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Volume: Issue: 2

1. Ethical Conflicts About Emergency Treatment in Disaster Medicine Page:28—29
2. Health Quotient-The Concept should be set up Page:17—19
3. An Ethical Discussion about Senile Patients of Dermatosis and Venereal Disease in the Diagnosis and Treatment Page:4—5
4. Ways and Means for Doctor-patient Communication under the New Situation Page:293—294
5. A Discussion on the Application of Social Media in Doctor-patient Communication Page:290—292
6. Causes and Countermeasures for the Doctor-patient Communication Barriers Page:288—289
7. Investigation and Analysis on the Components of Excellent Physician's Professionalism Page:270—272
8. Construction of Medical Humanities Education Mode Page:267—269
9. Construction of Curriculum System of Medical Humanity Based on the Quality Features of Famous Doctors Page:264—266
10. Practice and Exploration on Constructing Humanistic Quality Education Mode for Xinjiang Medical Personnel Page:262—263
11. Strengthening Medical Humanistic General Education in Medical Colleges and Universities Page:259—261
12. Cultivation of Professional Ethics of Young Teachers after 80 s in Medical Colleges and Universities Page:253—255
13. Status and Prospect for Medical Students'Volunteer Service Page:250—252
14. Investigation on the Humanistic Quality of Nursing Undergraduate Interns Page:247—249
15. Construction of Charity Culture Cultivation System Page:244—246
16. Returning Path of Medical Humanities Spirit Based on the Current Situation of Medical Humanities Teaching Page:256—258
17. Thinking about the Application and Countermeasures of ART in China Page:241—243
18. The Ethics Issues and the Relevant Countermeasures for Abortion of Disposal Page:238—240
19. Effect Analysis of High Quality Nursing Service in Department of Neurosurgery Page:212—214
20. Analysis of Introspecting Diary of Early Stage Clinical Communication in Nursing Students Page:209—211
21. Ethical Reflection and Countermeasure for Peripheral Inserted Center Catheter Applications Page:236—237
22. Ethical Thinking on Improving the Nursing Quality in Department of Nephrology Page:218—219
23. The Education and Thinking on Nursing Students'Professional Values Page:215—217
24. Application of Quality Control Circle in Reducing Nosocomial Infection and Its Ethical Discussion Page:206—208
25. Humanistic Service in Outpatients and the Kano Model Analysis Page:203—205
26. The Role of the General Practitioners in Aging Society Page:197—199
27. Fair Benchmarks of Evaluation Framework for Health Resource Allocation and Its Reference for China Page:200—202
28. Medical and Humanistic Analysis on Psychological States of Medical Staff and Patients'Families during the Development of Health Services Page:195—196
29. Ethical Review on Placebo Control in Ophthalmic New Drug Clinical Trials Page:189—190
30. Risk-Benefit Analysis and Assessment in Ethical Review:A Study Based on Literature Review Page:186—188
31. Key Points of Ethic Review on Clinical Trials of Traditional Chinese Medicine Page:183—185
32. Ethical Review on Informed Consent in Medical Research Page:180—182
33. Ethical Roles of Dispute Processing Personnel in Medical Dispute Page:295—296
34. A Qualitative Research of Medical Humane Care in Improving Doctor-patient Relationship Page:284—287
35. Medical Ethics Education for Standardization Training and Teacher Training of Resident Doctors in Zhejiang Province Page:276—277
36. Correlation Analysis between Medical Professionalism Construction and Hospital Service Quality Improvement in Baoji Page:273—275
37. Medical Ethics Analysis on Clinical Research Paper about Tuberculosis Page:233—235
38. Cultivating Mode, Mechanism of Action and Cognitive Evaluation for Professional Quality in Nursing Students Based on the Second Classroom Page:224—226
39. Investigation on Job Burnout of Clinical Nursing Teachers in Different Departments in X City Page:220—223
40. The Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Doctor-patient Trust in Township Hospitals under the New Health Care Reform Page:173—176
41. Comparative Study on the Construction of Rural Doctors under the New Health Care Reform:A Study Based on 6 Provinces and Cities in China Page:169—172
42. A Key Place for American Bioethical Study:Kennedy Institute of Ethics Page:159—161
43. Changes in Contexts, Issues and Ethical Approaches:Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics--From First Edition to Second Edition Page:155—158
44. Analysis on Conflict of Contemporary College Students'Network Ethics Page:281—283
45. Combination of Ideological and Political Education with Medical Ethics Education in Medical Students Page:278—280
46. Problems and Countermeasures for Medical Students'Moral Practice in the New Period Page:230—232
47. Ethics Thingking on about Therapeutic Strategies for Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer Page:227—229
48. Ethical Strategies for Improving the Construction and Development of Health Personnel in Villages Page:177—179
49. Norman Daniels Page:162—168
50. Disscussing About Improving Health Based on the moral Page:20,21—
51. The ethics and sensibilities in cadaver donating Page:56,57—
52. Informed & Consent of Patients and Particular Intervention of doctor Page:8—10
53. Ethical principles and Requirement of Medication Page:6—7