WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Women Health Nursing> 2006> 12

Volume: 12

1. A Study on Health Status of Elderly Women in Urban Area. Page:61—69
2. Longitudinal Study on the Profiles of Symptom Distress and Functional Status in Gynecologic Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy. Page:53—60
3. Effects of Action Oriented Breast Self-examination(BSE) Education on Knowledge, Self-efficacy, and Performance Competence in Nursing Students. Page:47—52
4. Effects of an Exercise Program on Physical Functions and Quality of Life for Mastectomy Patients. Page:37—46
5. Risk Factors, Subjective Symptoms, Knowledge of Coronary Artery Disease and Preventive Health Practices in Postmenopausal Women. Page:29—36
6. A Study on Sex Role Identity and Family Group Characteristics among University Students. Page:22—28
7. Current Status of Clinical Practice Education in Maternity Nursing in Korea: four-year course nursing schools centered. Page:12—21
8. Concept Analysis of Palliation. Page:5—11
9. Effects of Aromatherapy Massage on Pain, Physical Function, Sleep Disturbance and Depression in Elderly Women with Osteoarthritis. Page:168—176
10. A Study of Stress of Middle-aged Women with a Senior in High School. Page:156—167
11. A Study of Relationship Knowledge, Depression and Quality of Life of Mothers with Hemophilic Children. Page:150—155
12. Effects of Self-Hand Massage with Aroma Oil on Daily Cigarette Use, Smoking Craving and Depression of Female High School Student Smokers. Page:142—149
13. Factors Influencing Health Promoting Behaviors of University Students using Pender's Model. Page:132—141
14. Perceptions of Emergency Contraceptive Pills among Young Korean Women. Page:124—131
15. A Study on the Relationship between Health Perception, Prenatal Care Behaviors and Health Promoting Behaviors in Unmarried Pregnant Women. Page:115—123
16. Effects of Abdominal Breathing on Preterm Labor Anxiety. Page:106—114
17. Effects of A Qigong Training Program on the Anxiety and Labor Pain of Primipara. Page:97—105
18. A Fundamental Study for a System Establishment of Advanced Practice Nursing for Gynecological Cancer Patients. Page:87—96
19. Breast Cancer Screening Behaviors in Working Women. Page:363—370
20. Postpartum Depression and its Predictors at Six Months Postpartum. Page:355—362
21. Effects of an Abdominal Obesity Management Program on Body Composition and Physiological Indicators in Women with Abdominal Obesity. Page:348—354
22. Personality-based Contraception Behavior of Female College Students. Page:338—347
23. Application of Problem-Based Learning(PBL) for Students' Practice in Maternity Nursing. Page:326—337
24. Development of a Critical Pathway for Patients with Uterine Artery Embolization. Page:316—325
25. Sexual Functioning in Women with Gynecologic Cancer. Page:308—315
26. The Effects of a Sexual Violence Counselor Program on Knowledge toward Sexual Violence, Sexual Autonomy and Rape Myths. Page:301—307
27. Effects of Koryo Hand Therapy on Menopausal Symptoms and Blood Lipid Levels in Middle-aged Women. Page:291—300
28. Evaluation of Korean Internet Websites for Postnatal Care(Sanhujori). Page:282—290
29. Fatigue and Factors Influencing Fatigue in Middle-aged Adults by Age Groups. Page:273—281
30. Actual State of Recognition and Experience of Love, Sex Knowledge and Self-esteem in Girl's Middle and High School Students. Page:249—256
31. Effects of a Qigong Prenatal Education Program on Anxiety, Depression and Physical Symptoms in Pregnant Women. Page:240—248
32. A Comparative Study on Maternal Role Confidence and Parenting Stress according to the Infant's Feeding Method. Page:231—239
33. A Study on the Perceived Health Status, Depression, and Activities of Daily Living for the Elderly in Urban Areas. Page:221—230
34. A Study on the Relationship between Risk Behaviors, Sexual Knowledge, Sexual Attitudes, and Sexual Experience in Male High School Students. Page:210—220
35. A Validation Study on the Translated Korean Version of the Edinbergh Postnatal Depression Scale. Page:204—209
36. Married Women's Opinion of the Spouse's Punishment in Domestic Violence Cases. Page:193—203