WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing> 2003> 33

Volume: 33

1. Types of Smoking Temptation. Page:519—528
2. The Effects of Self-Efficacy Promoting Cardiac Rehabilitation Program on Self-Efficacy, Health Behavior, and Quality of Life. Page:510—518
3. Prevalence of Cognitive Impairment and Related Factors Among the Elderly in Rural Communities of Jeju Province. Page:503—509
4. A Study of Caring for the Elderly by the Families and Extended Families Within a Korean Clan Village. Page:495—502
5. Effects of Body Position and Time after Feeding on Gastric Residuals in LBW Infants. Page:488—494
6. Relationship Between Fatigue and Nutritional Status in Patients with Cancer Undergoing Radiotherapy. Page:478—487
7. Depression in Post Menopausal Women. Page:471—477
8. A Preliminary Report on the Differences in the Perceived Impacts of Undergraduate Bioscience Knowledge on Clinical Practice Among Korean RNs. Page:464—470
9. Sexuality and Related Factors of Postmenopausal Korean Women. Page:457—463
10. The Effects of Solution-Focused Group Counseling on the Stress Response and Coping Strategies in the Delinquent Juveniles. Page:440—450
11. Symptoms, Depression, and Coping Behaviors of University Students. Page:433—439
12. The Relationships among Loneliness, Social Support,and Family Function in Elderly Korean. Page:425—432
13. Development of Elderly Meaning in Life(EMIL) Scale. Page:414—424
14. Effects of Behavior Modification on Obesity Index, Skinfold Thickness, Body Fat, Serum Lipids, Serum Leptin in Obese Elementary School Children. Page:405—413
15. The Development of Certificates Criteria and Curriculum in Home Healthcare Nurse Specialist Program. Page:395—404
16. The Comparison of the Stress and Coping Methods of Cancer Patients and Their Caregivers. Page:538—543
17. Health Problems and Psychosocial Adaptation of Children with Cancer. Page:293—300
18. A Study on the Projected Workforce of Nephrology Clinical Nurse Specialist(CNS) in Korea. Page:284—292
19. Resource use of the Elderly in Long-term Care Hospital using RUG-III. Page:275—283
20. The Role of Social Support in the Relationship between Job Stress and Job Satisfaction/Organizational Commitment. Page:265—274
21. Tobacco-Related Education in Graduate, Baccalaureate and Associate Degree Programs in Korea. Page:256—264
22. A Comparison of Cost between Home Care and Hospital Care; According to Subject's General Characteristics. Page:246—255
23. Screening for High Risk Population of Dementia and Development of the Preventive Program Using Web. Page:236—245
24. Effects of OSCE Method on Performance of Clinical Skills of Students in Fundamentals of Nursing Course. Page:228—235
25. The Effect of Exercise Program on Health and Depression in the Elderly. Page:220—227
26. Comparison on Nursing Importance and Performance of Nursing Interventions linked to Nursing Diagnoses-focused on 5 NANDA Nursing Diagnoses. Page:210—219
27. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Orthostatic Hypotension among the Community-Dwelling Aged. Page:200—209
28. Development of the Educational Program for Prevention of Sexual Abuse in Children. Page:189—199
29. The Effects of Self Development Training on the Human Relationship and Intrinsic Motivation of the First-Line Nurse Managers. Page:130—137
30. Analysis of Direct Nursing Activity and Patient Outcomes Related to Graded Fee of Nursing Management for Inpatient. Page:122—129
31. A Study on Link of Health and Welfare Service and Barrier's Factors of Visiting Nurses and Social Welfare workers. Page:113—121
32. Exploring the Nature of "Hwa-Byung" Using Pragmatics. Page:104—112
33. A Correlation Study of Perceived Importance of Nursing Interventions with Performance Frequency in Psychiatric Nursing Units Using the 3th NIC. Page:95—103
34. Perceived Stress, Mood State, and Symptoms of Stress of the Patient with Chronic Illness. Page:87—94
35. The Effects of Koryo Hand-Acupuncture on the Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain. Page:79—86
36. The Relationships of Treatment Side Effects, Family Support, and Quality of Life in Patient with Cancer. Page:71—78
37. The Development of Educational CD-Program for Obesity Prevention and Management for Primary School Students. Page:60—70
38. Assessment of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia Using a Transcutaneous Bilirubinometry. Page:51—59
