WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing> 2001> 31

Volume: 31

1. Comparison of the Home Care System for the Elderly in Japan and Korea: Towards an Advanced Home Care System. Page:1166—1173
2. Study of Nurses Manpower Planning in Korea: Its Implication for Policy Making. Page:1160—1165
3. Information and Social Support Regarding Breastfeeding: A Survey of Mothers in Seoul, South Korea. Page:1151—1159
4. Pre-hospital Delay in Treatment after Acute Myocardial Infarction. Page:1141—1150
5. Self-Esteem, Health Status and Life Satisfaction in Elderly Women According to the Spouse's Perspective. Page:1119—1119
6. A Study of the Standard Evaluation of Baccalaureate Nursing Education. Page:1109—1118
7. The Effects on Home Visiting Nursing Service for Community Based Disabled Persons. Page:1098—1108
8. Attitudinal Type on Delivery for College Women. Page:1088—1097
9. A Review of the Effects of Respite Care for Patients with Dementia and Caregivers. Page:1077—1087
10. The Development of a CD-ROM and an Educational Program for the Prevention Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence in Preschool Children. Page:1067—1076
11. Nurses' Painful Experiences through Terminal Patient. Page:1055—1066
12. The Effect of Meridian Points Massage Nursing Intervention on the Recovery of Facial Paralysis. Page:1044—1054
13. Past and Present Obesity, Parameters of Body Fat and Blood Pressure in Korean Patients with Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM). Page:1034—1043
14. Elderly Women's Grief. Page:1021—1033
15. Physical Health Status and Depression of a Community-Dwelling Elderly Group. Page:1012—1020
16. The Effects of Abdominal Relaxed Breathing Training on Stress response and Blood Pressure for Elderly Hypertensionve Patient. Page:998—1011
17. The Clinical Experiences of Adaptation as a New Nursing Staff. Page:988—997
18. The Nutritional Status of the Patients with Cancer during the Chemotherapies. Page:978—987
19. The Experience of Spirituality. Page:967—977
20. Influencing Factors on Social Adaptation of Chronic Mental Illness. Page:340—340
21. Public Health Nurses' Decision Making Models and Their Knowledge Structure. Page:328—339
22. A Study on the Factors Affecting Sense of Well-being of Stroke Survivor Family Care Taker. Page:315—327
23. Genetic Nursing in Korea. Page:1217—1221
24. A Study on the Correlation Between Self-efficacy and Self-regulation Behavior in Obese College Wo. Page:1210—1216
25. Methodological Issues in Nursing Research on Cost-Effectiveness Analysis. Page:1202—1209
26. Loss in the Elderly. Page:1197—1201
27. Ways of Assessing Post-operative Pain. Page:1189—1196
28. The Effect on the Self-Esteem Promotion Program on Self-Esteem and Mental Health of Adolescents with Minor Delinquency. Page:1181—1188
29. Assessing Decisional Balance toward Mammography Screening in Korean Women. Page:1174—1180
30. A Survey of Utilization of Complementary Alternative Medicine in Diabetes Mellitus. Page:7—19
31. A Study on Developing Strategies for Expanding the Roles of Public Health Nurses. Page:712—712
32. Effects of a Sensory Stimulation on Weight Gain, Behavioral State, and Physiological Responses in Premature Infants. Page:703—711
33. A Comparative Study on Climacteric Symptoms of Natural Menopausal Women and Artificial Menopausal Women. Page:692—702
34. Prediction Model of Exercise Behavior in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Page:681—691
35. Correlations Among the Stroke Patient Family's Health Status, Burden and of Life. Page:669—680
36. Development of an Urban Community Based Comprehensive Service Model for Bed-Ridden Elderly. Page:656—668
37. The Influence of a Family Dynamic Environment, Personality, and Smoking on Delinquent Behavior Among Korean Adolescents. Page:641—655
38. A Study on Physiological Parameters, Health Perception, and Health Behavior of Adults in Kyungi Province Area. Page:631—640
39. Analysis of Services and Cost in CVA Patients by Severity in Hospital-based Home Health Care. Page:619—630
40. A Phenomenological Approach to High School Student's Smoking Experiencing. Page:610—618
41. A Study on the Effect of Transformational Leadership and Personal Characteristics on Job Involvement : Focusing on Nurses in Hospital Organization. Page:598—609
42. Factors that Influence Nursing Image Perceived by College Students. Page:584—597
43. Predictors of Job Performance, Work Satisfaction, and Productivity among Korean Hospital Nurses. Page:571—583
44. Factors Influencing Suffering of Patients with Cancer(I). Page:561—570
45. A Model for Community Based Mother Infant Care Center: TMIC (transitional mother infant care center) using a Sanhujoriwon. Page:932—947
46. Sexual Behavior and Related Factors of Coitus of Teenage Girls in Korea. Page:921—931
47. A Study on Self-Efficacy and Quality of Life in Schizophrenic Patients. Page:912—920
