Volume: 18

1. The Anterior Interosseous Nerve Syndrome: Clinical Investigation of Surgically Treated 7 Cases. Page:67—74
2. Staged Reconstruction of the Mangled Hand with the Combined Use of Pedicled Groin Flap and Free Wrap Around Flap. Page:62—66
3. Shoulder Arthrodesis in Brachial Plexus Injury Patient. Page:55—61
4. Muscle Free Flap Transplantation in Chronic Osteomyelitis of the Lower Extremities. Page:49—54
5. Indications and Prognostic Factors of Groin Flap for Reconstruction of the Extremities. Page:41—48
6. Polyurethane Foam Template for Simple Design of Digital Island Flap. Page:35—39
7. Reconstruction with Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Free Flap in Patients with Merkel Cell Carcinoma: Report of Two Cases. Page:31—34
8. Clinical Experience of Finger Tip Amputation of Small Finger in 12-Months-Old: Use of the Technique of Artery-Only Anastomosis. Page:27—30
9. The Treatment for The Intractable Epidural Abscess Using Tensor Fascia Lata Graft and Anterolateral Thigh Free Flap. Page:23—26
10. Reconstruction of the Pretibial Soft Tissue Lesion after Chronic Tibia Osteomyelitis using Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Flap. Page:16—22
11. Long-Term Acceptance of Fully Mhc-Mismatched Limb Allografts after a Short Course of Anti-alpha beta-T Cell Receptor Monoclonal Antibody and FK506. Page:9—15
12. Versatile Applications of Anterolateral Thigh Perforator Flap in the Reconstruction of Upper Extremity Defects: Retrospective Analysis of 119 Cases. Page:1—8
13. Case Report of Avulsion Amputation of Multiple Digits: Use of Rerouting the Transverse Digital Palmar Arch. Page:79—83
14. Use of Stereoscopic Microscope for Practice of Microsurgical Skill. Page:75—78