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Volume: 36 Issue: 2

1. Retraction: The Effects of Foot Reflexion Massage on Sleep Disturbance, Depression Disorder, and the Physiological Index of the Elderly. Page:432—432
2. Analysis of Smoking and Smoking Cessation Related Nursing Research in Korea and its Future Direction. Page:415—425
3. Effects of Constraint-Induced Movement Using Self-Efficacy Enhancing Strategies on the Upper Extremity Function of Chronic Hemiplegic Patients. Page:403—414
4. Development of Objectives in Nursing Clinical Education based on the Nursing Core Competencies. Page:389—402
5. A Nationwide Survey on Current Conditions of School Health Education. Page:381—388
6. A Study on the Related Factors of the Wellbeing of Family Caregivers in Elderly with Stroke. Page:373—380
7. The Substitution Effect of Leadership Substitutes for Transformational Leadership in Nursing Organization. Page:361—372
8. Effects of Backrest Position on Central Venous Pressure and Intracranial Pressure in Brain Surgery Patients. Page:353—360
9. The Development and Effect of an Tailored Falls Prevention Exercise for Older Adults. Page:341—352
10. The Factors Influencing Korean Health Behavior. Page:330—340
11. The Effect of Music Therapy on Anxiety and Depression in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis. Page:321—329
12. The Effects of a Rehabilitation Program on Physical Health, Physiological Indicator and Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Mastectomy Patients. Page:310—320
13. A Paradigm Analysis Related to Spiritual Experiences Focused on Christian of Patients with Terminal Cancer. Page:299—309
14. Development and Application of an Online Alternative Therapy and Health Promotion Class. Page:286—298
15. The Effect of Tai Chi Movement in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Page:278—285
16. A Comparative Study on Family Perception between Abused Children and Normal Children by Kinetic Family Drawing. Page:265—277
17. Yakson vs. GHT Therapy Effects on Growth and Physical Response of Preterm Infants and on Maternal Attachment. Page:255—264
18. Impact of Clinical Nurses' Power and Empowerment on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment. Page:244—254
19. The Effects of Inhalation of Essential Oils on the Body Weight, Food Efficiency Rate and Serum Leptin of Growing SD Rats. Page:236—243
20. A Comparison of Interventions Recorded in Nursing Notes between Actue and Subacute Stage after a Cerebrovascular Accident. Page:227—235
21. Analysis of the Nursing Interventions Performed by Public Health Nurses in Health Centers Using the NIC. Page:217—226