48. A Comparison between Home Care Nursing Interventions for Hospice and General Patients. Page:897—911
49. The Analysis of the Effects of Intervetion Program of Sensory Stimulation for Comatous Patients on Their Consciousness Status. Page:885—896
50. A Study of the Perception Gap on Nursing Service between Consumers and Providers. Page:871—884
51. Effects of Motivation-Enhancing Program on Health Behaviors, Cardiovascular Risk factors, and Functional status for Institutionalized Elderly Women. Page:858—870
52. Korean Nursing Students' Experience of Ethical Problems and Use of Ethical Decision-Making Models. Page:846—857
53. Relationship between Personality Type, SAT score and GPA of Student Nurses. Page:835—845
54. The Study on the Effect of Stage Based Exercise Motivational Intervention Program for the Elderly. Page:818—834
55. Analysis of Nursing Interventions Performed by Chosunjok Nurses in Yanbian Using NIC. Page:793—807
56. Concept Analysis of Professional Nurse Autonomy. Page:781—792
57. Effects of Back Massage with Lavender Essence Oil on the Stress Response of the ICU Nurses. Page:770—780
58. The Coping Experience in Hypertensive Clients. Page:759—769
59. A Survey on Functional Status among Low-Income Older Adults Living at Home. Page:749—758
60. Clinical Nurses' Professional Conflicts. Page:492—505
61. A Structural Model for Health Promoting Behaviors in Patients with Chronic Respiratory Disease. Page:477—491
62. The Effect of AIDS Education on Baccalaureate Nursing Students. Page:467—476
63. Effects of Exercise on Cardiopulmonary Functions and Shoulder Joint Functioning in Breast Cancer Patients undergoing Radiation Therapy after Breast Surgery. Page:454—466
64. A Study on the Elderly Patients Hospitalized by the Fracture from the Fall. Page:443—453
65. Effects of Biofeedback Exercise Training in Hemiplegic Patients after Stroke. Page:432—442
66. The Study on the Development and Effectiveness of Parent Role Education Program. Page:417—431
67. The Nursing Minimum Data Set (NMDS) and Its Relationship with the Nursing Management Minimum Data Set (NMMDS): significance, development, and future of nursing profession. Page:401—416
68. Depression Among Korean Women. Page:391—400
69. Content Analysis of Quality Nursing Care Perceived by Nurses. Page:380—390
70. Development of Nurse Presence Scale. Page:369—379
71. A Study on ADL and Dementia of Aged Person with Medicaid in Korea. Page:139—149
72. Factors Effect on Quality of Life of Spinal Cord Injury Patients. Page:126—138
73. A Structural Model Based on Pender's Model for Quality of Life of Chronic Gastric Disease. Page:107—125
74. A Study on the Verification of the Profile of Seo's Elderly Stress Scale (SESS). Page:94—106
75. The Development of a Continuing Nursing Care Program for Cancer Patients after Discharge. Page:81—93
76. A Study on the Triage and Statitical Data of Patients in the Emergency Room, PNU. Page:68—80
77. Experience of Mothers with Babies by in Vitro Fertilization. Page:55—67
78. Health Locus of Control and Eating Behavior of Obese High School Girls. Page:43—54
79. The Effects of Artificial Dead Space on the Pulmonary Ventilation of Intubated Children with Mechanical Ventilation. Page:31—42
80. The Effects of Planned Exercise Program on Metabolism, Cardiopulmonary Function and Exercise Compliance in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients. Page:20—30
81. A Study on the Meaning in Life of Matriarch ; Q-Methodological Approach. Page:548—560
82. An Evaluation Study of 1339 and 119 Emergency Medical Dispatch Protocols. Page:538—547
83. Experience of Patients Living with Chronic Renal Failure. Page:525—537
84. The Administration Patterns of Analgesics and Sedatives for Patients in SICU. Page:304—314
85. A Study for Investigating Predictors of AIDS and Patients Care Intention Among Nursing Students. Page:292—303
86. Review on Advance Directives. Page:279—291
87. Effects of Sour Tastes on Blood Components in Anemic mice - Animal Experiment for Nursing Intervention of Female Anemia -. Page:268—278
88. The Study on the Effects of a Respiratory Rehabilitation Program for COPD Patients. Page:257—267
89. A Correlational Study on Uncertainty, Coping and Depression of Cancer Patients. Page:244—256
90. A Study on Causal Attribution and Self-Efficacy in the Patients with Cancer. Page:232—243
91. The Trend of Korean Nursing Research with the LISREL. Page:221—231
92. Factors Influencing Pain with Terminally Ill Cancer Patients in Hospice Units. Page:206—220
93. The Effect of Education for Prevention of Osteoporosis Patients with Bone Fracture. Page:194—205
94. Pain of Elderly Women with Osteoarthritis. Page:180—193
95. Nursing Education between South and North Korea through Verbal Evidence from Defecting North Korean Medical Personnels. Page:169—179