WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Fertility and Sterility> 2000> 27> 1

Volume: 27 Issue: 1

1. Analysis of Factors Affecting Survival and Pregnancy Rate in Frozen-thawed Embryo Transfers. Page:59—66
2. Developmental competence and Effects of Coculture after Crypreservation of Blastomere-Biopsied Mouse Embryos as a Preclinical Model for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. Page:47—58
3. Effect of Energy Sources (Glucose, Pyruvate and Lactate) Added to Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium (DMEM) on the Mouse 2-cell Embryo Development. Page:1—8
4. Study on the Vitrification of Haman Blastocysts: II. Effect of Vitrification on the Implantation and the Pregnancy of Haman Blastocysts. Page:67—74
5. Effect of Sequential Embryo Transfer in vitro Fertilization. Page:75—82
6. Changes in Profiles of Humoral Immune Facrors after Treatment of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Agonist in Patients with Endometriosis. Page:83—90
7. A study of Cytokine in Peritoneal Fluid of Infertile Patients with Endometriosis. Page:91—98
8. A comparison of Modified One Layer Vasovasostomy with Optical Loupe and Microscope. Page:99—106
9. The Analysis of the LHbeta Gene Mutation in Infertile Patients with Endometriosis and Amnorrhea Women. Page:107—110
10. Five Cases of Pregnancies after Unsuccessful IVF-ET Attempts with Additional Non IVF-ET Therapy or without Therapy. Page:111—116
11. Observation of the Incidence of Acrosome Reaction in Human Spermatozoa Treated with Mibefradil as a T-type Ca2+i Channels Inhibitor. Page:9—14
12. Effect of Leptin on the Steroidogenesis of Cultured Human Granulosa Cells. Page:15—22
13. Human Amniotic Fluid Induces Spontaneous Hardening of the Zona Pellucida of Mouse Immature Oocytes During Maturation In Vitro. Page:23—30
14. Establishment of In Vitro 3-Dimensional Culture System of Mouse Endometrial Cells I. Cytohistological Study on Mouse Endometrium. Page:31—38
15. Mechanism for the Action of Co-culture. Page:39—46