WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing> 2001> 31> 6

Volume: 31 Issue: 6

1. Self-Esteem, Health Status and Life Satisfaction in Elderly Women According to the Spouse's Perspective. Page:1119—1119
2. A Study of the Standard Evaluation of Baccalaureate Nursing Education. Page:1109—1118
3. The Effects on Home Visiting Nursing Service for Community Based Disabled Persons. Page:1098—1108
4. Attitudinal Type on Delivery for College Women. Page:1088—1097
5. A Review of the Effects of Respite Care for Patients with Dementia and Caregivers. Page:1077—1087
6. The Development of a CD-ROM and an Educational Program for the Prevention Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence in Preschool Children. Page:1067—1076
7. Nurses' Painful Experiences through Terminal Patient. Page:1055—1066
8. The Effect of Meridian Points Massage Nursing Intervention on the Recovery of Facial Paralysis. Page:1044—1054
9. Past and Present Obesity, Parameters of Body Fat and Blood Pressure in Korean Patients with Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM). Page:1034—1043
10. Elderly Women's Grief. Page:1021—1033
11. Physical Health Status and Depression of a Community-Dwelling Elderly Group. Page:1012—1020
12. The Effects of Abdominal Relaxed Breathing Training on Stress response and Blood Pressure for Elderly Hypertensionve Patient. Page:998—1011
13. The Clinical Experiences of Adaptation as a New Nursing Staff. Page:988—997
14. The Nutritional Status of the Patients with Cancer during the Chemotherapies. Page:978—987
15. The Experience of Spirituality. Page:967—977