WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing> 2006> 36> 3

Volume: 36 Issue: 3

1. Comparison of Effects among Tai-Chi Exercise, Aquatic Exercise, and a Self-help Program for Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis. Page:571—580
2. Comparison of Influential Variables for Smoking Temptation between Adolescent and Adult Smokers. Page:561—570
3. Effects of Biophysical Index, Knowledge, and Self Management Compliance of Patients with Primary Hypertension by a Self Management Compliance Promotion Program. Page:551—560
4. The Effects of a Recovery Education Program on Rehabilitation Motivation, Symptoms, and Function for Schizophrenic Patients. Page:542—550
5. Effects of on Education Program for Nurses on the Use of Restraints. Page:532—541
6. The Effects of the Ulmus Root-bark Dressing in Tissue Regeneration of Induced Pressure Ulcers in Rats. Page:523—531
7. Effects of a Tilting Training Program on Lower Extremities Function, Depression, and Self-efficacy among Stroke Inpatients. Page:514—522
8. Test on the Cost and Development on the Payment System of Home Health Care Nursing. Page:503—513
9. A Review Study on the Strategies for Concept Analysis. Page:493—502
10. Effects of a Rehabilitation Nursing Program on Muscle Strength, Flexibility, Self efficacy and Health Related Quality of Life in Disabilities. Page:484—492
11. A Study of Factors That Influence the Promotion of Healthy Behavior in the Elderly According to Types of Residency. Page:475—483
12. A Concept Analysis of Assertiveness. Page:468—474
13. The Impacts of a Community Health Practitioner's Ego State, and Interpersonal Attitude on Depression. Page:457—467
14. Health Perception, Body Image, Sexual Function and Depression in Menopausal Women according to Menopausal Stages. Page:449—456
15. A Study on Health Perception and Health Promoting Behavior in Chronic Back Pain Patients. Page:439—448