Job Datisfaction of Grassroots Medical Personnel and Influencing Factor from the Perspective of New Health Care Reform Page:374—377
39. Analysis of Influencing Factors for Attitude Shifting to Mental Health Work among Non-psychiatric Doctors in General Hospitals Page:369—373
40. Ethical Consideration on Totally Endoscopic Thyroidectomy Page:361—363
41. Present Situation and Influencing Factor of the Doctor-patient Trust in Rural Area from the Villager′s Perspective Page:349—352
42. Analysis of Present Situation and Causes of the Doctor-patient Trust in Villager Autonomy Environment Page:346—348
43. Comparison of Doctor-patient Trust Mechanism between Doctors in Urban and Rural Areas from the Perspective of Rural Residents---Based on the Field Research in H County of Beijing Page:341—345
44. Ethics Issues and Strategy for New Endoscopy Techniques Page:338—340
45. Ethical Suggestions for Fetal Echocardiography Examination and Counseling Service Page:335—337
46. Ethics Review for Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Page:325—331
47. Media Coping Strategy for Doctor-patient Dispute Processing in Hospital Page:359—360,361
48. Ethical Issues and Countermeasures and Suggestions for Mobile Medicine Page:332—334,335
49. The Common Issues During the Meeting of Ethic Review(II)-Comparison of the ethic committee meeting between China and U.S.A Page:322—324,325
50. Bioethical View on the Sports Value of Competitive Sports for the Disabled Page:472—473,474
51. Ethic Issues of Prenatal Diagnosis Procedure in Operation Nursing Practice Page:417—418,419
52. Ethical Consideration on Hospice and Palliative Care for Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer Page:405—406,407
53. Ethical Measures for Hospital Party Committee in Constructing Harmonious Doctor-patient Relationship Page:378—379,380