WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Experimental & Molecular Medicine> 2004> 36> 5

Volume: 36 Issue: 5

1. Activated natural killer cell-mediated immunity is required for the inhibition of tumor metastasis by dendritic cell vaccination. Page:428—443
2. Sphingosine mediates FTY720-induced apoptosis in LLC-PK1 cells. Page:420—427
3. Enhancement of radiosensitivity by combined ceramide and dimethylsphingosine treatment in lung cancer cells. Page:411—419
4. Evaluation of biological monitoring markers using genomic and proteomic analysis for automobile emission inspectors and waste incinerating workers exposed to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or 2,3,7,8,-tetracholrodedibenzo-p-dioxins. Page:396—410
5. Early effect of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection on Mac-1 and ICAM-1 expression on mouse peritoneal macrophages. Page:387—395
6. Involvement of Sox-4 in the cytochrome c-dependent AIF-independent apoptotic pathway in HeLa cells induced by delta12-prostaglandin J2. Page:444—453
7. Phospholipase D activity is elevated in hepatitis C virus core protein-transformed NIH3T3 mouse fibroblast cells. Page:454—460
8. Age-related decline in expression of calnexin. Page:499—503
9. Involvement of mitogen-activated protein kinases and p21Waf1 in hydroxyurea-induced G1 arrest and senescence of McA-RH7777 rat hepatoma cell line. Page:493—498
10. Der f 2 activates phospholipase D in human T lymphocytes from Dermatophagoides farinae specific allergic individuals: Involvement of protein kinase C-alpha. Page:486—492
11. Extracellular ATP is generated by ATP synthase complex in adipocyte lipid rafts. Page:476—485
12. Transcriptional regulation of Zic3 by heterodimeric AP-1(c-Jun/c-Fos) during Xenopus development. Page:468—475
13. Protein kinase A mediates microglial activation induced by plasminogen and gangliosides. Page:461—467