WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Korean Breast Cancer Society> 1998> 1> 2

Volume: 1 Issue: 2

1. Post-treatment Follow up of Primary Breast Cancer (I), Survey among members of The Korean Breast Cancer Society. Page:273—281
2. Clinical Analysis of The Favorable Type of Breast Cancer : Medullary, Mucinous, Papillary, Tubular Carcinoma. Page:263—272
3. Good Responders in Primary Chemotherapy on the Breast Cancer. Page:257—262
4. Preliminary Result of Concurrent Chemotherapy and Rediotherapy in Stage I and II Breast Cancer Patients Treated with Breast Conservation Surgery. Page:251—256
5. The Prognostic Significance of p27 and cyclin E in Human Breast Cancer. Page:241—250
6. The Clinical Significance of Cyclin D1 and p16 Protein Expression in Primary Breast Carcinoma. Page:226—240
7. Immunohistochemical Expression of c-erbB2, c-erbB3 and c-erbB4 Protein in Breast Cancer. Page:215—225
8. Expression of Sialosyl-Tn Antigen in Breast Cancer & Its Correlation with Prognostic Parameters. Page:208—214
9. Telomerase Activity in Human Breast Tumors. Page:203—207
10. The Effect of Tamoxifen of the Estrogen Receptor cDNA-Iipofected MDA-MB-231 Human Breast Cancer Cells. Page:192—202
11. Usefulness of Ultrasound Guided Core Needle Biopsy of Breast Lesions with Automated Gun. Page:186—191
12. Prognostic Singnificance of Peritumoral Lymphatic Vessel Invasion in Breast Cancer. Page:177—185
13. The Diagnostic Value of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of the Breast Mass. Page:170—176
14. The Utility of ABBI (Advanced breast biopsy instrumentation) for Non-palpable Breast Lesions. Page:164—169
15. A Study for Biological Characteristics of Breast Cancer with Tc-99m MIBI Scintigraphy. Page:156—163
16. Microcalcification Classifications on Mammography and Breast Cancer Incidences. Page:149—155