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Volume: 24

1. Historical Study of the Etymological Form and Translational Process of Gout (Tongfeng). Page:533—557
2. The Lives and Diseases of Females during the Latter Half of the Joseon Dynasty as Reconstructed with Cases in Yeoksi Manpil (Stray Notes with Experienced Tests). Page:497—532
3. The Seongho School's Study of the Ancient Learning and Its Influence on the Debate about Materia Medica in the Late Joseon Dynasty. Page:457—496
4. The Indigenization of Licorice and Its Meaning During the Early Days of the Joseon Dynasty. Page:423—455
5. Applying the Methodology and Practice of Microhistory: The Diary of a Confucian Doctor, Yi Mun-gon (1495-1567). Page:389—422
6. Microhistory and Chinese Medical History: A Review. Page:355—387
7. The Theory and Trend of Microhistory: History of Medicine. Page:325—354
8. A Study on the Awareness of Chinese Medicine by Medical Missionaries: Focused on The China Medical Missionary Journal (1887-1932). Page:163—194
9. Obstetric Medical Book and Women's Childbirth in Qing Dynasty: The Case of the Treatise on Easy Childbirth. Page:111—162
10. The Disease and Treatment of the Frontline Soldiers in Han Dynasty. Page:67—109
11. U.S. Military Administration's Malaria Control Activities (1945-1948). Page:35—65
12. Lee Jungsook, a Korean Independence Activist and a Nurse during the Japanese Colonial Period. Page:1—34
13. Book Review: Transnational Revision of the History of Modern Medicine in Japan. Hoi-eun Kim, Doctors of Empire: Medical and Cultural Encounters between Imperial Germany and Meiji Japan (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014). Page:293—297
14. Book Review: SHIN Dongwon, The History of Everyday Life and Medicine in Korea. Page:285—291
15. "If I Only Touch Her Cloak": The Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph in New Orleans' Charity Hospital, 1834-1860. Page:241—283
16. A Development of Byzantine Christian Charities during the 4th-7th Centuries and the Birth of the Hospital. Page:195—239
17. Epidemic Cholera and American Reform Movements in the 19th Century*. Page:783—814
18. The Korean Pharmaceutical Industry and the Expansion of the General Pharmaceuticals Market in the 1950-1960s*. Page:749—782
19. The Construction of the Faculty of Hamheung Medical College in North Korea, 1946-48: An Unrest Coexistence of Political Ideology and Medical Expertise. Page:709—748
20. Takeki Kudoh's Research on Modern Medical Science and Japanized Confucianism in Colonial Korea (Choson). Page:659—708
21. Missionary Medicine of Canadian Presbytery and Korean Doctors under Japanese Occupation: focusing Sung-jin and Ham-heung. Page:621—658
22. To Discern the Medical Thoughts of Heo Joon, the Best Physician in Korean History: An Analysis of Disease Experiences and Treatment Cases in the Treasured Mirror of Eastern Medicine. Page:581—620