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Volume: 24 Issue: 5

1. Urinary Transforming Growth Factor-beta1 is a Robust Predictor of Kidney Disease Progression. Page:755—762
2. Clinical Utility of Random Spot Urine Protein to Creatinine Ratio Modified by Estimated Daily Creatinine Excretion. Page:749—754
3. The Effect of RNA Interference for TGF-beta1 Overexpression in Rat with Unilateral Ureteral Obstruction. Page:739—748
4. Hypoxia Induces Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF) in Cultured Tubular Cells. Page:729—738
5. Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Enhances Dendritic Cell Infiltration and TLR2 Expression in Rat Kidneys. Page:718—728
6. High Glucose and Advanced Glycosylation Endproducts (AGE) Modulate the CD2AP Expression in Glomerular Epithelial Cells (GEpC). Page:709—717
7. Effect of Spironolactone on Progression of Nephropathy in Type 2 Diabetic Rat Model. Page:699—708
8. Aldosterone Receptor Blockade Prevents Inflammatory Reaction on Type 2 Diabetic Nephropathy. Page:691—698
9. Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System Blockade and Renal Protection in Diabetic Nephropathy. Page:687—690
10. A Case of Acute Theophylline Intoxication Treated with Hemoperfusion. Page:860—863
11. Two Cases of Severe Hyperglycemia after Overdose of Amlodipine. Page:856—859
12. A Case of Allopurinol Hypersensitivity Syndrome in a Patient with Chronic Renal Failure. Page:851—855
13. A Case of Primary Aldosteronism with Rhabdomyolysis. Page:845—850
14. A Case of Anti-Glomerular Basement Membrane Gomerulonephritis Superimposed on Preexisting Membranous Nephropathy. Page:838—844
15. A Case of Microscopic Polyangiitis Associated with Paranasal Sinusitis and Pulmonary Hemorrhage. Page:832—837
16. A Case of Lupus Nephritis Associated with Transiently Decreased C1 Inactivator Activity and Angioedema. Page:828—831
17. Clinical Analysis of 19 Renal Transplant Recipients Back from China to Korea. Page:821—827
18. Comparison of Sleep Disturbance in Patients Treated with Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis and Renal Transplantation. Page:813—820
19. The Change of Lung Diffusing Capacity for Dialysis Duration and Membranes in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients. Page:805—812
20. Clinical Significance of B-type Natriuretic Peptide Levels and Impedance Cardiography in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients. Page:797—804
21. The Clinical Significance of Nutrition Assessed by DEXA in Hemodialysis Patients. Page:789—796
22. Survival Differences by Dialysis Modality among Incident End-stage Renal Disease Patients with Preexisting Coronary Artery Disease. Page:778—788
23. Influencing Factors to the Filter Life on Continuous Venovenous Hemodiafiltration without Anticoagulantion. Page:772—777
24. Mycophenolate Mofetil Therapy in Severe Membranous Nephropathy and Diffuse Proliferative Lupus Nephritis: Clinical Observation. Page:763—771