WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Medical History> 2016> 25

Volume: 25

1. Sebastian Kneipp and the Natural Cure Movement of Germany: Between Naturalism and Modern Medicine. Page:557—590
2. Social Perception of Infertility and Its Treatment in Late Medieval Italy: Margherita Datini, an Italian Merchant's Wife. Page:519—556
3. Changes of Global Infectious Disease Governance in 2000s: Rise of Global Health Security and Transformation of Infectious Disease Control System in South Korea. Page:489—518
4. The Establishment of Wonsan Laborers' Hospital during the Japanese Occupation and Its Significance. Page:445—488
5. YI Kwang Su's Love and history records of modern hospital under the japanese colonial period. Page:407—444
6. A Study on the Jejungwon Hospital Building in Jaedong and Gurigae, and Uses of the Hospital after its Relocation. Page:373—406
7. An Aspect of the History of Medicine in Ancient Korea as Examined through Silla Buddhist Monks'Annotations on the “Chapter on Eliminating Disease (除病品)”in the Sutra of Golden Light (金光明經, Suvarṇabhāsa-sūtra). Page:329—372
8. The Perception of Ginseng in England and America, 1600-1800. Page:273—308
9. Cooperation and Conflict: Faction Problem of Western Medicine Group in Modern China. Page:241—272
10. The Food Hygiene Institutionalization of Park Junghee Government in 1960s. Page:205—239
11. A Social History of Ascariasis in the 1960s Korea: From a Norm to a Shameful Disease. Page:167—203
12. Louis XIV's Ginseng: Shaping of Knowledge on an Herbal Medicine in the Late 17th and the Early 18th Century France. Page:111—146
13. The War on "Red Drugs": Anti-communism and Drug Policy in Republic of Korea, 1945-1960. Page:77—110
14. The Japanese Colonial Medicine as Seen Through the Life of Fujita Tsuguakira. Page:41—76
15. Building Process and Architectural Planning Characteristics of Daehan Hospital Main Building. Page:1—40