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Volume: Issue: 1

1. An Investigation on college Student's Knouledge About Generation Health Page:20—22
2. Understanding on Setting up Harmonious Relationships Between Hospitals and Patients Page:15—16
3. Ethical Reflection on the Celebrities' Spermatozoon Storeroom Page:60—61
4. Analyses on Role Dispute Between Nurse and Patient and Countermeasure in Integrated Nursing Page:46—47
5. On Speciality and Significance of Medical Moral Page:35—36
6. Ethical Problems of “Network Society” as Well as the Affection on Medical Moral Page:27—28
7. An Investigation on College Students'Knowledge About STDS Page:23—25
8. Mutual Action Between Doctor and Patient-Certain Tendency on Development of Relationship Between Doctor and Patient Page:10—11
9. Ethical Analysis on Iatrogenic Factors for Current Tense Doctor-patient Relationship Page:15—18
10. Social Psychological Analysis and Implications of Internet Public Opinion on Hospital Violence Page:21—25
11. Application of Quality Control Circle in Improving the Completion Rate of Bed Shifting of Duty Page:33—35
12. The Investigation of the Body Donation Will and Influence Factors of People in Yunnan Province Page:36—38
13. Risk Identification and Evaluation of Clinical Research Projects Page:39—43
14. Interest Conflicts and Prevention Strategy for Clinical Trial Page:44—46
15. Common Issues in the Initial Review of the Clinical Trial Ethics Committee Page:47—49
16. The Current Situation of Hospice Care and Influencing Factors in 235 Cases Page:50—52
17. Investigation and Analysis on Satisfaction Degree and Influence Factor in Grassroots Hospital Patients during New Health Care Reform Page:53—56
18. Ethics Principle Analysis and Policy Recommendations of the Family Doctor System in China Page:57—60
19. The Cultivation of Excellent Physician in Medical Colleges Based on General Education Theory Page:61—63
20. Effect of the Integration of Humanistic Care Education With Nursing English Teaching-Taking Mudanjiang Medical University as An Example Page:64—66
21. The Impact of Humanistic Spirit Cultivation on Nursing Students' Ethical Cognition Page:70—72
22. Cultivating Medical Humanities in Intern Doctors of Respiratory Department Page:73—75
23. Cultivating First Stop Comprehensive and Satisfactory Medical Service Awareness of Outpatient Charge Window Page:76—77
24. Ethical Issues and Strategies for Medical Examinations and Treatments Using Equipment Page:80—82
25. Doctor-patient Communication Oral English Teaching Reform under the ESP Teaching Philosophy Page:87—89
26. Application of Integration Health Education Mode in Capillary Bronchitis Patients' Caregiver Page:93—95
27. School Sports Ethics and Life Care Research Page:96—98
28. Survey on the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practical Factors towards Sperm Donation among Medical Students in Shanghai Page:99—102
29. The Influence of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Combined with Psychological and Ethical Intervention on Mood and Life Quality of Patients with Cancer Page:106—108
30. The Ethical Analysis of People-oriented Management of Nursing Human Resource in Hospital Page:109—111
31. Externality Theory of Public Hospital's Public Welfare Page:112—114
32. Network Ethics of College Students Page:119—121
33. Ethical Issues in the Pension Institutions and Social Transformation of Pension Pattern in China Page:125—128
34. Doctor-patient Relationship Pattern Research during Resident Doctor's Standardized Training Page:5—7
35. Critical Discourse Analysis in Doctor-patient Discourse in Chinese Medical Clinic Page:8—12
36. Doctor-patient Communication Skills between Doctors and Hospitalized Patients Page:19—20
37. Ethical Considerations about the Cases of Commercial Genetic Testing in Obstetric Practice Page:26—29
38. Practice and Exploration of Medical Volunteers in High Quality Nursing Service in Oncology Department Page:30—32
39. Investigation and Strategy on the Humanistic Public Elective Courses in Medical Colleges in Guizhou Province Page:67—69
40. The Information Privacy Protection Issues and Countermeasures Analysis from the Development of Wearable Medical Devices Page:83—86
41. Inquiry-based Teaching in the Nursing Ethics Teaching Reform Page:90—92
42. The Ethical Countermeasures of the Mental Health of Patients with Chronic type B Hepatitis Page:103—105
43. Ethical Analysis on Hospital Website Construction Page:122—124
44. Ethical Principles in Medical Sci-tech Journal Editing Work Page:129—131
45. Analysis of Submission Information of Open Access Journal PLoS One Page:132—134
46. An Investigation on the AIDS Knowledge of College Students Page:18—19,25
47. In Blood Taking Some Problems Being Paid Attention to For the Gratuitous Donators of Blood Page:12—
48. Investigating the Status of Psychological Health for Nursing Fresher and Countermeasures Page:51—
49. Ethical Problems of Saving Innominate Patients Page:37,39—
50. Ethical and Legal Responsibilities for Narses'Behavior Page:8—9,16
51. Comparative Research on the Ethic and Law of Relationships Between Doctor and Patient Page:6—7,54
52. Upholding the Rights of Patingient and Defending Benefits of Hospital Page:4—5,6
53. Analysis of the Causes and Prevention Countermeasures for 32 Medical Disturbances in a Hospital in Shandong Page:13—14,29
54. The Significance of Carrying Forward the Spirit to Imrpove Doctors Humanistic Quality at New Era Page:78—79,105
55. Ethics of withdrawal dialysis Page:55—56
56. Influencing Factors of Relations Between Nurses and Patient in Mental Department and Social Ethical Solution Page:13,14—