WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Immunology> 1992> 14> 2

Volume: 14 Issue: 2

1. Production mechanism of anti-phospholipid antibody and analysis of its recognition profile. Page:187—192
2. Comparison of highly purified isolation of polymorphonuclear granular neutrophil by use of chemiluminescence. Page:181—185
3. Delayed recovery of cell-mediated immune response after sublethalirradiation. Page:297—302
4. Effects of cAMP and cGMP on the blockade of TCR-CD3-mediated cytoplasmic free calcium increased by cholera toxin in human peripheral blood T lymphocytes. Page:287—295
5. Enhanced resistance of mice to listeria infection with nativesteroid dehydroepiandrosterone(DHEA). Page:273—285
6. A study on allele frequencies of HLA-DR, DQ, DP by two-step PCR in Korean. Page:261—271
7. Effects of monoclonal anti-IL-4 antbody(11B11) and interferons onIgE production in vivo and hypersensitivity reactions I. inductionof systemic anaphylaxis in mice by antigen-specific IgG and IgG subclasses monoclonal antibodies. Page:247—259
8. Effects of monoclonal anti-IL-4 antibody(11B11) and interferons on IgE production in vivo and hypersensitivity reactions II. suppressive effects of a PAF antagonist, BN 50739 on active systemic anaphylaxis in sensitized mice. Page:231—245
9. Changes of natural killer cell cytotoxicity after treatment with prednisolone and interferon-alpha of chronic active hepatitis B. Page:221—229
10. Effects of various cytokines on the production of reactive oxygenintermediates from murine macrophages. Page:213—220
11. Regulation of transforming growth factor-beta1 synthesis by nurine T lymphocytes and its effect of IgA antibody response. Page:203—211
12. The roles of interleukin-6 in fibrosis. Page:193—202