WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Medical History> 2014> 23

Volume: 23

1. Joining WHO of Republic of Korea and the Projects in the 1950s. Page:99—126
2. Birth and Succession of A Current of Learning in Korean Medicine: The Supporting Yang Current of Learning. Page:57—98
3. Effects of the Periodical Spread of Rinderpest on Famine, Epidemic, and Tiger Disasters in the late 17th Century. Page:1—56
4. The "Oriental" Problem: Trachoma and Asian Immigrants in the United States, 1897-1910. Page:573—606
5. A Study of Development of Medicine and Science in the Nineteenth Century Science Fiction: Biomedical Experiments in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Page:543—572
6. Control Discourses and Power Relations of Yellow Fever: Philadelphia in 1793. Page:513—541
7. The Life of Choe Ung-sok: With a Focus on His Design for and Role in the Health Care System Immediately after the Liberation. Page:469—511
8. Becoming Medical Doctors in Colonial Korea: Focusing on the Faculty of Medical Colleges in Early North Korea. Page:429—468
9. Preventive Measures against Plague and the Control of Chinese Coolies in Colonial Korea. Page:401—427
10. Effects of Physics on Development of Optometry in the United States from the Late 19th to the Mid 20th Century. Page:343—372
11. Medieval European Medicine and Asian Spices. Page:319—342
12. Anti-doping Policy Development Process in the Sports World (1968~1999): Focusing on IOC Activities and Passive Response from Korea. Page:269—318
13. Formation of Medical Education in North Korea: 1945-1948. Page:239—268
14. Bodies for Empire: Biopolitics, Reproduction, and Sexual Knowledge in Late Colonial Korea. Page:203—238
15. A Comparative Study on Koii (Public Doctor) System and its Effect on Public Health in Colonial Taiwan and Korea. Page:157—202