39. Meta-Analysis on the Effectiveness of Interventions Applied to Preventing Endotracheal Suction-Induced Hypoxemia. Page:42—50
40. College Women's Meaning of Women: Phenomenological Method. Page:34—41
41. Study on Relations of Variables: Attributions of Somatic Symptoms, Fatigue, Chronic Pain and Depression in the Elderly. Page:26—33
42. The Male Nurses' Experiences of Adaptation in Clinical Setting. Page:17—25
43. Development of a Scale to Measure Self-Care for Korean Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Page:9—16
44. Correlational Study among Anger, Perceived Stress and Mental Health Status in Middle Aged Women. Page:856—864
45. Grief Stages and Responses of Bereaved Mother Who Lost Her Children with Cancer. Page:847—855
46. Effectiveness of Aromatherapy Massage on Abdominal Obesity among Middle Aged Women. Page:839—846
47. A Field Study of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in a Community after Typhoon Rusa. Page:829—838
48. A Longitudinal Study on Moral Judgment Development in Nursing and Medical Students. Page:820—828
49. Factors Influencing Health Care Needs of Solitude Elderly. Page:812—819
50. Comparison of Nursing Activities Reflected in Nursing Notes and In-depth Interviews of Nurses in an Acute Hospital. Page:802—811
51. Nurses' Image Perceived by Academic and Vocational High School Teachers in Korea. Page:792—801
52. A Comparative Study of Consistent and Inconsistent Contraceptive Users on Partner Communication, Perceived Contraceptive Control, and Sexual Autonomy. Page:784—791
53. A Study of the Nursing Service Perceived by Consumers and Providers, and the Tool that Measures Nursing Service. Page:772—783
54. Association of Diet with Menopausal Symptoms in Korean Middle-aged Women. Page:386—394
55. Health Related Quality of Life among Organ Transplant Recipients. Page:365—375
56. Nurse's Perception of Technological Development, Caring Attributes and Professional Self-Concept in YanBian. Page:356—364
57. An Attitudinal Study on Women. Page:347—355
58. Sexual Autonomy in College Students. Page:339—346
59. Body Image, Self-esteem and Depression in College Female Students: Normal and Overweight. Page:331—338
60. A Study to the Coping Patterns of Cancer Patients. Page:321—330
61. The Relationship Between Body Composition and Bone Mineral Density in College Women. Page:312—320
62. Effects of a Sexual Assertiveness Training Program in High School Girls. Page:659—667
63. The Effects of the Taping Therapy on Range of Motion, Pain and Depression in Stroke Patient. Page:651—658
64. Effect of a Posture Training Program on Cobb Angle and Knowledge of Posture of Elementary School Students. Page:643—650
65. The Effects of a Foot-Reflexo-Massage Education Program on Foot Care in Diabetic Patients. Page:633—642
66. Validation of Nursing Care Sensitive Outcomes related to Knowledge. Page:625—632
67. Fatigue, Depression and Sleep in Young adult and Middle-Aged. Page:618—624
68. The Factors Influencing on Depression of Patients for Fibromyalgia Syndrome. Page:609—617
69. A Study on the Menopausal Symptoms and Quality of Life in Middle Aged Women. Page:601—608
70. Effects of Upper Extremity Exercise Training Using Biefeedback and Constraint-induced Movement on the Upper Extremity Function of Hemiplegic Patients. Page:591—600
71. Comparison of Maternal Self-esteem, Postpartal Depression, and Family Function in Mothers of Normal and of Low Birth-weight Infants. Page:580—590
72. Effects of a Short-term Home-based Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program in Patients with Chronic Lung Disease. Page:570—579
73. Trajectory of Fatigue, Quality of Life and Physical Symptoms in Cancer Patients Receiving Radiotherapy. Page:562—569
74. Nurses' Experience of Caring for Dying Patients in Hospitals. Page:553—561
75. Health Status among Community Elderly in Korea. Page:544—552
76. Improving the Standards of Midwifery Education and Practice and Extending the Role of a Midwife in Korean Women and Children's Health Care. Page:1111—1118
77. Factors Associated with the Stage of Change of Smoking Cessation Behavior in Adolescents. Page:1101—1110
78. Influencing Variables on Life Satisfaction of Korean Elders in Institutions. Page:1093—1100
79. The Nurses' Knowledge and Perception of Their Role in Genetics. Page:1083—1092
80. Drinking Pattern, Problem Related Drinking, Perceived Stress, Ways of Coping, and Symptoms of Stress of the Female University Students. Page:1057—1064
