WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing> 2003> 33> 5

Volume: 33 Issue: 5

1. The Comparison of the Stress and Coping Methods of Cancer Patients and Their Caregivers. Page:538—543
2. Effects of a Sexual Assertiveness Training Program in High School Girls. Page:659—667
3. The Effects of the Taping Therapy on Range of Motion, Pain and Depression in Stroke Patient. Page:651—658
4. Effect of a Posture Training Program on Cobb Angle and Knowledge of Posture of Elementary School Students. Page:643—650
5. The Effects of a Foot-Reflexo-Massage Education Program on Foot Care in Diabetic Patients. Page:633—642
6. Validation of Nursing Care Sensitive Outcomes related to Knowledge. Page:625—632
7. Fatigue, Depression and Sleep in Young adult and Middle-Aged. Page:618—624
8. The Factors Influencing on Depression of Patients for Fibromyalgia Syndrome. Page:609—617
9. A Study on the Menopausal Symptoms and Quality of Life in Middle Aged Women. Page:601—608
10. Effects of Upper Extremity Exercise Training Using Biefeedback and Constraint-induced Movement on the Upper Extremity Function of Hemiplegic Patients. Page:591—600
11. Comparison of Maternal Self-esteem, Postpartal Depression, and Family Function in Mothers of Normal and of Low Birth-weight Infants. Page:580—590
12. Effects of a Short-term Home-based Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program in Patients with Chronic Lung Disease. Page:570—579
13. Trajectory of Fatigue, Quality of Life and Physical Symptoms in Cancer Patients Receiving Radiotherapy. Page:562—569
14. Nurses' Experience of Caring for Dying Patients in Hospitals. Page:553—561
15. Health Status among Community Elderly in Korea. Page:544—552