Volume: 7 Issue: 1

1. Whole blood cyclosporine measurement by fluorescence polarization immunoassay. Page:77—82
2. Immunohistochemical study of dendritic cells in vascular lesion of renal allografts with chronic rejection. Page:69—75
3. The immunosuppressive effects of liver regeneration factor after 30% and 100% liver transplantation in rat. Page:57—68
4. The effect of ultraviolet-B irradiated donor-specific blood transfusion and cyclosporin A on cardiac allograft survival and mixed lymphocyte reaction in rats. Page:47—56
5. Experimental hepatocyte transplantation. Page:39—45
6. Concept of brain death and medical utilization. Page:1—10
7. A questionnaire survey of HLA laboratories in Korea(1993). Page:245—248
8. A case of kidney transplantation in primary oxalosis. Page:237—243
9. Renal transplantation using ileal conduits in 3 cases. Page:231—236
10. Primary aldosteronism detected after renal transplantation. Page:227—230
11. Two cases of EBV infection associated malignant lymphoma in renal transplant patients. Page:217—225
12. Malignant tumors in renal transplant recipients receiving longterm immunosuppression: Their treatment and prognosis. Page:211—215
13. Treatment of steroid-resistant acute rejection after renal allograft. Page:201—210
14. Effects of intraoperative fluid managements on the outcomes of renal transplantation in living donor. Page:193—200
15. Neurologic complications in renal transplant recipients. Page:187—192
16. A comparison of urologic complications between extravesical and modified politano ureteroneocystostomy in living donor renal transplantation. Page:179—185
17. The surgical approach to urologic complications of 1,000 renal transplants. Page:173—177
18. Surgical complications of renal transplantation. Page:165—171
19. Pregnancy following renal transplantation. Page:157—164
20. The outcome of pregnancy following renal transplantation. Page:149—155
21. Survey for characteristics of long-term survivors(>10 years) after kidney transplantation. Page:141—148
22. Long-term effects of HLA matching on graft survivals in cyclosporine treated living kidney transplants. Page:129—139
23. An analysis of 15 cases of cadaveric kidney transplantation. Page:119—127
24. A clinical analysis of 80 renal transplantation. Page:107—117
25. A clinical analysis of 50 cases of renal transplantation. Page:95—105
26. Usefulness of ultrasound guided percutaneous needle biopsy in the renal allograft. Page:83—93