81. Factors Influencing on the Compliance of Breast Self-Examination of Nurses in a Local Area. Page:1047—1056
82. Effects of SP-6 Acupressure on Dysmenorrhea, Cortisol, Epinephrine and Norepinephrine in the College Students. Page:1038—1046
83. Perceptions of Obesity and Management Behaviors of Obese Adolescents and Their Families in Korea. Page:1028—1037
84. A Workload Analysis of a Visiting Nursing Service based on a Health Center in Seoul. Page:1018—1027
85. The Effects of a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients. Page:1008—1017
86. Influencing Factors on Quality of Life of Middle-aged Women Living in Rural Area. Page:999—1007
87. The Effects of the Day Care Service Program for the Elderly and Family with the Stroke: Compared with the Elderly and Family in Home. Page:990—998
88. Characteristics and Mental Health of Battered Women in Shelters. Page:981—989
89. Influencing Factors of Climacteric Women's Depression. Page:972—980
90. The Effects on Health Information Education for the Deaf. Page:965—971
91. The Effects of Stage Based Exercise Program on the Physical and Psychological Variables in Stroke Survivors. Page:954—964
92. Experience in Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy(NVP) in Woman: Grounded Theory Approach. Page:945—953
93. Predictors of Depression among Family Caregivers of Older Adults with Dementia. Page:936—944
94. A Comparison on the Degree of Pain according to Methods of Blood Sugar Test between DM Patients and Healthy Group. Page:928—935
95. Decisional Balances and the Process of Change in Smoking Cessation in Patients with Coronary Artery Diseases. Page:1171—1177
96. Rehabilitation for Homeless Adolescent Substance Abusers at a Halfway House in Korea. Page:1161—1170
97. Pre- and In-Hospital Delay in Treatment and in-Hospital Mortality after Acute Myocardial Infarction. Page:1153—1160
98. The Effects of Medication and Symptom Management Education Program Based on Self Efficacy Theory for the Psychiatric Patients. Page:1145—1152
99. Factors Influencing Internet Addiction Tendency among Middle School Students in Gyeong-buk Area. Page:1135—1144
100. Testing the Mediating Effect of Appraisal in the Model of Uncertainty in Illness study. Page:1127—1134
101. Evaluation of a Community-Based Program for Breast Self-Examination Offered by the Community Health Nurse Practitioners in Korea. Page:1119—1126
102. Task Analysis of Korean Transplantation Nurse Practitioner. Page:179—188
103. Effect of Vitamin C Supplementation on Blood Sugar and Antioxidative Status in Types II Diabetes Mellitus Patients. Page:170—178
104. A Comparative Study on the Predictive Validity among Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment Scales. Page:162—169
105. The Study on Health Promoting Lifestyle of the Elderly Women. Page:762—771
106. Effects of San-Yin-Jiao(SP6) Acupressure on Labor Pain, Delivery Time in Women during Labor. Page:753—761
107. Meta-analysis on the Effectiveness of Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program on Exercise Capacity/Tolerance and General Health Status. Page:743—752
108. The Use of Professional Health Care Systems among the Elderly in Rural Communities. Page:731—742
109. The Lived Experience of a Student Transferring into the Nursing Program. Page:722—730
110. The Role of Social Support in the Relationship between Stress and Depression among Family Caregivers of Older Adults with Dementia. Page:713—721
111. Factors Influencing Care Dependency in Patients with Dementia. Page:705—712
112. Effects of Relaxing Music on Stress Response of Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction. Page:693—704
113. The Effect of Handwashing Improving Program and MRSA Carrier Screening Program on the MRSA Infection Rates in an Intensive Care Unit. Page:686—692
114. A Critical Interpretation of Aesthetical Approach to Nursing. Page:678—685
115. The Illness Experience of Women in Advanced Uterine Cancer. Page:917—927
116. Effects of TES Program on Exercise Capacity, Self-Efficacy and Patient Compliance in Patients with Myocardial Infarction. Page:905—916
117. Effects of Relaxing Music on Stress Response of Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction. Page:895—904
118. Development of the Critical Pathway for the Patient with Tonsillectomy. Page:885—894
119. Psychosocial Adjustment of Young Adult to Hemophilia: Living like a Normal Person. Page:875—884