WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Epidemiology> 2004> 26

Volume: 26

1. Incidence of complication and societal cost of measles in Korea, 2000. Page:71—80
2. Status on Influenza Vaccination in Some Community Health Centers. Page:62—70
3. A Study on the Relationship of Internet Addiction and Depression in College students. Page:54—61
4. Heritability and segregation analysis of the level of HDL-cholesterol. Page:43—53
5. Sentinel Surveillance System for Pediatric Communicable Diseases. Page:32—42
6. Reliability and Validity of the Modified Korean Version of Baecke Questionnaire on Physical Activity. Page:20—31
7. Distribution and Correlates of Obesity in a Korean Rural People. Page:8—19
8. Studies on the Association between Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) and Hemorrhagic Stroke in Other Countries. Page:1—7
9. Outbreak of Measles among School Ages in Yeongju in 2000. Page:69—80
10. Epidemiologic Investigation into an Outbreak of Typhoid Fever Recognized by Electronic Data Interchange in Gyeongsangbuk-do, 2003. Page:59—68
11. Development of the Individualized Health Risk Appraisal Model of Breast Cancer Risk in Korean Women. Page:50—58
12. Epidemiological Characteristics and Changes of Prevalence for Green Tobacco Sickness among Korean Tobacco Harvesters. Page:39—49
13. An Epidemic Survey for Salmonellosis Occurred on a Baby's First Birthday Banquet in Jeju Island. Page:27—38
14. A Trial for Association between Oxidative Stress in Midterm Pregnancy and Postnatal Growth during the First Year of Life. Page:17—26
15. Analysis of Transmission Mode of Confirmed Shigellosis in Gyeongju, Korea. Page:1—16