WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Nephrology> 2010> 29> 4

Volume: 29 Issue: 4

1. Kaposi's Sarcoma in a Patient on Hemodialysis. Page:525—528
2. Immunoglobulin G4 Related Retroperitoneal Fibrosis with Acute Kidney Injury: Report of A Case. Page:519—524
3. Recurrent Systemic Capillary Leak Syndrome Responding to the Corticosteroid Therapy. Page:513—518
4. A Case of Rhabdomyolysis and Acute Renal Failure Associated with Salmonella Enteritidis. Page:509—512
5. Entecavir-induced Tubulointerstitial Nephritis. Page:504—508
6. Acute Dermal Capillary Rupture in a Patient with Diabetic Nephropathy. Page:501—503
7. One Case of Chronic Renal Failure and Another Case of Membraneous Glomerulonephritis Complicated by Acute A Viral Hepatitis. Page:494—500
8. A Case of Systemic Thrombolysis in the Membranous Glomerulonephritis Presenting as Acute Inferior Vena Cava and Renal Vein Thrombosis. Page:489—493
9. Clinical Comparison of Automated Peritoneal Dialysis with Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis. Page:482—488
10. Can Cilostazol Improve the Patency Rate of Native Arteriovenous Fistula in Hemodialysis Patients?. Page:474—481
11. Serum Adiponectin as a Predictor for Cardiovascular Outcomes in Non-Diabetic End-Stage Renal Disease Patients. Page:465—473
12. 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Status in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease in a Single Center. Page:458—464
13. Effects of Oral Adsorbent AST-120 (Kremezin(R)) on the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease. Page:450—457
14. Prevalence and Factors of Chronic Kidney Disease. Page:441—449
15. Outcome and Prognosis in Patients Receiving Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy. Page:434—440
16. Influence of Hypertonicity on the Phenotype and Function of Bone Marrow-Derived Dendritic Cells. Page:427—433
17. Interrelationship between Plasma Adiponectin and Cardiovascular Outcomes in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease. Page:423—426
18. Adequacy of Dialysis: beyond Kt/V. Page:544—550
19. De Novo Light Chain Deposition Disease in Long-term Survived Renal Allograft. Page:539—543
20. Relapsing Kocuria varians Peritonitis in a Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis Patient. Page:535—538
21. A Case of Peritonitis Induced by Small Bowel Calcification and Microperforation: Sustained Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in a Patient with Continuous Peritoneal Dialysis. Page:529—534